Yvette must choose between the man she is falling for and the love of her mother. Unfortunately, she cannot have both.

After 10 years of counseling, group therapy, and numerous chats with friends, Yvette thinks she is over the detrimental family dynamics she left in Nebraska. She leads a simple, well-organized, well-planned life – until her mother calls. Using manipulation, lies, and guilt, Yvette’s mother insists that she return home. Her motive is to get Yvette back with her fiancé, and to get them married as soon as possible.

There is only one problem with the plan, Yvette is falling for the sexy Michael Donavan, and proving that opposites really do attract.

Michael is the tattooed, pierced-eared, motorcycle-riding guy who is stealing her heart. Michael accompanies Yvette to her family farm and pretends to be her love interest. While there he discovers a family secret. His discovery results in the two of them fleeing for their lives, as they race to get evidence to the FBI, before they are executed by those who want the family secret to remain secret.

To save Yvette, Michael commits the one act that stands to separate him from Yvette forever.

In this enemies-to-lovers, road trip, fake-relationship, romantic suspense novel – we learn that things are not always what they seem. Oftentimes, there are contradictions to what we believe to be true.


Book Spotlight – Contradictions (Girlfriend Series Book 1), by Denise Giddings 

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