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One Night With A Billionaire (Billionaire Row) by Stephanie Nicole Norris

Failed relationships have been the one constant in my life, each breakup chipping away at my hopes for lasting love. But just when I thought I’d drown in a sea of regret, my sister yanked me from the depths of despair, pushing me far beyond my comfort zone. And now, here I am, on my first day as a personal assistant to none other than the enigmatic billionaire, Mr. Stone.

As I step into his world, nerves prickle at my skin, threatening to unravel me before I even begin. But then, like a beacon in the darkness, his voice cuts through the tension, sending a jolt of charged energy coursing through me. Instantly, I’m captivated, drawn to him in a way I can’t explain.

With each passing moment, I can sense that our meeting is more than just a simple encounter—it’s the beginning of something that will leave an indelible mark on both our lives.


Fallin’ for a Heavy (Safe in Your Arms Book 2) by Wynta Tyme

Heavy; most prominent in rank, importance, and position.

What happens when your best friend requests something unusual of you while lying on her deathbed? If you want to ease her heavy heart, the only thing you can do is agree. Life for thirty-two-year-old Rusha Wells went from carefree to full of the responsibility of caring for her three goddaughters when she lost her best friend. To keep up as a hair and makeup stylist for strippers, she’s tasked with finding a balance between her work and becoming a mommy seemingly overnight. Fortunately, she has the help of her best friend’s husband in the process.

Heavy was the correct adjective to describe Bravo “Vo” Temples. He traded in his ex-sergeant in arms street title for important titles like husband, father, and firefighter. Never in a million years did the thirty-four-year-old think he’d have to raise his girls by himself, but after the passing of his wife, those were the cards he’d been dealt. The clutches of grief had a hold on Bravo until Rusha walked in and saved him. 

She’s his saving grace, but grace has nothing to do with the feelings that begin to bloom between the two. The feelings seem so wrong, but Rusha can’t deny how safe she feels in his arms. Will Rusha and Bravo honor what’s been asked of them, or is there an opposition hidden in plain sight, prepared to cause static in what could be a happily ever after?


Risk it All: A Fling Romance Novella by J. Nichole

She’s never taken a risk.


Why rock the boat? If it works, it works.

But then her roommate persuades her to take a risk on him.

The delivery man.

She’d rather watch him in passing. Not until he ends up at the front door and her towel drops.

Risk it All is a fling romance, a quick read. Are you willing to take a risk?


One Eighty by Charity Shane’

Two people…
Two different objectives…
One ultimate goal…

Gideon “Gee” Powers has one hundred and eighty days to secure his rightful place as head of the family.

Rhian Barnes has one hundred and eighty days to complete a bucket list.
One night in Sin City blurs the lines and two become one.


Just Between Us by Turtleberry

Tabitha is a college professor. Months after the death of her best friend, she decides to buy a tiny house and go on a road trip she and Kendra had been planning in their daydreams.
Kendrick is Kendra’s little brother. Kenny is a retired transit bus driver and sometimes truck driver. He comes to Tabby’s aide when she needs help learning how to not only drive a truck but also haul a tiny house. Kenny can’t possibly let Tabby go on this trip all by herself.


Spin the Block: A Second Chance Romance (The Love & Music Suite Book 1) by Reese Ryan

Faking it is so much better the second time around.


Five years ago, I was the reigning princess of pop. Now, I’m just a former boy band member’s ex. I’ve been in this business a long time, so I’ve developed a tough skin. But negative press is hijacking my fundraising campaign to save my performing arts high school in Atlanta from being demolished. Desperate times call for desperate measures. So to spin the story my way, I’ve asked celebrity DJ Ward Hughes to reprise his role as my fake boyfriend—a stunt we pulled in high school. But this time, Ward has demands.


I started out spinning records in underground clubs in Atlanta and rose to fame playing sets at legendary clubs and festivals all over the world. Ten years in, and I’m tired of grueling, international tours and living out of hotel rooms. I’m ready to shift gears and become a songwriter and record producer. But A-list artists are reluctant to work with an unproven writer and producer. Working on Karris’s comeback album will give me the chance to showcase my pen game and production skills while helping her make music with a soulful vibe she was truly meant to sing.

But faking it as high school sweethearts who spin the block hits a little too close to home because nothing about our feelings has ever really been fake.


The Road to Serenity by Sabrea Marie

When her mother flees, Noemie vows to find a new home for her and her little sister Chloe. With a lemon and a buck, she’s determined to find a peaceful escape from their toxic home. Struggles arise as they begin a journey across the country to find their aunt Georgia in Serenity City.

Until Noemie comes across America’s heartthrob who loves bad publicity, NBA star Kacey Jacoby, in a hotel lobby. He’s handsome, charming, and very insistent in helping the struggling duo.

Does Kacey realize he may have bitten off more than he can chew when he promises to take the pretty stranger across the country, while handling his own troubles? Can Noemie find a home for her and Chloe? Does she trust this stranger
who has never had to struggle a day in his life?

Follow Noemie, Chloe and Kacey on their road to serenity.


Winchester Wild: A Billionaire Family Saga by Tabeitha Pollard

Wallace and Darlene Winchester gave birth to four children – three boys and a girl. Born black billionaires, each of them is here to tell their story.

Charles Winchester is the youngest son of three. A rodeo champion and notorious bad boy, he’s been this way since the day his fiancée left him at the altar. Living alone on his private estate, his mother steps in to make his massive house a home. That’s when he meets, Milady; a private chef hired to cook for he and his staff.

Milady is beautiful and smart with her own set of problems. Running away from a prospering career and fledgling relationship, she moves back in with her mother to reinstate her father’s citizenship. Yet, what she didn’t expect was to fall in love. Will Charles and Milady act on their growing attraction for one another, or will their past relationships cause them to miss out on a good thing?

Jonathon is the oldest and the most level-headed. But he also has his share of secrets. What happens when a woman with an agenda tries to stake her claim?

Micah is the middle son and a father of two. Dealing with the hurt from the love of his life abandoning him, she shows up two years later with twins identical to his sister. With her own set of issues, Micah jumps back in to help. Will he get his happily ever after or will he just be a single parent trying to help run the family business?

Rachel is the baby of the family and is away at boarding school. Ready to make her mark on the world, she’s done with living away from her family. Coming home was supposed to be fun, but a call for help from her best friend proves otherwise.

In a world of cowboys, horses, and the rodeo, you will never meet a family like the Winchesters. Jump on this crazy ride and see just how wild this bunch can get!


Keeping Receipts by W. Mason Dunn

In the bustling city of Tallahassee, Florida, Lorraine Davis, an ambitious auditor troubled by the secrets of her past, crosses paths with Liam Whittington, a down-to-earth landscaping businessman. As they navigate their different worlds, an undeniable connection blooms, uniting their hearts amidst the backdrop of nature trails and spreadsheets. But as love grows, she must confront her past, and he must learn to accept her choices to build a future together. In this enchanting tale of love, redemption, and second chances, discover how two souls, worlds apart, find solace in each other’s arms amidst the unearthing of hidden truths.


Terms of Love by Mel Dau

Alistair Duston is for the streets of Leakston, Mississippi. That means nothing when he and his family owned them, literally. As heir to the Duston Dynasty, he never had to worry about anything but his horses, cattle, and dogs. How things can change in the bling of a signed contract. When he is forced into an impossible position, will he remain faithful to the streets or commit to one that might be able to give him the world?

Ireisi Jackson doesn’t bother anyone and lives her life like a fly on the wall. Just because you’re a fly on the wall doesn’t mean the buzzing of your wings won’t be loud. When her family betrays her in the worst way, she’s forced to endure a new life that she never wanted or asked for.

They say a man will sell his soul for money. Well, apparently their daughters too.

Will a forced contract be the end of two lives forcefully smashed together, or will it bring those lives together to turn a mess into a blessing? Only time, tolerance, and patience would be able to tell. Find out if Alister and Ireisi will be able to agree to the Terms of Love.


To Aide a Wolf by Jessica Cage

An injured wolf. A reluctant fairy. A chance to save millions.

Fate intertwines the paths of Kiora, a reluctant fairy, and Raden, an injured wolf, in an unexpected alliance with far-reaching consequences. When Kiora discovers Raden’s wounded form within the fairy territory, she faces a crucial choice: uphold the laws of her kind or follow her instincts to help the creature in need.

As their bond deepens, secrets emerge, challenging Kiora to confront her loyalties and the true extent of her courage. With millions at stake, Kiora must navigate treacherous terrain, where every decision could determine the fate of both worlds.

Will she choose to stand by Raden’s side, defying convention, or retreat into safety, leaving him to face his destiny alone?

To Aide a Wolf is a gripping tale of friendship, sacrifice, and the power of unlikely alliances in the face of adversity written by USA Today Bestselling Author, Jessica Cage.


V Day IV (V Day: A Friends to Lovers Romance Book 4) by Deja Elise

For the lucky few, love comes easy. For the rest of us, it takes work.

Tina’s harboring a little secret she fears might have big consequences for her relationship with her fiancée, Morgan. Only Morgan’s focused on her new first love–work and finds herself the object of someone’s unwanted (but not undesired) attention. With the big move comes new friends and new experiences. Life’s luxuries come easier, but so does the drama.

Though their love grows deeper, their issues threaten to uproot everything. As Tina continues the journey to her better self, Morgan learns she might need to turn the mirror on herself.

It all comes down to decisions, intentions, and clarity, but the road to long–lasting, healthy love isn’t easy. Still, they try…and try.

How hard are you willing to fight for love?


Maserati: A Love Worth Finding by Tshepiso Madihlaba

Maserati vowed never to endure the betrayal her mother had experienced at the hands of her father. When she met Tshepo, he was everything she thought she wanted, and a happily ever after was an inevitable right.

Everything was falling perfectly into place. Or was it?

Blinded by the love she felt for Tshepo and consumed by images of her future life, she missed the signs of betrayal he had hidden so well. Until that fateful day of the party. Her world as she had imagined came to a crashing halt.

How can a perfect soulmate be the source of such deep pain?

Finally emerging from the heartbreak, Maserati is ready to experience love again.

She meets Ben. But soon, learns that true love does not come in neat little packages. Ben’s life is complicated, and she yearns for simplicity.

Yet his brown eyes feel like the safe heaven she’d been looking for her whole life.


I Do CHAOS by D.W. Brooks

With the perfect job, perfect wedding, and perfect life in front of her, Jamie isn’t as excited as everyone else. Can she fix things before it slips out of her grasp? 

Jamison Jones Scott should be on top of the world. Her dermatology residency is almost over, and she is two months away from a fabulous job and an extravagant wedding to a rich, sexy surgeon. Her mother is over the moon about the pending nuptials and many members of the city’s establishment can’t wait for the merging of two prominent families in Atlanta.

But nothing seems right—including her attitude… She has been taking unnecessary chances and putting everything on the line. Can she fix things before it’s too late? But more importantly, does she want to?


Fangirl and Fangs Apt 7A: Love Bites by Françoise Soleil

Experience the thrilling and passionate love story of ER doctor Evelynn Matthews and vampire idol Ambrose Hasan. Set in the chaos of Serendipity Heights General Hospital, this story follows Evelynn as she discovers her guilty pleasure of watching Ambrose’s Onlyfans videos and falls into a dreamlike romance with him. But when they meet in real life, their connection only grows stronger as they bond over exotic tea and personal stories. But as their relationship faces challenges from disapproval and danger, will their love be enough to overcome it all? Don’t miss out on this gripping tale of love, passion, and danger.


Full Circle: Sometimes Love Comes Around A Second Time by Crystal Lester

Ayesha Morgan is a hopeless romantic who believes in true love and all the fairy tales that come with being in love. However, she hasn’t been successful in the love department. She has had her heart broken, and although she wants to experience a love that she can call her own, she’s skeptical. Like Ayesha, Victor Carter is also an individual searching for love. He, too, has had his heart broken, yet he still believes that he will one day meet the love of his life. As fate would have it, they meet and quickly fall in love, but will they allow their past relationship traumas to damage their future, or will they give love a try?


Stellar Harmony: A Celestial Love Story by Morgan Sterling

Prepare for a journey where the stars align in unexpected ways. Meet Langston, an academic prodigy straddling two worlds: the rigorous confines of academia and the vibrant pulse of his urban roots. Opposite him stands Aurora, a heartbroken R&B songstress seeking solace amidst the melodies of her past. When their paths converge at an open mic night, their connection ignites with a force that defies logic.

As Langston grapples with the pressures of his academic pursuits and the pull of his community, Aurora battles to reclaim her voice in an industry tainted by betrayal. Together, they navigate the complexities of love, trust, and self-discovery against a backdrop of starry nights and whispered promises.

But as their bond deepens, they must confront the shadows of their pasts. Langston’s insecurities threaten to eclipse their budding romance, while Aurora’s struggle for artistic freedom jeopardizes everything she holds dear. Can they find harmony amidst the chaos of their lives, or will their love be lost among the stars?

Join Langston and Aurora on a cosmic odyssey where passion collides with purpose, and the universe itself becomes a stage for their Stellar Harmony.


The Bottom Line by Tobie Carter

When the return on investment is love…

Self-sacrificing Stella Daniels put her competitive finance career on ice, passing up promotions to help her elderly grandfather manage his struggling funeral home. Now with the mortuary in danger of closing, Stella must hustle for a promotion at the firm she’s been neglecting. But when she snaps at a rude–and dangerously handsome–customer at the funeral home, who happens to be a transferring employee competing for the same promotion, Stella’s professional and personal worlds collide.
Investment manager Jameson Brooks had it all—the car, the career, and the swanky flat—until news of his mother’s illness forced him to move to the States. In the wake of her death, Jameson’s estranged father offers him a job at his investment firm. The catch? No one can learn he’s the bastard son of the boss. However, under pressure to succeed at work and berated by a father he can’t please, Jameson’s mental health spirals, sending him back to old self-harming habits.
With the promotion to Project Manager on the table, Jameson and Stella fight to one up each other, but amidst the sabotage and late nights at the office, they’re both surprised to discover their rival might be the one bright spot in their increasingly dark days. But to bask in the sunshine, they’ll have to choose their greatest investment yet—themselves.

This enemies to lovers brings the fire with a tenacious, ball-busting heroine who won’t give up and a cinnamon roll disguised as an alpha in need of a little support. Come along for the ride as one bossy Brit tries to keep his heart and his secrets from the headstrong woman destined to break down his walls.

The Bottom Line is an adult romance that features mature themes and content that may not be suitable for all audiences. Reader discretion is advised. For all content warnings, check the author’s website.


Old Head: A Vegas Love Affair (Cayenne P. Escapades) by Ebony Q.

Get ready for a sizzling birthday experience in Sin City.

Caprice is ecstatic because her boyfriend, Montrez, has planned a lavish birthday get away for her in Las Vegas. But the celebration takes an unexpected turn and Caprice finds herself alone.

While out one night, she encounters an intriguing gentleman, who sparks a fire within her. Will she take a gamble on love or stick to the cards she’s been dealt? Take a stroll with Caprice in this steamy tale of love, lust, and the power of taking risks.


Family Reunions : Reunions III by Angelia Vernon Menchan

The wedding for Darius and Brie was intimate. It was held on the back lawn of the home she was raised in at six pm on Sunday. There were muted lights and beautiful flowers in shades of cream and blue. Darius was thrilled when Brie suggested blue, her dress an off-shoulder chiffon pale blue dress and his tuxedo midnight blue. Their mothers dresses were baby blue and his father and Brie’s stepfather in navy blue. They didn’t have a wedding party but fifty people from their graduating class attended and all were in shades of blue. Sabrina, who planned everything and was currently seven months pregnant was dressed in what she called mid-blue.

After the vows and toasts everyone was dancing around Darius and Brie who were slow dancing in the middle of the floor. No matter what song played…they were slow dancing. Sabrina stood near the bar watching, ensuring everything was flowing. What she noted was Marlene and Mac, Darius’ parents were not sitting together. During the planning she noted they were at every rehearsal they were required to be but they were cordial at best.

“I see your parents are still ignoring each other.” Brie whispered to Darius.

“We aren’t talking about that wife…” Darius murmured, pulling her closer. “I’m slow dancing with and grinding publicly on my wife…that’s it. Now close slowly grind against me, your husband.” Brie complied.


Silent Dance of Woven Fate by Oyibo Samuel Ihiabe

In the heart of Okpachala village resides Odoma, a figure who commands the admiration of the entire community. Renowned for both his fame and wealth, he stands as one of the village’s most illustrious and affluent young man. Despite his elevated status, Odoma remains remarkably down-to-earth, emanating love and care to those around him.

However, tragedy strikes when Odoma’s beloved wife, Ojoru, passes away. Amidst the grief, a poignant tale of love and destiny unfolds as Odoma finds solace in the arms of Ojamaliya. This seemingly innocent love affair unravels a plethora of mysteries, setting in motion a series of events that delve into the intricate realms of spirits, jealousy, and reincarnation.

The narrative weaves a captivating story, revealing the complexities of human emotions and the unseen forces that shape our lives. Unfortunately, fates entwine with the characters, leaving an indelible mark on the fabric of their existence. As the threads of love and mystique intertwine, the tale transcends the ordinary, elevating it to a plane where the dance of fate becomes the orchestrator of this poignant and spellbinding narrative.


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New Release Round-Up March 11th-17th

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