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Waiting on Wendy by Tanzania Glover

Love is a dish best served unconditionally

What would you do if you had six months left to live? Initially Kellen Turner plans to live as normally as possible then go peacefully into the night. But when his longtime crush waitress Wendy Bell finally works up the nerve to ask him out, he realizes that he just may have something to live and fight for after all.


Egypt’s Interlude by Deshon Dreamz

Interlude: in·ter·lude

an intervening period…

There is an unspoken beauty normalcy provides and Egypt Rose craves it and everything it comes with. Though “normalcy” is subjective, Egypt has been in the spotlight long enough to know that her life is anything but ordinary compared to other women her age. Every decision is made for her from the moment she opens her eyes until the moment she closes them. She wants more.
One night.
A wrong number.
One contract lands her in the path of Axel Morrison.
In his attempt to outrun the mistakes of his past, Axel begins collaborating with his father at his construction company. The moment he encounters the sheltered singer with undeniable beauty and an overbearing mother; he vows to stay away from her.
Innocence meets raw, unfiltered attraction as Egypt tries to navigate around her newfound freedom, all the while creating unwanted chaos in Axel’s world.


Home Before Midnight: A New Year’s Eve Novelette (Home For The Holidays Series Book 2) by Brookelyn Mosley

Many believe a kiss at midnight on New Year’s Eve portends the type of luck you will have in love that year. When the clock strikes twelve and the mood is right, lovers all over the world lock lips with the people they love… or at least who they like very much. It’s folklore, superstitious. Many people do it and don’t know why they do it.

Jaleel and Eva Gordon do.

Since the start of their relationship, they have exchanged a kiss as the ball dropped, believing it brought them good luck that year. Even when their marriage was in trouble, they maintained their tradition of sharing a kiss at midnight.

That kiss was probably what saved their marriage three years ago when they almost divorced… well, that and their son’s one and only Christmas wish that got a separated Eva and Jaleel under the same roof for Christmas.

Which brings us to this NYE…

Things are finally fantastic between Eva and Jaleel again. In fact, things are better than ever. And as a result, they have been able to maintain their annual tradition of kissing at midnight on New Year’s Eve. But because of circumstances beyond their controls this year, their midnight kiss tradition gets challenged when they find themselves in an unforeseen race against time.


After This by Leila E. Hart

Starting over isn’t easy. 

A year after her divorce, Zuri Edwards packs up her children and everything they own to get back to her roots—on her family’s ranch. Devoting her time to being a single parent and adjusting to having family close by, Zuri must work alongside the ranch manager as she is challenged to create additional streams of income. 

Xavier Brown is a widower. His life revolves around being the manager of E-Ranch. When his classmate, Zuri, returns, she and her sons shake things up as they bring fresh energy he can’t deny.

The stakes are high as Zuri and Xavier work together through the harvesting stages to cultivate new produce and build the family’s brand.Will the E-Ranch harvest come up short, or will it be successful and yield more than crops for Zuri and Xavier?


Countdown to You (A Back to Love Short Book 2) by Tina Martin

It’s the last day of the year and Brielle Taylor still doesn’t have a man.

She has her eyes on one, but he’s her best friend’s womanizing brother. But is Kingston Black done with his player ways and ready to settle down? And more importantly, is he feeling Brielle the same way she’s been secretly crushing on him?

This is a super, sweet & clean SHORT story. This is not a full-length novel nor is it a novella. If you enjoy short stories that are straight to the point with happy endings, this read is for you.

The Back to Love SHORTS are all standalone short stories.

Marriage Quarrel in Quarantine
Countdown to You


Your Love Strengthens Me by Joslyn Marks

Jerrica LaFleur’s life changed in the blink of an eye, sending her into a tailspin of grief that caused her to temporarily lose her way. Fighting her way back has made her a stronger person, her focus is on raising her son and keeping the dark days at bay. Dating and falling in love are the farthest things from her mind, until she meets Dr. Michael Bennette.

Dr. Michael Bennette, is intrigued the moment he lays eyes on Jerrica LaFleur, she’s beautiful, every fiber in his body says she’s his but there’s just one problem. He’s her sons therapist!


High Expectations : August & Naomi by T. Key

From the moment their eyes met, they knew they belonged together. But August has a situation…

He’s a new father and stuck in a relationship that is on its last leg…how will he ever free himself to pursue this love?

Will Naomi be the type of woman to even wait around to see?


Take My Heart: Strangers to Lovers Romance by Symone West

Prudence Brown is a workaholic who hardly puts time into relationships. She’s expecting to spend another Christmas as a single woman when a special delivery comes her way. Surprisingly, she has a secret admirer. His only request is that she’ll open her heart and accept his.

Xavier Campbell has wanted the beautiful and intriguing woman since he first laid eyes on her in the coffee shop. He hasn’t found the courage until now, and he hopes she’ll give him a chance once they meet.

*NOTE: Rated mature for language and content. 

*Black Romance
*Contemporary Romance
*Secret Admirer
*Strangers to Lovers
*Holiday Romance Novella


When Naughty Meets Nice by LaQuita B.

Lamia is the quiet and timid assistant at one of the most popular black art galleries in the city. She has high dreams of one day having her own art featured in the gallery. As the excitement for the gallery’s biggest holiday party has begun, Lamia feels herself becoming drained. Always available at the drop of a dime, she’s now growing tired of not feeling fulfilled in her job and wants something new. Will she continue to hide behind her comfort, or finally step up and out to do what’s pleasing for her?

Calvin Mercer is an entrepreneur and retired Air Force veteran who’s never been afraid to go after who or what he wants. After spending the last 20 years giving orders, he is looking to spark up his holiday season the Mercer way-leading with his status and good looks. A headstrong man of stature with deep pockets, Calvin always gets what he wants, especially when things seem beyond his reach.

What happens when the small minded assistant gets a whiff of a strong willed gent? Will the climax between naughty and nice be too much for them to handle or will a yuletide rendezvous be enough to satiate or leave each wanting more?


What My Friends Should Know (The Alex Chronicles Book 4) by Tracy Reed

A sensual Billionaire Romance.

Kendell never expected her fairytale to include two men.

Kendell thought she had the perfect fairytale life until she found her fiancé in the shower with another man. Now she’s faced with a decision…marry him and share him. Or go back to her first love Sebastian and live the life she longed for.


A Countdown Murder: A New Year Mystery Novella (Holiday Shorts Book 6) by Necole Ryse

Freedom Daniels is at her wit’s end with clearing up relationship rumors and dodging the press. Landing the coveted lead role in a ‘90s action reboot should have been cause for celebration. But when her co-star-turned-boyfriend reveals that he brought his mother, her number one hater, to their debut cast party, her night couldn’t get any worse. 

Sous chef Bishop Wallace has prepared all his life for this moment. After spending the last four years honing his craft on bustling cruise ships, the exclusive Alphas pre-production cast party means a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to prove himself. But nothing could prepare him for the moment he’d run into his high school crush, now an investigative reporter, Jasmine ‘Mouse’ Jacobs. 

When Freedom has a dangerous allergic reaction, Bishop gets fired, ruining his chances at elevating his career. And when Mouse discovers a dead body on board the six-hundred-foot superyacht, they realize a sinister plan is at play, and Freedom’s life hangs in the balance. 

Will Freedom finally stand in her truth, or will her humility cost her everything? Can Freedom, Mouse, and Bishop find the killer before they strike again? 

Find out in A Countdown Murder.


Steak N Eggs by Alicia Weathers-Grey

Nothing lasts forever.
Nothing is perfect. 
Which would you choose?


The General : The Gideon Brothers and Friends by J. Nell

After losing the love of his life Lieutenant General Moses Knight was married to the Marines until he meets Bree. 
He never wanted to fall in love again and she’s never known love but together they find the love neither of them knew they could have.


The First 48 by Jay Ashlei

Finding her boyfriend in a compromising position with an associate at a New Year’s party as the clock struck twelve has lead Chanelle to dread the holiday for the past two years. That heartbreak and the most humiliating experience of her life thus far has informed her view of her worth. But this year, things would be different; her past would no longer consume her on the holiday dedicated to new beginnings.

What Chanelle did not expect was to wake up on New Year’s Day to a raging hangover, an intimate note from a stranger, and an apparent case of short term memory loss. What happened last night? And who was the mystery man whose existence has escaped her mind, but somehow left a permanent mark on her soul?


Hey, Lover: A Second Chance Romance by DL White

Struggle isn’t love.

At least, that’s what a broken Malik Hines told himself when he walked away from the love of his life, just as her career was on the rise. With any luck, he would have time and space to dig himself out of a dark hole. Healing, rebuilding, launching his Game Studio and writing his premier game took time. Suddenly, it had been nearly a decade since they last spoke.
Seeing her in the media stirs up a long harbored desire to reconnect, and Malik takes the biggest chance of his life. Could that door open again?

After taking over her father’s company, India Parker is on the hunt for the next big thing to push her company forward. In the background of her success, there is loneliness. Longing. And the feeling that there’s a large part of her life that has been on pause.

When a surprise gift arrives at her office, it reminds her of the man she used to love and would like to love again. The choice to open that door and press play…is hers.

Hey, lover is a contemporary love story about getting a second chance with your soulmate.
Content Advisories for this title: mentions of cancer, treatment for cancer, depression, faux relationships, infidelity.


Christmas With the Hempsteads by Kimani Lauren

No matter what the year threw at them, they were bound by their address to help the Town of Civil destroy Sahara Village in their annual Christmas competition…

The holidays are the one time of the year when Ingretta Tawny gets to enjoy being the black sheep of the family. While the rest of her doctor family members are on call to deliver babies, she gets to take her grandmother on their annual out of town trip to a snowy location. Everything in her life changes the year her grandmother turns 105, and she finds herself fighting for her worth. Is there anyone out there who believes in giving her the love she deserves on the holidays?

Every year, Toddrick Hempstead comes into town and pulls the same name for Secret Santa from the next town over. He never stays home long enough to meet them, but when tragedy strikes his family, he stays home and has his Secret Santa revealed in the most chaotic way. Now he never wants to go back to days where he doesn’t know her. Can he get her to fall in love by Christmas? After they find out how their families are tangled, will they be able to stay in love?

Secret babies, a one night stand, and a partridge in a peartree make this small town romance a must read every holiday season for years to come.


Young Love by H.A.H Monroe

A full-figured and fine diva meets a single dad with a secret and a determination to win her heart.


Truth in the ashes: African American Urban Fantasy by Melody Lynch

Trinity Jones would do anything for the people she loves, even if that means working extra shifts at a run-down strip club to buy the aunt who raised her a decent place to live. Working as a clairvoyant for the local police force seemed like the safest side hustle imaginable.

Until the night she’s attacked. 

handsome werewolf named Elijah saves her life, and now she owes him a favor, and he’s got the perfect one in mind. A heinous attack was made on the local pack, and Elijah needs Trinity to use her gifts to find the culprit.

It quickly becomes clear there’s more between them than a working relationship. Their chemistry is electric, but a string of bad relationships prompted Trinity to swear off men. Will she be able to help the pack without falling into his arms? Or will Elijah become too great a temptation to resist?


If Only You Knew by Michelle Robinson

Betrayal? Love? Hate? Trust? Danger? Sierra Johnson is the hottest female criminal defense attorney in New York City. Sean White is a well known criminal who is known for creating nothing but trouble. But will life take a dramatic turn when she’s asked to represent him? Friendships will be gained. Enemies will be made. But risking it all for Sean White could either make or break her career. Which will she choose?


Cold Blooded by Roy Glenn

Bestselling author Roy Glenn returns with Cold Blooded, his latest Mike Black novel that delivers shocking urban suspense.
Following the murder of his friend and business associate, Quentin Hunter, Mike Black decides that he might ask a few questions. Why would Daniel Beason kill Quentin, and why would Beason have murdered his business partner, Elias Colton?
If Black is hitting the streets, you can be sure that Bobby Ray is hitting the streets with him. It doesn’t take them long to find that weapons, drugs, and The Troka Clan, an Albanian mafia organization engaged in international human and organ trafficking, are involved. However, this isn’t the extent of the involvement with The Family.
After finding her cousin, flight attendant Sapphire Langston, safe, Rain Robinson looks to get back to business. But before that can happen, Sapphire gets a call informing her that men are holding her mother hostage. They demand the return of a thumb drive that Rain found on her last flight.
Rain discovers that The Troka Clan is behind the kidnapping and that the drive contains information about the clan’s transactions, contacts, and the location of their warehouses. When the exchange doesn’t go well, Rain selects a target from the data and goes on a rampage. She takes The Family to war against the clan until Black, who has been violently seeking answers, shuts her down—but not before more blood is spilled in the streets.


Dark Water Disappearance (West Investigations Book 5) by K.D. Richards

A body has washed ashore
Along with her past.

There was no quiet homecoming for Nikki King. Not with a body discovered on her lakefront property and Terrence Sutton’s unexpected arrival. The police detective is convinced his sister’s disappearance and the threats Nikki has been receiving are connected. Nikki would rather avoid the man who once let a family feud tear them apart, but can she afford to refuse his protection? Not with danger lurking in the dark water just beyond her doorstep.

From Harlequin Intrigue: Seek thrills. Solve crimes. Justice served.


Her Best Friend’s Brother: A Forbidden One-Night Romance (Six Gems Book 1) by Yahrah St. John

Childhood friends become forbidden lovers in this sexy start to the Six Gems series from Yahrah St. John.

Their fiery affair fulfills her fantasies…

And puts everything at risk.

When travel blogger Wynter Barrington’s wealthy, disapproving family cuts her off, she finds comfort in a passionate chance encounter with Riley Davis, her best friend’s brother. He’s hot as hell…and totally off-limits. 

And when they meet again months later, they begin a sizzling affair. Wynter knows Riley doesn’t do love and marriage, but her youthful crush is feeling more and more like a real relationship. If she’s not careful, Wynter may put more than her relationship with her best friend on the line. Can she survive falling in love with the one man she was never supposed to touch?


If there are any new releases that we missed, feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!

New Release Round-up December 26th-January 1st

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