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Check out these new releases from March 6th-12th.

Power Forward (Nymphs & Trojans Book 5) by Nicole Falls

“It’s your world, baby. Whatever you want, whatever you need, I got you.”

Starting Center for the Nashville Trojans Zebediah Kennedy has always been known as the guy everyone turns to for a good time. As a free agent going into the next season his future is unknown, but he’s determined to make the best of it, now matter how the cards may fall. His aim is to be a Trojan for life, but if circumstances dictate otherwise, the wizened vet will do what he has always done, adjust his approach and keep it pushing.

Kyra Macklin is a powerful, in-demand agent whose sole focus is ensuring her clients’ success on and off the court. She recently entered into partnership with a large sports agency and quickly learned that all that glitters isn’t gold. As she deals with professional disappointment, she is dealt a crushing blow in her personal life that upends her entire world.

At the time of her greatest need, Zebediah shows up for Kyra, being a port in the midst of her personal storms. And when the seas of his life experience a bit of turmoil, Kyra is right there to provide an assist. While personal and professional overlap brings them together, Kyra and Zebediah’s chemistry and attraction draws them even closer, creating a beautiful relationship neither saw coming.

Set in “The Athens of the South” Nashville, Tennessee, The “Nymphs & Trojans” series is a sports romance collaboration by Nicole Falls and Alexandra Warren that follows two fictional professional basketball franchises – the Nashville Nymphs Women’s Team and the Tennessee Trojans Men’s Team.


Restore My Soul (The Soul Series Book 2) by Rosè Dior

Aliyah Woods has lost everything. With the insurmountable pain she’s endured, she feels as if life isn’t worth living without having the people who loved her wholeheartedly by her side. As much as she tries to hold on to the little love she receives from others around her, she just can’t see herself living life without them.

Denico Tejada had been friends with Antonio since the sandbox. When some disturbing news arises, Nico seeks revenge on the people responsible for his best friend’s untimely demise. He makes a drastic decision to leave in order to keep Aliyah safe, but his absence causes a deep resentment to resonate within Aliyah. Things take a turn that neither one of them expected.

Months turn into years before the two reunite. This reunion comes with secrets that are revealed and pain that never truly left, leaving these souls in need of restoration. Will the love they once had for each other overcome the resentment? Or will it be the one thing that drives these two further apart?


Queen’s Heart (Crown & Fire Series Book 2) by Aja

Reina has wanted Blaze since they were children but Blaze’s conviction stood in the way of it going beyond looks filled with longing. Until one forbidden night. Now, trying to get over what was declared a mistake, fate and a bit of highhandedness, force these two to see that there is never a mistake when love is at play.


Doctor, Please: Doctors of Eastport General by Celeste Granger

Dr. Felix Rush Jr., newly appointed Director of Emergency Services, has a lot on his plate. Not only is he getting acclimated to a new job, he is also searching for a new place to live. He most recently returned to Rhode Island to take on the new position at Eastport General and he returned home to live with his parents. Although he loves them desperately, living back home cramps his bachelor lifestyle, one he plans on expanding now that he is on new turf.

Peyton Hall is the top realtor in Eastport and the person Felix contacted to help him find the home of his dreams. Peyton is all business, all the time continuously striving to better herself even if it means neglecting love. Peyton’s priorities are in check until she encounters Felix. She goes against her better judgment and agrees to go out with him.

Despite their best efforts to remain professional, unexpected sparks flew igniting intrigue and excitement neither of them could quell. Their burgeoning feelings derailed both their plans, yet, their impassioned desire remained unfurled. Their requited love was tested when Felix’s skills were put to the test. They both learned that love conquers all.


ARCH (A Clarks of Northshire Bend Bridge) by Stephanie Nicole Norris

Arch is an update told in the middle of an ongoing series. It bridges the gap between books as the series develops. Arch may include need-to-know information between characters, bonus scenes, hints on upcoming plot twists, and erotic scenes.

In this arch, find scenes between Cynthia Clark and King Isaac Winthrope. Malik Anthony Clark and Tina Braddon. Langston Jamal Clark. Tristan Neil Clark and Chelsea Bellamy.


Lipstick Diaries: The Promise (A Friends to Lovers Romance) by Tiye

The only thing missing in Rianna Murphy’s life is the right man and a family. Tired of the status quo, she and her girls make a pact. They vow to be sexually fierce, completely open, and purposeful in getting what they each want from men.

Even marriage to a best friend.

When Rianna and Kwon were teenagers, they promised that if they were 35 and still single, they would get married without hesitation. A few months shy of her 35th birthday, she and Kwon meet again unexpectedly after years of no contact. Both are still single. And Kwon is a man of his word. What’s a woman to do when everything she’s ever wanted is being handed to her on a sexy platter?

**Each book in the Lipstick Diaries can be read as a standalone.**


Justified Privilege (Privilege series Book 2) by Charity Shane’

Just Kincaid is a complicated man. Being the oldest son of Dominic Kincaid has been a burden and often a curse.

Newly released from jail and back home in Crescent Falls, Just is determined to finally get his life together and he’s seemingly on track. However, one thing is missing-the right woman to build with.

When Monae comes back into his life, things change. Their connection is magnetic and undeniable. However, both of their respective pasts complicate things.

Just and Monae have work to do if they’re going to make this connection work but both understand that love isn’t a promise, it’s a privilege. If they want their happily ever after, they have to be willing to make it happen, by any means necessary.


The Essence of His Soul by Mya Kay

When Essence Taylor, owner of Taylor Made Music Group, walks into Mocha Tea & Trends, a new high-end coffee shop in Old City Philadelphia, her goal is to get some work done. But when she overhears the manager ending a frustrating call with the artist scheduled to perform that weekend, she jumps at the chance to offer her newly signed songstress.

Enter Philadelphia basketball sensation, Shane Bishop, the shop’s owner. Their eyes lock and she’s certain she feels butterflies, but she refuses to be distracted—and by a ball player no less. But Shane is already smitten as he listens to her and the manager seal the deal for her artist to showcase her talent. Later, Shane slides into her DM’s, sending her a message that leaves her speechless. After they exchange numbers and move to talking on the phone, she finally agrees to go out with him.

What starts out as a newfound friendship between two preacher’s kids, turns into a God-ordained romance as both of their lives are shaken up by family secrets, old flames, and an incident that could ruin both of their careers.

Will Essence and Shane be able to keep their love tight through the ups and downs of the entertainment business they’re a part of, or will family drama, past trauma, and rumors be too much for them to endure?


A Sunday Kind Of Love: A Plus Size, BBW, Friends To Lovers, Age-Gap Curvy Girl Romance by Xila Jaye

Sundays are reserved for quickies with my taken best friend. 

Two’s company…Three’s a crowd…

When Sunday Gavin finally realizes she’s fallen head over heels for her best friend, she does everything to dissuade her heart from doting on ESPN’s new, hot and tantalizing sports anchor, Krew Reed.

Once Krew reveals he has important news to share with Sunday face-to-face, nothing can convince her it’s anything other than what she’s been dreading since Krew and the apple of his eye made their power coupledom official.

A proposal… One year later. How on Earth will Sunday ever get rid of her now?

Then again, Sunday and Krew aren’t necessarily the perfect match.

Sunday is older, independent, strong minded, and on the heavier side for a pear-shaped body type. The exact opposite of princess Channing, Krew’s docile girlfriend.

Why does the heart always desire what it can’t have?

Will Sunday swallow her pride and confess her true feelings for Krew before it’s too late? Or will he be the one that got away?

Sunday and Krew navigate loss, career growth, and the importance of friendship when their loyalty is tested.

This riveting friends to lovers, age-gap, curvy girl romance is a steaming, hot short work of fiction.


Deep In My Soul (A Jareau Family Novel Book 2) by Kimberly Brown

Cartel Jareau has always been the protector of his siblings. The handsome chef has a bit of a roughness to him. Aside from his family, very few people get to witness his sensitivity. When he met Adina Harold a year ago, he had no idea that intervening in an embarrassing exchange would lead to falling in love with a woman he could never truly have. She was spoken for. Forbidden, yet during turmoil brewing within her home, they somehow fell in love.

Adina Harold is hanging on by a thread. Trapped in a loveless, abusive marriage, she found solace in someone she shouldn’t have. He was genuine, sweet, and caring. He was love… the very thing she longed for and was missing at home. She knew loving him was dangerous and time and time again she tried to pull away from him only to have her heart pulling her back.

When tragedy strikes and Cartel comes to her rescue, Adina is afraid to allow the blossoming love between them to fully bloom. Just as she gives in to her heart’s desires, her husband, Dominic, makes it clear that he plans to honor their vow, until death do us part. With Dominic becoming more and more unhinged, Cartel and Adina face a series of trials and tribulations.

Will the couple persevere, or will Dominic see his threats through until the very end?


Three’s A Crowd by Tay Mo’Nae

Dealing with her boyfriend’s infidelities leads Nicolette into the arms of an ex. Soon she learns that all actions have consequences. Now she’s stuck between two men with a belly in the mix. 


Dark Wolf Rising: Urban Paranormal Romance (African American Urban Shifters Book 3) by Melody Lynch

Rocco is a man who has always lived by his own rules, refusing to be tied down by relationships. But when he falls head over heels for Destiny, he is willing to do anything to make her happy.

When Destiny gives him an ultimatum – give up the streets or lose her – Rocco finds himself torn between his love for her and his loyalty to his lifestyle. Despite promising to go legit, he can’t resist the temptation of one last big score that could secure their financial future.

True to her word, Destiny ends the relationship, sending Rocco into a downward spiral. He does everything he can to win her back, but things start to unravel at a dangerous speed, and he realizes that nothing is as it seems. His friends are turning into enemies, and he finds himself up against apowerful enemy that shows no mercy.

As Rocco struggles to regain control, something inside of him is clawing its way out, threatening to destroy him and everyone he loves. How long can the sleeping wolf lay before it is forced to answer the call?

Join Rocco on this thrilling and dangerous journey as he fights for the woman he loves and battles the darkness within.


When You Fall (FALL SERIES Book 2) by Kizzie Kollins

The handsome and charming Ezra has always been quiet and guarded. With a rocky past, Ezra finds it best to keep his circle small. He only allows those who have proven to be genuine and consistent to hold a place in his heart.

Teagan feels most at home with the small friend group that she adopted by default after finding her place with her brother’s crew. One guy in particular seems to hold her interest more than most but with a complicated situation, Teagan keeps Ezra safely distanced in the dreaded friend zone.

Ezra and Tegan are both left dealing with the possibilities of “what if” when it comes to wanting more. Unfortunately, if they cross that line from friendship into something more, everything around them changes. They have to decide if the risk is worth the reward if and when they fall.


THIS: A Simple, Complex Love Story by Naomi Rivers

Does love have to be complicated?

Baltimore’s iconic Inner Harbor is known for its historic port, picturesque beauty, and tourist attractions. Can it also be the perfect setting to make a love connection?

Jasmine, a pragmatic social worker, is struggling to keep her long term relationship intact. T is an art teacher by day and an elusive artist by night, she gave up on relationships a long time ago. When the two meet at the Harbor by chance, their unexpected chemistry challenges their ideas about life and expectations for love. But does love have to be complicated? Or is it possible to simply live in the moment and see where the unexpected leads?


Knight and Day (Crimson Hill Series) by Brenda Barrett

Pearl Day had finally broken free from Leonard’s grip as the manager of Sensuous City, but little did she know that her heart would become entangled with the charming gardener, Phil Knight, at her new job.

Despite her unhappy past with men, Pearl was ready to take a chance on love, but could she let go of her high standards and embrace a man who wasn’t wealthy?

And even if she did, would she survive the wrath of Leonard, who was determined to track her down and exact his revenge on her for leaving?


Purfect By Forensics: Shifting Hearts Series by Jade Royal

Royal Heir vs. Regular Girl

She was born on the wrong side of the tracks.

He was born with a silver spoon.

He’s avoided his brother and father because he wasn’t ready to take his place as second in command of their pride. Crimes committed against his people force him to deal with his family issues instead of hiding. It also puts him working face-to-face with a woman he never thought he’d see again. She was never good enough for him. He let his father run the love of his life away.

Hurt and anger are the perfect ingredients for a war between enemies who were once lovers. But if there were elements about their breakup that neither of them knew?


Might Let You Love Me by Natisha Raynor

Ryleigh Silver is a college graduate with nothing but time and money on her hands because being the girlfriend of one of the city’s biggest hustlers doesn’t require her to do much aside from spending Trig’s hard earned money. That is until the alphabet boys kick in doors and shatter dreams. Ryleigh is one of the fortunate girlfriends that doesn’t get jammed up in her man’s mess, and that leaves her grateful. Until all of Trig’s indiscretions start coming to the light. All that she’s been through is enough to deter her from dating dope boys forever, that is until her and her once foster brother, Aydin become closer. With Trig and his crew in jail, somebody has to be up next, and Aydin wants that spot for himself. He’s willing to leave the city of Diamond Cove to reign supreme in Charlotte, because the arrests of Trig and his crew has the streets of Charlotte dealing with a major drought, and Aydin has come to make it snow. 

The only problem is, Ryleigh has had a crush on Aydin since she was sixteen. When she finds out that he feels the same, can she really pass him up because she’s done with dope boys, or will she give him a chance only for her insecurities to push him away? At the end of the day, will Aydin give in to Ryleigh and what she needs to feel secure, or will he walk away from her, so he can be the next king of the city?


If there are any new releases that we missed, feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!

New Release Round-Up March 6th-12th

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