Fresh out of federal prison for serving 18 months for fraud and identity theft, 25-year-old Farrah Sparks finds herself back in Atlanta, broke and lost. Despite it all, she can’t fight her inner dream of becoming a star. Down on her luck, she enters the world of well-paid acquaintances/sugar daddies and finds a billionaire, Saleh, who will finance of dream of superstardom. Through him, she meets legendary music producer Nero Noir. Farrah finds herself falling for the two men, her lover hired to help her music career and the man who paid for it all. Things get more complicated when she finds herself spiritually drawn to a neo-soul artist name Swann, the man who connects her to the true artist she yearns to be.

Farrah gets caught up in the glitz and glamour of fame until the dark side darkens her platinum life. She finally has what she always dreamed but will greed, lust, and murder end it all. 


Book Spotlight – Everything Platinum: Everything Series Book 3, by LaShelle L. Turner

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