Much of Atali’s life has been one blow after another. She’s had to adapt to so much in order to survive and protect her own. However, meeting Giselle and Saint removed most every hardship she’d faced seemingly overnight. Atali’s new, unconventional relationship with Giselle and Saint provided her with so much security and opportunity. Though she never envisioned it for herself, being committed to a throuple finally brought the happiness and comfort Atali had always wanted. There was love, loyalty, and passion, but also many twists, turns, pain, and betrayal. Despite all of the best efforts to strengthen their bond, their commitment continued to be tested, casting doubts of whether their love would be as permanent as any of them wanted.


Book Spotlight – Caught Up In Them: The Love Affair of Cross Manuel, Giselle Batista, and Atali Martin, by Naimah Elise Robinson

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