Dr. Kristen L. Harrison’s life is good. Loving family, amazing friends, and tenure is one service project away. All according to her plan. But a Friday night outing with her best friend reminds Kristen of the one thing she hasn’t been successful at…love.
Eric Davenport has his eyes on the senior consultant promotion. His next project should be the final step to having more control over his travel and work schedule. However, he doesn’t expect to meet the woman of his dreams at a game night. Nor for the mystery woman to be his new client.
Kristen cannot afford to get sidetracked. After years of failed relationships and unfulfilled dreams, she’s sure that love is not in her life plan. But tenure is. So, she devises a plan to keep Eric at arm’s length while she fights her growing attraction to him. But is she preserving her happiness or missing out on something better than good?


Book Spotlight – Better Than Good, by Marie Hobbs

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