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Yours Always (Falling Like A Johnson Book 6) by Rilzy Adams

“Is it true what they say, then? That sometimes love is not enough?”
Katrina and Orlando have always had to fight for their love. Their university love affair ended when fear trumped Orlando’s love. The Universe thrust them into each other’s path again a decade later, and Katrina and Orlando fought for their second shot at a happy ending. But that happy ending is threatened in the aftermath of unimaginable loss. What happens when love doesn’t seem to be enough glue to stick hearts together? Can they find their way back to each other again, or is love sometimes truly not enough?

‘Yours Always’ is the continuation of Orlando and Katrina’s story. They first appear in Book 3 of the Falling Like a Johnson series: ‘Just One More Time’. It isn’t required to read ‘Just One More Time’ before you dive into ‘Yours Always’.



Love Lessons (The Luminous Cruise Chronicles Book 7) by Honesty Price

Wesley needs a lesson and Charmaine is the best teacher.



Love Under Quarantine (The Luminous Cruise Chronicles Book 8) by Nicole Falls

Juliette Taylor’s living her best life—she’s been blessed with her dream job and the perfect cutty buddy situation with the Captain of her ship. A little disturbance in the waves of her life, however, causes her to reassess just how perfect it is is as is and whether or not she needs to change it up to make things even better.



All Love: Letting Loose Book One by Amberlei Jae

Amethyst worked tirelessly to maintain a lifestyle her and her little one could thrive in. She was a hustler. Marketing executive by day, and art dealer by night. She decided to finally let loose and scratch a much needed itch during a quick weekend trip to Atlanta. But, in turn fell hopelessly in love and that love comes with a price.



Preying for a Taste by Wynta Tyme

Since age eighteen, twin sisters DoRey and Lyris Lange have dominated the charts. With sultry voices belting out gems that turn into platinum plaques, The Soprano Sisters have lived a life many couldn’t fathom experiencing. World travel, finessing sold out crowds, and receiving accolades is what fuels their passion. However, once news of their drug abuse spreads like wildfire, the allure of the fast life becomes an afterthought. Together, the twins agree to join Better Days Rehab center and make their health a priority. That is, until things at the place of resilience, morphs into a place of mayhem.

Keyes Strong couldn’t be more different than his last name. His disposition is perplexed and a bit nerdy with an undeniable passion for cooking. As the head chef of Better Days Rehab, he provides the finest cuisine for the upscale establishment. Nonetheless, when Keyes removes his chef coat, the respect from his peers seem to exit the room as well. Fortunately, new patients bring new energy, and along with DoRey Lange comes a peace the conflicted loner hasn’t felt since his childhood.
Consumed in their fresh alliance, the pair becomes engulfed in one another and blinded to the snakes waiting for an opening to intrude. DoRey and Keyes are about to embark on a dangerous journey of what happens when you stumble across the hidden agenda of a confidant.

Now the question begs, will there be better days ahead for them?



The Pain of Things (In Media Res Book 3) by J.L Campbell

Roger Blythe has a reputation for being here today and gone tomorrow. That’s fine with Corinne Walker, until he decides to take their relationship to the next level.

Corinne’s cycle of dating men who have no chance of touching her heart has kept her sane over the years. Roger’s turnaround unsettles her, because just when she considers changing the way she lives, his secret life threatens to destroy everything they’re building together.

When her past and future collide, Corinne has two choices. Run away from what could be a repeat of the devastation that has gone before, or stay and fight for what her heart says is right for her.



Imperfect Promises of Love: A “Still Love” Novella by Deshon Dreamz


Due to her upbringing, that’s the only emotion that Destiny Jones is willing to freely express. She doesn’t know nor need love – that was something that was never a desire of hers. Destiny was raised to be in control at all times, always put together, never caught with a detail out of place. She’d mastered the idea of always being as close to perfect as she could get. She was also taught to fight for the things that she wanted. So when a city development is structured to demolish her childhood home, she tries everything she can to save it.

Pierre Carmichael is a man of few words and a lot of action. His method and reasoning is set on the standard of getting things done. So when the biggest contract of his career comes across his desk, he knows that he has to get it done by any means necessary. What he does not expect to meet on that journey of getting things done is a woman that possesses the same level of determination that he does.

This standoff doesn’t seem to fair well for Destiny at first, but factors that Pierre didn’t see coming began to weigh on him. He finds Destiny alluring, magnetic, and impossibly desirable.
He just wasn’t sure how much he was willing to sacrifice to have her.

*The “Still Love” shorts are happy for now tales of love, friendship, and commitment. Each couple is related in some way, but all stories can be read individually.*



Not That Kind of Girl (The Shorts Book 8) by Nia Forrester

“Kate won’t be back ‘til Monday.”

A roommate. Her boyfriend. An irresistible opportunity.

Terri has always been “the quiet one.” People think she’s shy, but she’s really not. She’s pretty enough, and smart enough, she just hasn’t been particularly … remarkable.

Ian on the other hand is remarkable. He’s also Terri’s roommate Kate’s boyfriend. He notices what others do not. He knows Terri’s not shy, and he’s curious about what else she might be. Kate being away for a long weekend, provides the perfect chance for him to find out.

Terri might be into it. A completely unexpected kiss she and Ian shared the week before suggests she will be. Or maybe … she’s just not that kind of girl.



Tempted Off His Love by Tay Mo’Nae

Bliss is young, a bit naïve, and rich. She’s a girl that any guy would be lucky to have, at least that’s what she’s told. Her boyfriend Owen, however, doesn’t feel the same. Even though they go through a few bumps in the road, Bliss is happy in her relationship, until Owen decides to pawn her off to his best friend one night.

Tremaine wanted Bliss first, but because he was dealing with a breakup at the time, Owen was able to shoot his shot first. When fate happens to put the two of them together for one night, an attraction neither of them can deny comes to the surface.

While battling her heart and mind, Bliss is oblivious to the fact that Owen maybe with her for his own, selfish reasons. Now Bliss is faced with a decision, does she stay with her boyfriend or does she explore the possibilities of what she and Tremaine could be?



A Loyal Heart: A Hale Girls Novella (The Hale Girls Book 3) by AshleyNicole

Trust, honesty, love and loyalty… All keys to a successful relationship. Reed and Logan’s marriage has lost one of those keys. Can they find it in time to save their union?



Valentine’s Kiss by Kema B.

What happens when two souls are tied to one another, fused by their friendship and destined for a love that neither are ready to explore? Two best friends will be forced to make tough choices as they navigate their way from the ignorant bliss of youth, into the harsh realities of adulthood that rips them apart. Things crumble when feelings change, and promises are broken as life pulls them further and further apart. Will Valentine Day and Jalen Kiss survive the combustion of the Valentine Kiss?



Cabin Fever (Lunch Break Shorts Series Book 3) by Stephanie Nicole Norris

After losing a bet, Melanie wonders how she will get through the weekend with the man that makes her stumble in unsteady desire—her best friend, Micah Finley.



As We Lust: Sonia and Mac (Forbidden Love Series Book 2) by Aubree Pynn

Sonia is running from the love that she will never find again and Mac is ready to provide everything that she needs. Can Mac finally get Sonia to give in to everything he has to offer or will Sonia deny is one and for all?

Find out in As We Lust: Forbidden Lust Series Book Two



As We Lie: Mariah and Rahja (Forbidden Love Series Book 3) by Aubree Pynn

Mariah is in an arrangement that her heart cannot accept and Rahja is waiting for her to make the right choice. Will Rahja be left standing strong with the secret wrecks Mariah’s world or will he fall with the rest?
Find out in As We Lie: Forbidden Lust Series Book Three



The Gift of You by Celeste Granger

They were living the dream. Then, it stopped.

Emanuel Dixon, first-round draft pick and wide receiver for the Atlanta Falcons is a beast on the field, shattering records and leaving the competition in his wake. And there’s a woman in the stands rooting for him, his beautiful wife, Ajanee. She is his heart, his soul, his backbone and Ajanee loves her man. Their life is what dreams are made of. Until, an accident on the football field puts Emanuel’s life in jeopardy. Hard decisions, life and death decisions must be made. Will their love be enough in the end?

This is a novella.



Love for Lease (Heart of a Jameson Book 1) by Danielle Burton

A Harmony Heights spin-off series…

When Sasha Michaels meets the fine specimen that is Keith Jameson, she’s suddenly thrown off course. Falling is not a part of the plan. She’s sure if she keeps her distance the bothersome feelings will go away. That task may prove impossible since he’s her landlord.

Keith has tried his hand too many times at love and it always seems to fail him. As his life begins to intertwine itself with Sasha’s he can’t help but to consider giving it one more try. However, winning her heart may be harder than he’d hoped.

Sasha’s spent her life longing for a place that feels like home. She wants to believe she’s finally found it in Keith, but things never work out that easily for her.

What Keith wants more than anything is a family. Things are finally falling into place, but it could all slip through his fingers.



Deep As It Goes by Monica Walters & T. Key

No one gets married with intentions of getting divorced later. Romance author, Janika Turner-Wells, thought once she got married, it would be forever. She couldn’t have been more wrong. After being married to the man she loved for over ten years, enduring every trial for the sake of love and convenience, she finally has enough. Despite how difficult it might be, she’s determined to start over, getting a traditional job for the first time in over eight years. Never fully being independent, even at thirty-two years of age, she motivates herself to believe that she could do it on her own. With her parents’ support, she accomplishes that, but soon, loneliness creeps in. After having been divorced for what she feels is an acceptable amount of time, she begins to hope that love will find her once again.

When she runs into an old classmate, she immediately begins to wonder if he’s the one. There’s no denying that the chemistry between the two of them is off the charts. Not being one to waste time, she lays her cards on the table and hopes that he’s one that knows what he wants as well. Emory Peeples literally sweeps her off her feet and she can’t hide her feelings, no matter how hard she tries. However, when her personal insecurities come to visit, she wonders if she’s as ready for a relationship as she thought she was.

Will her insecurities and determination to do things on her own push him away? Or will he continue to be what she needs, helping her to see what true love is all about?



Concealed Sentiments: A Novella by Casseola Marie

If dating were a profession, Melissa Kirkland would be considered an expert level worker in that field. She was doing very well for herself. Melissa was at the top of her career and she never had a problem finding a date. While she struggled with some childhood insecurities, she was a beautiful woman. She didn’t understand why she couldn’t seem to find the right man for herself.

Leon Thomas, recently promoted, government trained legal killer, was convinced that love didn’t exist. He had lived a hard life which explained his hard exterior. Leon was given up for adoption as a baby and the mental and physical abuse he endured as a child permanently scarred his heart.

By the time he became a teenager, he was considered damaged goods. It was him against the world. He eventually learned to release his anger through his work. Killing eased the pain within him but he soon realized that there was an empty place in his heart that still bothered him. Melissa was the only woman that had him returning for more, but he wasn’t sure if she could deal with a complex man like himself. Still, Leon decided to give love a try.

He invited Melissa to spend the weekend with him on his boat. Their vacation was short lived when their boat blew up and left them stranded on a beach. Now that they had nothing but time on their hands, they decided to use their time wisely. Hormones and conversation are what kept them alive. The passion they shared heated the island to ablaze. Every second stranded together, Melissa embedded herself in Leon’s heart. Leon has a lot on his plate now. He has to find out who is trying to kill him, get Mel to safety, and figure out how she managed to steal his heart right from underneath his nose.

Please note: Leon and Melissa were first introduced as supporting characters in Concealed Skill, but it does not have to be read to enjoy and follow this book.



Love in the Time of Corona by Rilzy Adams

Could you survive being trapped with your ex for fourteen days?
Alyssa Chase-Osborne and her soon-to-be ex-husband, Kingsley, have been at each other’s throats since she filed for divorce. The tension is sky high between them and things only get worse when they find out they’ve been exposed to the Coronavirus and are required to quarantine together in the apartment they’ve been “spite sharing” for the past three months. Alyssa is convinced she will murder Kingsley before the quarantine period is up and Kingsley is desperate for them to give their love another chance. What will happen now that there is nowhere to run or hide from the sparks that fly?



This Special Moment: A Novella by Bree Wright

Close acquaintance with or knowledge of something. The quality of being well known; recognizability based on long or close association.

Baylee Bostic stuck with what was familiar, even if her happiness was at stake. Her comfort zone became her fiancé, Marlon. She loved Marlon with all of her heart. He was all Baylee knew, despite the infidelity. When Marlon does the ultimate betrayal, will Baylee let go of what is familiar?

Jensen Henry’s life was changing in a few weeks. He wasn’t sure if he could handle everything that was about to become a part of his new life. He needed to get away and enjoy himself. His small escape lands him in the path of Baylee Bostic.

Is it possible to develop feelings for someone that you just met? Can the two build a bond that is unbreakable? Or is it possible that the things we are not familiar with causes us to run and hide?



Two Broken Hearts by Dominique Thomas

One Broken Heart.
For most of Jordyn’s life, she’d been privileged. At a young age, her mother married a famous rapper and she was blessed with a life many people dream of. Only for Jordyn, it was what she didn’t have that she longed for like the love of her father. On her path to finding out about the man that showed her no love she loses herself and finds Zion. Zion too, shelters a broken heart and when they connect sparks fly but can their infatuation with one another be enough to mend their broken heart?
Two Broken Hearts.
Vadah wasn’t sure what she wanted out of life. With anger from being a forgotten child from her dad, she throws herself into the party world. Quickly she’s become the go-to video girl for rap videos but even that grows old. Vadah’s decided to take a job thanks to her mother that entails being a caregiver. The pay is lovely and is enough to get her out of debt. The only problem is that the job is for a well-known NBA player by the name of SaQuan. His children’s mother is ill and Vadah is asked to look after her. Quickly Vadah becomes like a second mom to the kids as she lives a life that is opposite of the one, she once had. She also develops feelings for SaQuan that leave her plagued with guilt. SaQuan is arrogant, controlling at times and insanely handsome. The pull Vadah has to him is strong and just when it begins to develop Vadah makes a drastic decision that changes their life forever.
This is a standalone novel.



When Love Rescued Me: When Love Series Book 1 by DeeAnn

Two hearts risking it all for the name of love…

Saiya Austin is a twenty-seven-year-old woman who comes from a wealthy family, so her preference in men are ones up to her father’s standards. Black billionaires in suits and ties. At one of her father’s events, she meets a man by the name of Meek, and he immediately swoons her. Little did she know, all of Meek’s efforts were for his own good. His loving ways disguised the controlling, abusive man he truly was, and Saiya didn’t find out until it was too late. After a year of being isolated from the outside world and people who loved her, Saiya decides to risk it all and run, not knowing she’d run right into the arms of Kano.

Kano Silver is a thirty-one-year-old man who lives in the streets of Chicago. He’s used to grinding, doing whatever is necessary to survive for himself and his younger sister who he’s been caring for since she was three. Not usually the one to wear his heart on his sleeve, he quickly learns that Saiya becomes a weak spot for him. Being in the streets, he learned that life took advantage of people’s weakness, so he keeps his sister and Saiya close to his heart. He’ll quickly learn that the heart isn’t always the safest place.



I Need A Gangsta: Book Two (Gucci Gang Saga 2) by B. Love

When the trio of sisters, Christian, Leigh, and Maria, finally get a slice of heaven on earth… all hell begins to break loose!

For Christian, she’s stuck between her mind and heart. Two men. And the choice of fear and love. Finally, she’s in a position to confess her truest feelings for Nash… but will he be willing to rebuild their friendship and let it lead to something more?

For Leigh, it’s taken losing the only man she’s ever really loved to truly value him. Now that she’s finally accepted Ransom’s place in her heart and life… she’s stuck with the choice of his life or her sister’s.

For Maria, trusting the wrong man has come with a dangerous price. The cost of her life. Before she could fully open herself up to Jax, Vincent vows to make her pay for taking his father’s life.

Christian, Leigh, and Maria are a force to be reckoned with on their own, but with the help of three gangsta’s… they have the chance to become unstoppable. The only thing standing in the way of their hearts is their fear in various forms, and in book two of this series, those fears turn into their realities.



Love at First Sight (We Found Love Book 1) by Anani Monique

Growing up in Baltimore, who knew dreams could come true. Monae Tate never thought her life could get any better than this. A hardworking young lady working a regular 9-5 by day and the club scene at night, she had her hustle down to build the empire she so desired. Celebrating the engagement of her best friend brings her life into a perspective that she never could have imagined until one unprecedented weekend. Sulking in her own lack less love life, Monae wondered why she couldn’t find anyone to claim her.
Justice Scott loved the smell and the streets of New York. He loved the ladies and the ladies sure loved them some Justice. He carried the mantra “Hit Em’ and Quit Em’” with no strings attached. But, one chic he just couldn’t get rid of. Raynelle was a Ride or Die type of a chic that came in handy when he was lonely. He knew that whenever he called her, she would come.
Could one chance-meeting while at a celebration in a strange city alter the lives of two total strangers? When two uncommon paths cross at a chance meeting, is it possible to actually fall in love at first sight?



Lemonade (Lemon & Goat Book 3) by Greer Goode

I love you. I love the happiness that surrounds you, it’s so effortless, and sometimes I find myself green with envy because of your superpower. The power within you supersedes everything around you. – Goat

I just have one requirement, don’t ever mess with your promises to me.” – Lemon



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New Release Round-Up April 6th-12th

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