Readers, the past couple of weeks brought so many delightful stories and books from some of my favorites. There were some fantastic books! I’ve added this one to my list of enjoyable reads, and you should do the same. But don’t take my word for it, read for yourself and thank me later. Inn Love was the third book in a nice collaboration between three magnificent authors. The stories set in a small town called Ragston. The characters were lively and dramatic and a joy to read about in each anecdote. Each journey developed rapidly and had a great realness beyond just the words on the pages.

In Charlene’s story, she’d planned to have the man of her dreams become more than imaginings. Her dream turned into a slight nightmare when her man flipped the script. I said good riddance to the bum! As Charlene needed time to decompress from what happened in her relationship, she decided to travel home and visit family. Her visit would eventually bring a myriad of emotions to her life, after a time of unexpected dormancy. She soon discovered her relationship with her ex-was a façade.

Charlene arrived in Ragston in time for her fifteen-year class reunion. She and her high school chums made plans for the reunion, which included a former alumnus, and her love interest Wesley Phillips. Wesley made it to the major leagues as a standout player. Additionally, Wesley vied to get his team to a winning record and make things right with his former lover. Wesley would deal with some truths he’d needed to focus on this time around. Charlene would decide whether she was over her recent breakup and heartache and ready to have Wesley back in her life for a second chance at romance. I was satisfied with her decision. Their story gave us a chance to see the other couples we’d previously met and to see how their relationships progressed. Emerson, Rocki, and Charlene were together again after years of estrangement. The men chosen to be apart of their story passed every hotness test imaginable. The conclusion to this saga was well-done by this author, it brought all the characters together for one last hurrah! An excellent final story in the collaboration is worthy of 4.8 stars.

Review – Inn Love (Lessons in Love Book 3), by Bailey West

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