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Check out these new releases from September 25th-October 1st.

Friend Of Mine by DeeAnn

Diezel and Eternity Jordan have a marriage like no other. They’ve experienced ups and downs but make it through. With a marriage like theirs comes jealousy from others. What they don’t expect is for it be from someone closest to them.

One night of acting on her envy ruins everything for Sydra Hines, including her marriage to Pierce. Pierce goes through the highs and lows of a divorce, finding comfort in the one woman who’s always had his heart, Cross.

Life comes down hard on Pierce, and Sydra is there to make things worse. Not just for him, but Diezel and Eternity as well. She’s determined to come out on top.
Life isn’t always fair for the good ones.


Don’t Walk Away (The Henderson Family Saga Book 17) by Monica Walters

Life isn’t always kind. It throws curve balls and sometimes, a few of those become strikes. Tyeis Warner knows what it’s like to be dealt lemons and try to make lemonade out of them. She chooses to make the best out of life because her daughter depends on her to. After her daughter’s father walks out on her, she knows that she has to make it… no ifs, ands, or buts about it. However, his actions leave a bad taste in her mouth regarding men, but an even worse taste regarding herself. She goes through life believing she doesn’t really deserve love, and her mental health suffers more because of it.

To think everything is good, but suddenly have it all come crashing down is a hard thing to get over. When Decaurey Franklin’s girlfriend dies, it takes a toll on him… a big toll. He’s depressed for years but finally seeks help, proving he has the desire to come out of it. He knows that he isn’t meant to be alone and that he would love a woman more than life itself if he finds the right one. When he meets Tyeis, he has his doubts, but he knows that he can’t permanently walk away. There is something about her that intrigues him, and he is determined to find out what that something is.

Decaurey and Tyeis have a rocky start. One is ready for a committed relationship and the other has convinced themselves that they aren’t, which causes a stint of back and forth. Tyeis is keeping a secret that could weigh in on the course of their journey. She’s afraid that if he knows the truth about her, he will leave her. Decaurey wants to walk away because he knows she’s hiding something. Can Tyeis finally divulge what she’s been hiding for so long to give them a fighting chance or will her fear of rejection cause her to wait until it’s too late?


All Hail Queen Duchess: A Mafia Romance (Crowne Legacy Book 9) by Sherelle Green

When everyone assumes they know your story, how do you tell your truth?

I always wanted to have a big family. That’s why I created my own. My husband is my heart. My mom is my ribs. My kids… They are the air I breathe. Without them, I’m not whole. Everyone has dark secrets, yet mine are the kind of life-altering skeletons that could threaten the very mission I’ve spent my entire life fighting. My children think they know my story, but they don’t. Not all of it. Not the parts that would make them question everything they know in life. My constant has been my love for Stan and that’s a truth I’ll always share.

I would move heaven and earth for my family. Yet, for Duchess, I wouldn’t hesitate to give my life and soul in exchange for her to continue to grow the Crowne legacy. She may have taken my last name, but she made it worth more than I ever could have imagined. Years ago, I vowed to spend eternity fighting by her side for missions close to our hearts. Our children think they know our story, but they don’t. We had a life before them. One many aren’t aware of. My love for Duchess has only gotten stronger, but now it seems the past has caught up with the present.

For years, these adopted siblings have lived by the code, Know Thy Enemy. However, what seems too good to be true usually is. Some say mafia. They say family. Can they trust their allies and defend the Crowne legacy? Or will they realize that loyalty, love, and honor are luxuries they can’t afford?


Seeking Asha by Johnni Sherri

Since her freshman year of college, Asha Montgomery has been trying to turn over a new leaf and mend her selfish ways. After a heartbreaking situation, she finds herself in London with a promising new career and a new outlook on life. The only thing that’s missing is her soulmate—a man to share it all with.

When her job sends her on a three-week project in California, she haphazardly runs into her ex—the man that, no matter how much time has passed, she just can’t seem to get out of her system. But when she finds out that he’s moved on to a new relationship, will she fight for his heart or finally find the strength to let what the two of them once had go?


Forever After All by Riley Baxter

Jashae Rodgers thought her life was all planned out and her happily ever after was within her reach, but tragedy strikes, leaving her with nothing but pieces of her life to pick up. After being thrust into single motherhood, she focuses on being the best mother she can be while struggling with grief she’s convinced she’d never recover from. But an unsuspecting spark from a man makes her consider the impossible.

Monogamy and commitment are the two words that don’t exist in Caine Bellamy’s world. Witnessing the tumultuous relationship between his parents led him to bed-hopping, and he pushed the idea of a long-term relationship out of his mind. Until one day, he comes face to face with a woman who sets his heart ablaze, challenging everything he’s told himself.

A chance encounter between Jashae and Caine leaves her skeptical and afraid to give love another shot. Can she push through her reluctance to give love one more chance? And Caine is convinced there’s no woman alive who can make him reconsider his vow not to succumb to forever. But is there?

Will Caine allow love to beat him at his own game? Will Jashae give in and agree to the siren call of love? Find out in the Contemporary Romance within the pages of Forever After All.


Owo: The Consortium Book Two by Dandridge Monroe

Money is the root of all evil, but only to those who lack it and the ability to govern their emotions. Jealousy and envy are the true root of evil. For those with money, it’s simply a tool. A tool to create opportunity for others, or to put down those who threaten them.

Yacouba and Jasmine were a pairing destined to happen. Thrown together in the unlikeliest of ways, their mutual fires forged into a singular, greater flame. Trouble is brewing both within and outside of the Consortium. The elders wonder if Jasmine can be trusted especially when old enemies threaten her freedom. This couple has to find a way to come out on top by any means necessary. Do they have what it takes to make it to forever?


Zacari’s Pleasure (This ain’t love Book 6) by Charleigh Harper

Let’s get blazed
In the midst of a smoky haze a sexy encounter leads to a “why choose” because three is better than one


Sweet On You by Jasmine Nicole

As a single mother, Asante Parker has spent the past 5 years getting her business and her life back together after her last relationship left her empty in more ways than one. Now she has a teenager who is starting to blossom into her own and leaving her behind. Asante wonders, even after her heartbreak, is it time to find love again?

Issac Clark wants one thing: a family to call his own. Years ago his family turned their back on him, so now he’s determined to create the family hes been craving. With the right woman, of course.

Their love of cupcakes brings them together and soon they have all the ingredients for the sweetest love story.


Sweet Heat (Sugared and Spiced Book 2) by Lady Marie

They say three’s a crowd…

Alaina is tired of unfulfilling relationships. Why waste her time? Maybe an exclusive invite to a members-only website is just the cure she’s looking for.

Melinda loves her husband, but with her days as a sugar baby long behind her, she’s ready to turn the tables and do some spoiling of her own. Being a sugar mama could be her new calling.

Seth adores his wife. He’d give her anything her heart desires. And when what she wants is a beautiful woman that has them both ready to fall to their knees, there’s no way he’d even think of saying no.

But maybe it’s really just more fun.


We Are One: A Soulmates + Enigma Series Story (The Enigma Series Book 4) by Aja

Long awaited …

Two sets of siblings. One father. Now meet.

A father’s dream to completely recompense for his wrongs and love all his children together is granted to him. Will it be drama, or will it be all love? Maybe it’ll be both.

We Are One is a part of both The Soulmates Series and The Enigma Series. It’s best read after reading both so that what’s understood, need not be explained.


Unstoppable: A Forced Proximity, Bodyguard Romance by Shon

You ever met somebody and knew right away they were going to be your forever?

Yea, me neither.

But when my path crossed with Devyn Banks, I knew she would leave a stain that was hard to wash out.


Kendrix’s Forever: Irvine Billionaire Brothers Romance (Irvine Billionaire Brothers of Sebastian Falls Book 1) by Amberlei Jae

I knew I had to have her when I saw her at that art show in Autumn Hills. I knew she was one of one when her lips parted to speak and introduce herself. I would stop at nothing to gain her focus on me and me only.

Her face.
Her hair.
Her voice.
Her body.

Love was the furthest thing from my mind until the boys’ father made it known every week how much he missed us and missed me. We were history and there would never be another us. I was focused on opening my second business and growing mentally, and financially. My mind was trained to never be complacent, I was a goal getter and I was determined to not let any distractions get inny way unless it was a healthy one that benefitted me, my boys, or my businesses.

After a grand gesture and a planned “chance” encounter, Kendrix purposely spins Kapri into his web of endless love and adoration for her, and Kapri can’t help but be knocked off her toes. It could be all good if the past weren’t standing in their way.


Fiancé for Hire (Men for Hire) by Sharon C. Cooper

Neither of them was looking for love, but that was before they met each other.

As a professional model and actor, Drevon Ross lives a life of luxury. Now he’s ready for his next role—movie producer. But first, he needs to deal with his personal life, something that became way too public months ago, thanks to his ex-girlfriend. He wants to lay low for a while. Unfortunately, that can’t happen, thanks to his matchmaking aunt and her belief that he’d be the perfect arm candy for a particular woman who needs his help.

Former WNBA player Antika Wilcox doesn’t want a man. Her heart has been crushed too many times. But as life would have it, she needs one topretend he’s madly in love with her. When she hires a guy through At Your Service, Antika gets more than she requested. He’s mouthwatering, gorgeous…and way out of her league. No one will believe they are a couple.

With Drevon’s acting skills and Antika’s guarded heart, what starts out as make-believe turns oh-too-real very quickly.

***Also check out the other books in the series:

Fiancé for Hire – Sharon C. Cooper
Boyfriend for Hire – Delaney Diamond
Date for Hire – Reese Ryan


Boyfriend for Hire (Men for Hire) by Delaney Diamond

A one-night stand leads to much more…

Montez Ross’s family owns At Your Service, a unique company that provides clients with men for both dating and handyman tasks. When the woman who left him after a one-night stand seeks their services, Montez, unaccustomed to being left, is annoyed but agrees to help her out.

Desiree Hagan is on track to make senior vice president of marketing at her firm but faces an obstacle: her terrible ex is her direct competition for the promotion. So she hires Montez to be her pretend boyfriend for an important company dinner which she doesn’t want to attend alone. Now she has a new problem: unexpected feelings for Montez that she can’t ignore.


Date for Hire: A Second Chance Romance (Men for Hire) by Reese Ryan

When former high school classmates unexpectedly reunite, will it be a second chance at romance with her unrequited crush?

When Amaya Walker hires a landscape designer, the last person she expects is her unrequited high school crush. She was the chubby nerd. He was the handsome heartbreaker who was out of her league. But now this plus-size diva is a record exec who’s calling the shots. 

Jet Thomas deeply regrets not asking Amaya out in high school, but as a client, she’s off-limits. Their rekindled friendship leads to a forbidden relationship, but can it survive insecurities, family obligations, and secrets from the past?


City of Gods by Danielle James

I was in the business of saving lives.
Not taking them.
So, when Sanai Sinclair showed up in my operating room demanding I let the kingpin on my table die, I refused.

I had no idea the chain of catastrophic events that decision would set in motion.
Lies, secrets, and family betrayal spilled into my life threatening to drown me.
The only way out was to work with Sanai.

She was everything I hated.
She was a murderer.
She was a snake.
She was the one weakness I couldn’t shake no matter how hard I tried.
She was the reminder that even though I felt like a God…
I was only a man and I could be brought to my knees.


Ugly Consequences (Love’s Reckoning Series Book 4) by Rene Wolfe

The concept of instant gratification breeds chaos. Or at least that’s what Dr. Sloane tells me… – Nova Daniels

When Nova wakes up in a hospital with no recollection of what happened the night before, she’ll do anything to get answers and… revenge. Even after she meets Jax, the man who’s set on saving her from herself. With new love on the horizon, will she choose love or chaos?

Ugly Consequences is a first person, dual POV romance and the last book in the Love’s Reckoning Series. The books are interconnected, but can be read separately as standalone or together for an enhanced reading experience. Intended for ages 18+. Content warnings can be found on my website.


He Keeps Me Weak by Fatima Munroe

Breeze Quick is Denver’s most sought after publicist for the city’s biggest names in sports. Responsible for maintaining a spotless image for a quarter of the city’s millionaires, she was often mistaken for a pushover. As a full figured woman who loves herself, Breeze has little patience for trivialities and a low tolerance for games.

First round draft pick for the Colorado Rockies, Stefano DeLuca was touted as the shortstop who would bring respect and prosperity back to sports. The perfect mix of an Italian father and African-American mother, women constantly worshipped his very existence. Unbeknownst to Denver’s population of single women, there was only one person he had eyes for: the self-made millionaire publicist Breeze Quick, owner of BQ Enterprises.

Hey baby, how you doin’ tonight…the fire these two made when they shared airspace is beyond explosive. But when a ghost from the past appears in the middle of the night, will their heat continue to light up the Denver night skies? Or does it smolder in the shadows of loves long forgotten?


Old Thing Back: Back In The Day by Jade Royal

Atticus and Tina, not high school sweethearts but two souls who had crossed paths long ago, returned to their school reunion as husband and wife. Atticus couldn’t shake his suspicion that Tina’s presence concealed a motive to maintain her other relationships in their polyamorous dynamic. Little did he know, Tina’s true agenda was to deepen their connection.

As the reunion unfolded, shared laughter and cherished memories drew them nearer. But differences in their lifestyles posed obstacles to their future together. The question loomed: could they surmount these challenges and find lasting compatibility, all while being determined to bridge the gap between their past and present selves?

***Series Blurb***
It’s time to go back to school, but not to take tests or leave apples on the teacher’s desk–it’s reunion time! No matter how long it’s been since graduation, love will be found surrounded by lockers, streamers, and memories of the glory days.
This September, join some of your favorite Instalove authors as they revisit those hallowed high school halls from Back In The Day to find out if love can be found in the past and how much everyone has changed.


Heart On Fire: The Prequel (Fire & Desire) by Y. Marie

In the beginning, there were three. Three best friends: Imani, Asia, and Savannah. With your girls by your side, how could you ever go wrong? You know they will have your back, no matter what. Good, bad, right or wrong, they got you.

The best part is even when you mess up and fall in love with two men, they still got you. They don’t judge; although they may tease, it is always with love. They will give you good advice and keep everything 100. But it’s still up to you to settle the dust when it’s all said and done.

The journey of these three friends begins here. Witness their friendship, see where it began in this short prequel, and then follow how their lives unfold.


The Fire We Make (Fire & Desire) by Y. Marie

An all-expense paid week at a luxury resort in Hawaii for her cousin’s wedding? Yes, count her in. Imani wants to relax on the beach between bridesmaid duties and have fun with her best friends. She never expected to have a fling. But how can she resist when a tall, dark, handsome man sizzles through the pool and sits beside her?

Fresh out of a relationship gone wrong, Tic isn’t looking to jump back into another one. All he wants to do is work and carry out his best man’s duties, but a brief encounter with a bridesmaid sitting at the poolside bar changes everything. Tic, throwing caution to the wind, wants to take the relationship off the island, but Imani is reluctant.

The fire ignites on the island as Tic and Imani fuel the flickering flames, but what happens when they go back to their real lives? Doused with the closing of a run-down community center and an unexpected, shocking discovery at a pool party, will the embers still burn hot?

Will a twist of fate be too much for the flames to continue to blaze and heat their passion, or will they fizzle and smolder into ashes?


Who You Lovin’ Too? by Bentlee DuBoix

A harmonious life is what Trina develops with her husband and children, but when tragedy strikes, old wounds open and Trina becomes a threat to her own life. She struggles to adjust, but with the help of a friend and spiritual guidance, she finds a sliver of hope. There’s a promise of love and happiness being restored, but under one condition: she must let go.

Curiosity kills the cat, but not Veronica’s. A flirty friendship quickly gets personal and Veronica can’t resist. What was supposed to be an experience, turns into a secret too heavy to keep. Believing her marriage is at risk, Veronica comes clean… only to to learn her husband has a surprise and a threat of his own.

Caught in the middle of a crazy ex she can’t shake, a new fling with steamy dates, and a wealthy crush she can’t wait to lay, Cai juggles the three with ease. She resides in a world of her own where everything goes her way, until it doesn’t. What she thought was under control unravels and backfires, and causes her world to come to a screeching halt.


Trapped With My Best Friend’s Brother : Billionaire Second Chance Romance by A.J. Cherry

Stuck with a billionaire F*** Boy
A sexy ex-lover kept secret from bestie

Off-limits and no mention, breaks sis code

Addicted to speed embodied in poetry

Swerving In and out of the fast lane

Nowhere to go, an escape route not found

Giving in to temptation, a battle to uphold

He wooed me, caressed me, then left me

More to remain on the hush

Since then, there was no getting along

We are from different worlds apart

A family of riches that don’t see me as their equal

Little do they know what the future will reveal
Soon they will discover that the Champ is here!


Trick or Treat: A Halloween Quickie by Cheril N. Clarke

Dive into a spicy, steamy Halloween adventure with Trick or Treat: A Halloween Quickie. Join Angela and her fierce crew on a raucous girls’ getaway to the Big Easy that’ll have you laughing and gasping for breath at the same time. As Halloween unfolds, their wild weekend becomes a roller coaster of diverse desires, laughter, and a secret that’s too juicy to keep. Halloween isn’t just about candy; and these ladies are about to prove it. Get ready for a hot mess of emotions, seedy surprises, and some serious laughs, ’cause this Halloween, it’s all tricks and treats, baby! 😂🔥🎃


Now I See by Aja Cornish

In the lively city of Chicago, Gift, a resilient and determined twenty-nine year old woman who has lived her life in the embrace of darkness, discovers a glimmer of hope that could transform her world. Born blind, Gift has cultivated a rich tapestry of knowledge, relying on her acute listening skills to immerse herself in books, movies, and the wonders of the world. Her existence is proof of her indomitable spirit, as she navigates life’s challenges with grace and a thirst for knowledge.

As Gift delves deeper into her research, she finds herself torn between the allure of the possibility and the shadows of doubt that whisper in her ear. The journey to Savannah becomes more than a mere physical expedition; it evolves into a quest to overcome her inner fears and embrace the unknown. The enigmatic Doctor Life Vuiton becomes both a beacon of hope and a symbol of the challenges Gift must confront.

In Savannah, Gift meets Doctor Vuiton, a thirty-seven-year-old bachelor who possesses not only exceptional surgical skills, but also a compassionate understanding of the human spirit. Their encounters are marked by a delicate dance of vulnerability and transparency.

Gift’s internal struggles mirror the external battle between the tangible and the intangible. Will she find the courage to trust in herself and the skill of Doctor Life Vuiton? Can she shatter the shackles of her past and embrace the possibilities of new realities? Through moments of self-discovery, heartwarming connections, and unexpected twists, Gift explores the essence of human resilience, the pursuit of dreams, and the transformation that awaits when one dares to step into the light.


Her One Night Consequence: An Emotional Accidental Pregnancy Romance (Six Gems Book 3) by Yahrah St. John

One night of insatiable pleasure was supposed to be enough…until she discovers she’s pregnant! Only in Yahrah St. John’s latest Six Gems romance. 

Free-spirited Asia Reynolds dreams of opening her own jewelry store—but her inheritance alone won’t cover the cost. When she meets sexy billionaire Blake Coleman, everything changes. They spend one sensational night together and then he’s gone…and aspiring businesswoman Asia discovers she’s pregnant!

Asia is determined to succeed on her own without telling Blake about the baby. He wanted just one night, so that’s all he’ll get. But the former playboy can’t forget Asia and vows to make her his. When Blake learns the truth about his pending fatherhood, will it stop him in his tracks or lead to the family he never expected?  


The Marriage Deadline: A Seductive Second Chance Romance (Cress Brothers Book 5) by Niobia Bryant

In high school, she was the mean girl and he was the nerd. They couldn’t stand to be in the same room together. Now they’re sharing a bed… Chemistry sizzles in Niobia Bryant’s newest Cress Brothers book.

Handsome, successful chef Lucas Cress is ready for marriage and he has a deadline. Eve Villar, former mean girl, should be the last person on his seduction list. But when the two come together at a class reunion, the chemistry ignites!

The chase is on. Sexy, confident Lucas can’t resist this new, kinder Eve. He plans an irresistible seduction—and a proposal to make her his wife. But can she trust that they both have really changed enough for a future together? Or will their past stand in the way of “I do”?


If there are any new releases that we missed, please feel free to send them our way and we will share them ASAP.

New Release Round-up September 25th-October 1st

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