Jaelyn Brandt is a self-made woman, always the good girl, and never rocking the boat. Now on the precipice of her fortieth birthday, she has asked herself where all the time went and was it worth the sacrifice of not truly living the life she dreamed of and enjoying the kind of love that makes your toes curl.

Malik Goodwin is a reformed player with the battle scars to prove it. He may have changed from his salacious ways, but he still likes to dabble in the reckless every now and then. Looking to settle into adulthood, Malik is searching for less stress and plain old romantic fun.

What happens when Jaelyn and Malik meet sets the scene for a summer sure to sizzle. Straitlaced meets wild child and the adventure begin.

“Summer is made for reigniting the romantic proclivities we all have with passion, heat, and laughter.”


Book Spotlight – Every Now and Then: A Sexy Summer Romance, by ML Brewington

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