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The Pleasure Principle: an erotic revolution by Nicole Falls

Damita Jo Jackson has experienced a variety firsts in her life and on the cusp of yet another life changing event, she finds herself meandering down memory lane. The Pleasure Principle is her documented journey into womanhood via her sexuality, filtered through the lens of music from her very famous namesake. At the end of her journey through the past, DJ is reminded that it truly, always comes back to love.


Misconceptions by Leila E. Hart

Lark Reed is living the life she always dreamed of. She has a handsome fiancé and successful businesses. Everything is almost perfect, except Lark’s fiancé, Logan Harris doesn’t share her timeline for setting their wedding date and starting a family. 
Logan recognizes he is living Lark’s dreams and begins to buckle under the pressure of her expectations. Perhaps Logan isn’t as ready for commitment as they both thought initially.
After Lark’s mother has an accident, Lark is reunited with a crush from her past. Will Lark realize she had misconceptions about her life with Logan and give him the chance to be the man she wants, or will Lark live out her dreams with a new leading man?

Contains mature themes.


Whoa.: An “Oops!” Spinoff Novella by Alexandra Warren

“Because sometimes all it takes is the first date…” 

For Malinda Woods, growing her business is a top priority. And in her opinion, that’s only possible if she eliminates all distractions.

That means no going out, no getting caught up in the daily hype of social media, and of course, no dating. Until she’s set up on a blind date with the perfect man who’s equipped with everything necessary to change her mind.


Note: This novella takes place during the same time frame as Oops! and does contain major spoilers for that title. It is highly recommended that you read Oops! first before going on Malinda’s journey. 🙂


Birthday Shot by Rilzy Adams

Shae Abbott has always had a soft spot for her older brother’s best friend, Kofi. But that is old, old news. It was just a childhood crush. When Kofi returns to Antigua for her brother’s engagement party, Shae realizes maybe her crush isn’t such old news after all. But could Kofi be interested in the woman who used to follow him around with hearts in her eyes? Shae’s thirtieth birthday is approaching and she wonders if maybe it is finally the time to shoot her shot. After all, everyone knows birthday sex doesn’t count. Or does it?


With His Song by B. Love

Eva Waters has spent years being a kept woman. Money, cars, and options is the life she knows but no longer wants — especially when it comes with loose hands, black eyes, and a heavy heart. When her sister, Elise, moves away under witness protection, she envisions her own escape from a world she deems her prison. Despite being a new mother, she takes the leap, but will it be easy to fall into the arms of the man waiting to catch her? 

Pianist and tattoo artist, Hezekiah Moses, is immensely talented. He’s also a lover. Thoughtful, intuitive, and sincere, he can’t help but grow even more infatuated with Eva when she comes to town seeking refuge for her weary heart. Respectfully giving her space to recover, Hezekiah holds back. Yet, when her pain becomes his, lines must be drawn and every card played.

Can Eva stand on her own two feet? Will Hezekiah’s savior complex leave him jolted once again? Or will they both discover the difference between being saved and finally being free?

*Please note: This is a spinoff. These characters were originally introduced in Strumming My Pain. SMP does not have to be read first, but it will give you a foundational glimpse into their lives.*


Next Lifetime by Monica Walters

Nelsondra Allison Garrett is the picture-perfect wife and mother. So much so, until she often neglects taking care of herself. Her husband and children mean everything to her, so she makes sure everything is moving smoothly. Until… She’s rocked with news about her health and can no longer be there be-all. But she finds that when she needs support, she rarely gets it, putting a strain on her marriage. Her children are young, and they help as much as they physically can, but she longs for her husband’s affection and tenderness. Having to cope with her illness on her own and deal with her husband’s stubbornness and thoughtless actions is pushing Nel to her breaking point.

Easton Bridges has been searching for the woman that he can put on a pedestal and love for life. After a day of scrolling social media, he runs across a profile for someone that used to be his best friend. Nelsondra Allison. While they hadn’t talked in years, he’d missed her. Although they were friends in high school, he’d secretly wanted more. He initiates contact, hoping that she would give him her time… even if it’s only to rekindle their friendship. Seeing that she’s married, he realizes that he’d missed his opportunity. But when he sees her out with her family, he knows that he has to rescue her.

This situation isn’t an easy one for Nelsondra, despite Easton’s suggestion that it should be. Making changes in her life will come at a cost, but to who? Easton is determined to be there for her no matter what she chooses to do, if only he could convince her to let him.


Breathe Again by J. Chary

Acquaintances Ayala Taylor & Tatum Parker coincidentally end up on a 5 day vacation alone and newly single.

They both have been attracted to each other for quite some time, but because of their previous relationships never explored the temptation.

Will they finally express their deepest desires?

Or will they continue to keep their feelings to themselves?


Reporting My Love to A Dirty South Roughneck by DeeAnn

Tegan Winters is a twenty-seven-year-old news reporter in Birmingham, AL. With crime rates skyrocketing, Teagan moves from working on the streets to headquarters in fear of her life after almost being shot and robbed within twenty-four hours. She meets Akbar Hobbs, the man who comes in and sweeps her off her feet without warning. She learns of his past and never judges. That is until he goes ghost, and she discovers why.

Growing up, Akbar was dealt the bad end of the stick. At twenty-nine, he was released from prison two years prior after serving three years for a crime he didn’t commit. A crime his father set him up for and disappeared, leaving behind no traces. Due to being a felon, Akbar endures hardships getting his life together which results in him doing illegal activity to get by. Activity that leads him to Teagan. The pair hit it off, and form an unbreakable, allowing Akbar to be open. A series of unfortunate events causes Akbar to go ghost and leave him and Teagan wondering where he stands in life.


Hopelessly Devoted by Shanicexlola

My best friend of fifteen years confessed that he was in love with me, and it changed everything. 

It changed the way I look at him…
Changed the way I breathe around him…
Changed the way I laugh when he’s around.

Most of all, it changed us… because I’m in love with him, too.


Enticed by His Charm by Monae Nicole

Cassia Brown knows her worth. As a marketing guru, she gets her coins without a problem. As for love, who needs it? She has three different men ready to fulfill her desires upon her request. Still, when Cassia is forced to go on a business trip that requires time with her work archenemy, that list of men gets another body added to it. However, this isn’t any old body.

Jacen Scott works in sales for a successful technology firm. His skills would have a full well believing it needs water. Consistently praised for his efforts, there’s only one co-worker he doesn’t seem to impress, that is, until a night in close proximity has him intrigued and on his knees. Getting her to yield will take every one of his skills. 

Will Cassia and Jacen become each other’s forever? Or will a few steamy nights become memories they leave in the past?


Love in The Lyrics 2: Falling For A Music Mogul by Annitia L. Jackson

The music industry is cutthroat in more ways than one. Elle Jamison, Savior Morrison, and Matese Reyes found this out the hard way when old loves, hidden enemies, and secrets turned their industry dreams and personal lives into the ultimate nightmare. 
Now that all hell has broken loose these three will have to fight hard to save their musical careers, relationships, and even their lives. 
As the drama surrounding them hits a mind blowing crescendo, find out if their lives end in the perfect melody or falls flat. Get ready for the final installment of the Urban Romance, Love in the Lyrics 2: Falling For a Music Mogul.


Move the Needle by Christian Cashelle

Sage is a successful management consultant who prides herself on her work. In fact, it’s the only thing in her life that seems to be on track. After her last failed relationship, she swore off men and vowed to focus on building her brand. 

Pierre has been successful all of his life. Nothing he touched ever fell short of gold, so opening his own business was inevitable. When his shareholders press for a better turnaround, he is forced to hire a consultant as a last saving grace.

Both stubborn and strong willed, Sage and Pierre’s professional relationship is a rocky one. When Sage uncovers the issues within his business, Pierre realizes that she was everything he needed in his life. Will Sage abandon her promise to swear off men or will Pierre’s business not be the only thing moving in a new direction?


Nights Like This Series by AshleyNicole

Sign On

It’s raining, it’s pouring– Wait, nobody’s snoring. They’re in the bed, or on the couch, or maybe the counter… and will definitely have a good morning.
Elsy’s sad because her work husband disappeared. He pops back up, and the weather isn’t the only thing churning.
(This is a novelette)


Quitting Time

It’s raining, it’s pouring– Wait, nobody’s snoring. They’re in the bed, or on the couch, or maybe the counter… and will definitely have a good morning. 
After five years, Aleigha has walked out of her job. But then her ex-boss gets stuck at her house because of the weather, and thunder won’t be the only thing clapping.
(This is a novelette)


Going Down

It’s raining, it’s pouring– Wait, nobody’s snoring. They’re in the bed, or on the couch, or maybe the counter… and will definitely have a good morning. 

Shanti is coming off of a double shift and just wants to climb into her bed. Then, her new neighbor stops by and the rain isn’t the only thing getting her wet.
(This is a novelette.)

No Strings

It’s raining, it’s pouring– Wait, nobody’s snoring. They’re in the bed, or on the couch, or maybe the counter… and will definitely have a good morning. 
All Veah wants to do is sit and play her harp to drown out the storm and her thoughts. However, her FWB breezes into town, and the harp won’t be the only thing being strummed tonight.


Cancelling Plans

It’s raining, it’s pouring– Wait, nobody’s snoring. They’re in the bed, or on the couch, or maybe the counter… and will definitely have a good morning. 
Tissa just cancelled her wedding and told her ex-fiancé to kick rocks. An evening spent hanging with an old friend is a welcome distraction, and by the end of the night, the storm won’t be the only thing knocking.
(This is a novelette.)


Graveyard Shift

It’s raining, it’s pouring– Wait, nobody’s snoring. They’re in the bed, or on the couch, or maybe the counter… and will definitely have a good morning. 
The Emergency Room is quiet and Nyree wants to keep it that way. However, her nemesis stops by, and the power isn’t the only thing going down.


To Have Her Again by Kay Shanee

Myles Abbott was a hustler by nature. His reputation as an astute dealer superseded him. However, he’d give it all up to have and to hold the woman his heart belonged to. If only he didn’t hesitate. Reluctantly accepting her departure, he dove deeper into the same street life he was ready to leave behind. Putting up a wall around his heart, he determined love would never get him again.

Everleigh Noble was torn apart when she was forced to decide the safety of her family would triumph over her lover’s heart. Over time, burying the agony of her choice, she finds a way to prosper. She almost has it all; a dream career and a rich, handsome fiancé. Still, something’s not right. Below the surface is where her true heart beats. 

Years later, tragedy strikes, bringing Myles and Everleigh together. The past refuses to be left behind. Yet, when secrets are revealed, and old wounds resurface, some things will live while others will need to die. Will their love be amongst what survives?


Play to Win (Southern Gentlemen Book 1) by Ja’Nese Dixon

Kamal’s an ex-football player. Jayda’s a single mother uninterested in another relationship until she sees Kamal with her daughter.

Every rejection will only make his victory sweeter. He plans to lick, taste, and devour her like the delicacy she is until the world, her ex, and Jayda recognizes his name tatted on every inch of her curvy body.

Kamal never plays by halves, and Jayda has a thing or two to show this deviously handsome player. But when the past runs an interference, they’ll learn in matters of the heart there are no rules.


Brown Eyed Lies by Vaiccia Hamilton

While pursuing her career, January Jones found love. And just like that, she didn’t have to keep up with the Joneses, she became the Joneses. Instantly becoming a stepmom and surviving baby mama drama that accompanied that, she successfully assisted her husband in building his career. But, what about her happiness? It was slowly turning into acrimony.
Ten years later and she was ready to renew her vows and travel the world. Her son is finally off to college, but she feels as if her marriage has left her too. How would you feel if you found your husband on a dating site? Would you swipe right or left after stumbling across his profile? With a vow renewal and traveling now seeming so far-fetched, what happens when you’re forced to formulate a plan b? 
Aubrey Jones waited for what he thought was the perfect time to escape his marriage. With a kid no longer being in the home, he begins looking for some excitement by joining a dating site. Sprung from the very first click of a mouse, he’s ready for a divorce. Realizing he might have gotten married just to live up to his father’s dreams, he starts evaluating his happiness. Did he choose success over love? Does he really love his wife? Can he be with one woman for the rest of his life? One click leads Aubrey to risking it all for a mystery woman.
One person no longer feels loved and the other is searching for something that he’s failed to recognize he already has. Can you walk away from your soulmate, even if that means losing apart of you? Hearts don’t break even, so who will have enough pieces to move on?


One More Night by Rosemary Okafor

A night with Grace’s ex husband reignites old feelings she thought long buried and provides a second chance for her dead marriage. With a world of uncertainty between them, they must determine if the reasons that tore them apart in the first place will do so again.

Imelda has known one kind of love—hard, stressful and abusive. Then she crosses paths with Kolawole, a far cry from her usual taste in men. With an old debt to pay, forced loyalty and blackmail, can she walk away from an old relationship that threatens to tear her apart?

Chinyeaka’s life has not been easy. But she’s determined to get the future she deserves by any means necessary.

One More Night weaves the stories of these women as they search for love, second chances, forgiveness and self rediscovery.


Reignited by Cherish Amore

Feeling like her marriage is done, Nautica slowly starts giving up. Her husband, Psalm, finds himself in her line of fire almost daily. Constantly, the two bicker and argue, rehashing old hurts, which leads them to make decisions they think they can’t come back from.

Reluctantly, Nautica accepts an opportunity for them to come back from what she believes is a place of no return. On a whim, Nautica and Psalm are whisked away for five days and given a chance and the space to fix what they’ve deemed broken.

Will they allow themselves a chance to love past the pain, or is it too late for their relationship to be reignited?


Love Lessons by Nikki Brown

Growing up in a two-parent household, set the foundation for what Airy wanted for himself. He thought that he had that with Constance until she did the unthinkable. Deciding to put his plans for love on hold, Airy threw himself into his work and meaningless sex. That was until the beautiful Nixie Land walked into his life and turned it upside down. 

Nixie Land was beautiful, smart and driven, the epitome of an independent woman. She possessed qualities that most men begged for in a partner but for her boyfriend of three years, Adam, it was too much. Suffering from an unconventional childhood had Adam laying his mommy issues at Nixie’s feet and with no remorse or consideration of her feelings. It’s not until he leaves her hanging during one of the most important days of her life that she sees just how much she means to him. Deciding that the relationship may not be for her, Nixie has to make a decision, if she wants to stay or move on. In the midst of her figuring out what she needs she meets the handsome Airy Menz who comes in and shows her just what she’s been missing.  

Everyone is running off of emotions, while blurring the lines of right and wrong. Will they be able to make the right decisions while surrounded by chaos, or will they fall victim to another Love Lesson? 


Asha and Boom: Part 1 by Keith Thomas Walker

Things quickly spiral out of control when Asha hires a contract killer to avenge her godson’s murder. In this edge-of-your-seat drama, Asha and Boom embark on a harrowing ride as they dodge feelings for each other and bullets from an unknown assailant.  


● ● ● ● ● ●

Asha didn’t think she’d ever been more shook. She placed her cellphone on the table and then her purse. She began to remove the items from it, and he told her, “Just turn it upside down and dump it out.”

She had no choice but to comply.

The man reached for his electronic device. He pressed a button on the side, and a small, green light came on. He lifted the wand and slowly passed it over her phone and the contents of her purse. Nothing happened. He made another pass and got the same results. Asha realized he was looking for a wiretap. Her eyes widened as she looked up at him. Outside of a movie, she had never seen anything like this. Who the hell was this man?

He stepped around the table and used the wand to sweep her whole body at the same, mind numbing pace. His closeness made her heart pound even harder. After scanning her front, he told her, “Turn around,” and began to scan her back, from head to toe. Finally satisfied, he took a step back and said, “Alright, you can turn back around.”

Asha tried to hide her fear as she turned his way again. “Everything cool?” she asked. She knew he hadn’t found anything, but she was desperate for his approval.

He placed the wand on the table and nodded. “You can put your stuff back in your purse.”

Asha didn’t think he’d give her an answer, but as she gathered her things, she asked, “Can you tell me why the music up so loud?”

He told her, “Just because you ain’t bugged don’t mean you ain’t got the laws parked around the corner in a surveillance van.”

Once again, Asha had never seen a surveillance van outside of TV. She knew they had high-tech listening devices that could pick up a conversation from blocks away. The fact that this man had a tactic to thwart this let her know that he was the real deal; a professional killer, and he was looking out for her safety as much as he was looking out for himself.

At that moment, she knew she was hiring the right man for the job.

● ● ● ● ● ●


If there are any new releases that we missed, feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!

New Release Round-Up August 17th-23rd

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