One woman. Eight men. One complicated game show. 
Sammy: It was a drunken dare. That’s it. There’s no way I would have thought things were going to turn out the way they did. He was annoying, rude, and just plain disrespectful. It was so hard just to sit through a date with him. But the longer he remained on the show, the more I started to see him. Once I stopped playing the game, and allowed things to happen the way they were meant to…… I realized there was a lot more to Monte Claire than I had given him credit for. And everything that he was, was exactly what I needed.
Monte: The truth is…. I just needed to find someone desperate enough to marry me so that I could have access to my inheritance. The game show was supposed to be an uncomplicated way for me to do that. But Sammy unhinged me the moment I laid eyes on her. Because she was perfect. In every way. And I couldn’t fight the force that pulled me to her. Things weren’t supposed to go this far. I was never supposed to fall in love with the girl that I met on a game show.


New Release Spotlight – Heart For Grabs, by Jenay Balderas

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