Every girl dreams of being a princess. For Ryanne Anderson, it was her worst nightmare. With only a suitcase and an envelope filled to the brim with cash, Ryanne escapes the clutches of the Queen in search of freedom. Her next stop? The dirty south.

Najee Clayton is THAT guy! The fly guy on campus, a rare breed with a grind that brings the girls to the yard! None of them phase him until her. Easily infiltrating his heart, Ryanne becomes his top priority. Nothing and no one will convince him to live without her. Not even her overbearing mother.

Is Ryanne prepared to give up all she’s ever known to keep what she never knew she craved? Can these lovers from opposing worlds hold onto happily ever after or will their differences be the chains that break them?

Find out in Free Me.


Book Spotlight – Free Me, by C. Monet and Storm

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