Is it better to ask for what you want, or take what you know you can get?

Indigo Cross is sure about a lot of things. She’s sure about all things beauty. She’s sure that her 1 million+ social media followers respect her commentary, her reviews, and her authenticity. What she’s not sure about is where to take things with Northern McKinley. So after a one night stand turns into…something else, she has no idea how to proceed.

Northern McKinley has never been confused about what he wants. He’s always been the type of man to take what he wants from life and leave the rest. He took the music industry by storm. He’s taken countless women by storm. Now, he’s ready to try something different. How is it that he could finally be ready to explore relationships beyond sex, and the very woman that he wants to do that with, is only interested in the physical

What will it take to get past the barrier that Indigo has around her heart?


Book Spotlight – For the Love of GoGo, by Tracy Gray

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