The last thing Bernard Covington wanted to do was see Chanel Robbins. As her only option for a ride from the airport, Bernard reluctantly agrees to pick up Chanel — seeing her for the first time in years at the start of the Easter Weekend.

Like star-crossed lovers, Romeo and Juliet, Antony and Cleopatra, and Queen and Slim, Bernard and Chanel, after eighteen years, finally decide to address a dilemma head on that’s held them back for so long.

As they rekindle a flame that has burned between the two since childhood, they must also contend with a secret that Chanel harbors, her possessive ex-boyfriend, Billy Redmond.

Will Chanel survive to see the only chance she has to be with the one man she claimed as her own during their childhood together or will her secret destroy her future before it begins?

*Please note: This is a 20,000-word novella.*


Book Spotlight – Claim Me: The Gift, by Marvin Mason

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