Fix-a-tion: An obsessive interest in or feeling about someone or something.

Can you pinpoint the moment your life took an unexpected turn? 

Was it ever up to you…

Ivy Jakes was born and raised in Tennessee. A small-town girl in every sense of the word. Because it’s predictable, she loves working as a barista. It is a place where yesterday, today, and tomorrow could be categorized as identical. But it’s okay. . .completely okay. She likes knowing what you’ll say before the words leave your lips because you’ve told this story a million times. Like an old TV show playing in the background. She’s been living with her boyfriend for almost a year, and although things have been strained since she’s been recovering from an ankle injury, she hopes they’ll be back on track soon.

Like many things in life, the predictable becomes unpredictable, and she’s left to pick up the pieces. Will she land on her feet or be pulled into an unexpectant trap?


Book Spotlight – Fixation, by Nicole Whitfield

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