As women, we wear numerous hat. Everyone and everything pulls us in different directions. Jobs, family, relationship, social and civic obligations. All vie for our time. We are often left in scattered pieces, It is time we reclaim our rightful time and place in the sun. Join me in this insightful journey of self-discovery and self-love.
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It is your time to shine




    You don’t respect yourself enough to ask yourself vital questions about your life and emotional stability. Respect that is unquestionably yours to have and behold. Woman of substance it is time to take back your power.

     You have been playing the side chick role to your own persona for far too long. You view your own life as a jump off. You place little time on your wants to appease others around you. You keep the good, bad, and, the ugly to yourself; You get use to receiving only little nuggets from the entire gold bar.

    You tell yourself that you don’t need or want more. All the while, your heart and mind are yearning for quality and tranquillity. You place your feeling aside so you can enter into a realm of sub-consciousness, that does not allow you to think or feel.

   You are like an actress on stage; reciting lines and plastering fake smiles for audiences. You are surviving, not living. You think by carrying the burdensome loads, you are doing the world a favor. Therefore, you walk around inwardly broken. Often not having the strength to cry for your own emotional demise.

    Just like any other good side chick you make yourself available to everyone but yourself. You sleep with unbelievable sacrifice and wake up to bitterness. You dance with rejection and wake up to fear. You have placed your goodies in the hands of other people. You have allowed the most vulnerable parts of you to be open on full display.

     Your values and beliefs are jaded by the negative experiences and how you have allowed yourself to be treated. You believe that by placing others first you are doing the honorable thing. You have mentally, physically, spiritually, and financially given until it hurts. What are you trying to do? Who are you trying to please? Woman of truth, it is time to live in your light.


  About The Author

This self-professed book nerd knows her way around a good book  La Sheera Lee,is a speaker, educator, podcaster, moderator, and event planner. Most of all, she loves her family and friends.She loves to share her love for people and literacy. Therefore, in 2009 she founded the Round Table Book Club and the LIghts! Camera! Action! Literary and Arts Events. She also founded the Lead By Faith Experience. Each event fosters a sense of sisterhood and fellowship. This award-winning blogger loves to help others to see the beauty of their voices. Connect with her on and at @readyoulater on Twitter and Instagram.

Book Spotlight – Don’t Forget To Shine, For Sisters Who Forget To Put Themselves First, by La Sherra Lee

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