Can love strike twice or is new love worth risking it all for?
While celebrating her 40th birthday and basking in her glow-up, Galeya discovers love again. Love draped in the form of a sexy, handsome man named PJ to be exact. She’s on the verge of having it all – a flourishing career, amazing son, loyal friends, and a wonderful man – but she’s lacking the passion and connection that she finds in a familiar source . . .
Years ago, young love engulfed Galeya and Earvin in a fiery passion. They created a beautiful son, were on the rise together, and were building their life as a family.
In an effort to be a better provider, Earvin makes extreme changes to their family dynamic without discussing it with Galeya. The rift that causes tears them apart . . . but it doesn’t extinguish their love.
Faced with the choice between igniting a new spark or fanning the aged flames of desire, Galeya must decide if she wants to build love or repair it, and her decision will change lives forever.


Book Spotlight – His Gal, by Javonda Robinson

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