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f*ck around and find out (Friends and Lovers Book 2) by Nicole Falls

for ebonée and floyd, the unexpected is affirming.


Laundry Daze by Tanzania Glover

Like A Good Neighbor, Sidney Is There

Neither Daren nor Sidney began Valentine’s Day expecting to end the night alone, but a long day of disappointments help make room for their standing weekly laundry date to continue as scheduled only this time the clothes won’t be the only thing coming clean in the wash.


Caught Slipping by Tia Love

Domo is the ultimate fuckboy, so dating women is just a means to a sexual end — until he meets Brittany. He isn’t prepared for just how fast everything he thought he knew gets flipped on its head by a woman who’ll teach him what it really means to play the game.


Free to Love You by A.S. Wilson

Anthony “Roc” Carmichael is a free man. Having served over a decade in prison for crimes he didn’t commit, Anthony is released from prison filled with a fierce determination to get his life back on track. But when he encounters difficulty finding his footing, his world starts to fall apart.

Leah Brighton loves her job as a Transition Specialist, assisting newly released individuals in transitioning back into society. But she faces an unexpected challenge when Roc bounds into her life. With her bright outfits and endless stream of cake pops and lattes, no one would know that she hides a tragic past. She’s determined to feel safe in a world that’s anything but.

When their worlds collide, there are helpless to fight the fire raging between them, but obstacles soon arise that threaten to overwhelm them. Will Roc and Leah fall prey to the forces that oppress them or will they find the freedom to love?


River of Love by Mel Dau

River Issabelle Warren lives a simple life as a First Lady of her religious community. She needs nothing more, but what happens when she craves more? What happens when the calling her husband sees for her life does not match the calling River thinks God has for her life? Will she cleave to her husband’s side or step out on faith to find what is truly meant for her? 

Hannibal Sincere James has no use for love. If it’s not business, it’s not for him. When love flashes its light literally on him, will Hannibal block it out or make his way to it? They say life is what happens when you are busy making other plans. Well, the plan for Hannibal is no love, but life may decide that is not feasible. Will he be able to resist, or will he be tempted to take a sip from the river of love?


And Then You Loved Me (Shorties Book 2) by Asia Monique

Henley Cooper and Shareef Black hadn’t meant to fall in love, but their history ran deep and their feelings even deeper. For these two lovers, it was evident that their past shaped their present and would ultimately be the deciding factor in their future.

Note: These characters, along with others mentioned, were introduced in ‘Love and Law’ and ‘Craving A Thug’s Love’. It is not required but highly recommended to read those novels before or after indulging in this short.

The Shorties Series is not a continuation of the same story.


Show & Tell: A Novelette by Iesha Bree

Kyron has allowed his mother to control every aspect of his life until secrets of the past are revealed. With the secrets flooding his mental, he cannot ignore the lengths his mother has gone to ensure her family lineage stays pristine. Kyron has other plans, and they start with his first love, Demi. 

Demi is Kyron’s only love who left behind her old life to start a life on her own terms. Now free of rules, blackmail, and disappointment, Demi is happy and doing what she loves until the secrets come flooding reminding her of the life she left. And the life she swore she’d never go back to. 

With Kyron ready to confront the revealed secrets, can they get past the bumps in the road and bad history to come together? Can Kyron show her that he’s ready to come from under his mother’s rule? or Are some secrets just too heavy to carry? Find out in Show and Tell.


Ready. Set. Live. (Big City Bliss Book 3) by Harleigh Rae

As the always obedient child of her town’s most affluent family, she craved excitement and spontaneity. A happenstance encounter lands her on the verge of a fate she hadn’t wished for sending her back into the folds of her parents’ protocols and schedules. In an attempt to reclaim the life that so many tried to delegate, she flees for the Big Apple the second the ink dried on her diploma. Well aware of what happens when you stray too far from your daily routine, she keeps her schedule as tight as her leotard. But the uncertainty that follows graduating from college causes her to go off-script, she finds herself stuck between love and a hard place.

As the oldest of two children, he knows all about being a team player. After circumstances beyond his control draw a wedge in between him and his parents, he heads for New York City hoping to find a new sense of self. Quickly, he falls into the same role as a team player but desperately wants to be the leading man. Dedication and raw talent eventually land him in front of the best, including her. His post-graduation plans rule every decision he made until her pirouettes landed her smack-dab in the middle of them.

After pinpointing exactly where life would take them, both are now dancing in circles. They soon realize their childhood dreams, never left much room for living or loving. The race is on and they must decide to keep dreaming or get up and make life happen for themselves. Ready. Set. Live.


Gas Station Drug Money: A Ganton Hills Short by Aubree Pynn

It ain’t casual.
It ain’t in the seventh aisle of Kroger.
It’s just a love story in the streets.
There are no dragons. 
Might not be relatable either.
It’s also short…
Sorry about that.


The Way You Love Me (Pure Talent Book 3) by Elle Wright

Stunning social media meltdowns. Glamorous dueling power couples. Mega-viral scandals and dizzying Internet super-spin. No one is better than the Pure Talent Agency at handling it all—or facing down up-close-and-personal bad news . . .

Superstar actress Paige Mills is America’s Sweetheart. But with a shocking divorce, she’s burning her powerful husband’s house of lies right down to the ground. Reeling from ugly revelations and unable to trust anyone, she takes refuge way off the celebrity grid in her family’s remote Michigan lake house. But the brilliant agent who helped shape her success won’t give up his client—or his long-simmering passion for her—without a fight . . .
Andrew Weathers can’t let the gifted, caring woman he’s always loved wreck her career. And at first, he just wants to help her hope again. But soon their professional chemistry turns into days and nights of no-holds-barred desire—and a resulting publicity firestorm. Now, between hard choices and potentially career-ending consequences, can Paige and Drew risk a seemingly impossible happy ending?


The Masquerade Seduction: (A Love for All Seasons Tale) by Tiye Love


With his pretty-boy looks, engaging smile, mad skills, and a rep for playing just as hard on and off the stage, award-winning jazz musician, Tristan Locke doesn’t believe in love or exclusivity. Bored with the ease in which he gets women, he accepts a bet. Tristan Locke doesn’t believe in love or exclusivity. Bored with the ease in which he gets women, he accepts a bet. Tristan must bed Phoenix Avery – who proclaimed on her Instagram that she is a virgin waiting for love and marriage – before the annual Mardi Gras Masquerade Party. Confident he will win, Tristan relentlessly pursues Phoenix until he is struck by the most unlikely sensation of all…love.

Perfect for fans of naughty NEW ADULT romance!


All He Needs (The Bennett Family Series Book 1) by Rhonda McKnight

People marry for financial reasons all the time, but it’s usually not to get their own money!

Marriage settles a man or at least that’s what Zeke Bennett’s great-grandmother believed. Only a settled man will inherit her millions. Fast forward 70 years and the only settling Zeke wants to do is on a business deal. The opportunity of a lifetime is dangling in front of him, but poor Zeke doesn’t even have a girlfriend. Well, he does, but she’s his best friend and he can’t marry her—can he?  
Rachel Ingram is in love with her best friend, Zeke, but he doesn’t know it. Fortunately for her, she has a Team Ingram—five sisters with a plan for how to turn Zeke’s head and heart in Rachel’s direction. In a game that begins with lies and manipulation, Rachel must fight hard to flip her fake marriage to a real one. Will she discover God’s plan would have been better?


The Vision Between Us by Erika B.

Anika Michaels is more than the boss’s daughter, or at least she should be. Beautiful and brilliant, she works harder than most to prove her worthiness. When a piece of new business presents itself, she knows this is her chance to earn the respect that’s due. Her only problem is, in order to execute, she must be paired with her biggest rival, and falling for a foe was never part of the plan. 

Fierce and educated, Alexander Higgins detests his boss’s daughter. Unlike the privileged, Alexander has to work for everything he has. However, when a new client shows interest in the company, his skillset won’t win the business without the savvy of his nemesis. 

Once they’re paired, Alexander learns how intertwined love and hate can be. 
Will Anika and Alexander choose to journey down a rabbit hole with fire in the pit? Or will they hold tight to their reservations and lose not only the business, but themselves?


Only Friends (All The Way Book 2) by K. Lashaun

Elle’s stuck in a never-ending cycle of bad dates.⠀

For the past few months, she’s committed herself to the online dating world, determined to find the perfect man. As she navigates through the streak of bad luck, her best friend, Miller, remains a steady, supportive presence, giving her time to realize that he’s more than willing to be exactly what she’s looking for.⠀

Stubborn as ever, Elle refuses to take the hints Miller’s throwing her way, so he makes it known that remaining only friends is no longer an option.⠀

Can she put her reservations to the side and take a leap or will she let the fear of ruining the most important relationship in her life hold her back from the best thing to ever happen?⠀


And I Pray by Mycah Edwards

“What you were feeling before wasn’t my love. It was fear. My fear hurt you.” Jahkoy Jeffers

Guilt ridden from the death of his delinquent cousin Jahkoy denies himself of all things good— Love included. Years after he pushed IliAnn away, he never expected to see her again until fate relocated her to his city. Every emotion he ever suppressed reemerges the second he sees her, but so much has changed, like the fact that she belongs to someone else.

IliAnn is a boss lady with an employee mindset. She’s ready to live her dream, but she’s forced to lie to enjoy it. Dating was the last thing on her mind. The moment she’s ready to give up on the façade of love from her childhood, the one who she gave her all to returns. Only he wants nothing to do with her.

Two souls damaged by life desperately search for their happy ending. Envy, insecurity, and fear lurk in the shadows determined to uproot any signs of peace IliAnn and Jahkoy find. This may be their last chance to collect unanswered prayers, but will their love be worth it?


The Marriage Pass by Briana Cole

Can you really have the best of both worlds?
He’s rich, successful—and has been faithfully married to his longtime girlfriend for nearly one gruelingyear. Because for Dr. Dorian Graham, too many women is never too much—no matter how loyal his wife, Shantae, has been since their college days. So when she proposes they celebrate their first anniversary by each spending a no-questions-asked, no-consequences night with their greatest temptation, Dorian is shocked, but can’t resist. Especially since Shantae’s wild-card younger sister, Reagan, is gorgeous, uninhibited—and the one who got away . . .
It turns out one sizzling night with Reagan isn’t enough. Yet the more Dorian takes, the more she demands—and the more he suddenly has to lose. Soon, with his mind games being used against him and his every move checkmated, Dorian will be forced to go all-in on one last desperate play to win. But winning might just be another way to crash and burn . . .


Large and In Charge by LaJill Hunt

Two years ago, aspiring model Devyn was on the on the fast track to success and living her best life as D’Morgan, engaged to a rising hip hop star, mentored by one of the world’s biggest supermodels, and the center of attention for thousands of adoring fans and followers. Then, it all came tumbling down, and in a matter of minutes, she lost everything she loved and more. Now, D’Morgan no longer exists, and the spotlight is the one thing Devyn has managed to avoid.
Corporate event planner Asha is Devyn’s best friend and has been by her side through everything: the good and bad, ups and downs, highs and lows. Whatever Devyn needs, Asha is there. When Asha discovers an opportunity for Devyn to use her runway talent in a new direction, she doesn’t hesitate to guide her best friend on a new path and purpose in life and love.
As fate would have it, Devyn is once again thrust in the public eye and facing the demons of her past. Can Asha balance helping her best friend while dealing with her own drama? Will Devyn find the strength to finally stand on her own? Or will the friendship they’ve built be destroyed by the secrets they’re hiding? In this crossover novel, LaJill Hunt introduces us to a new, memorable cast of characters with appearances from a few other familiar ones.  


Smoke & Blood by Danielle James

Love was never meant for me.
I only understood darkness, murder, and loyalty.
Death over dishonor was my mantra.
After spending five years in prison for a murder I didn’t commit,
the only thing on my mind was getting out and helping my
brother run drugs through his nightclub while I worked on my
I never expected to be blindsided by Cressida Erickson.
I hadn’t seen her since before I got locked up.
She was the same golden burst of light she’d been since middle
I couldn’t take my eyes off her even though everything had
I was a monster steeped in death and chaos.
She was my brother’s wife and the mother of his only son.
I knew if I got too close to her, everything would change…
My relationship with my brother would fall apart
and I would learn quickly that blood doesn’t always make you


Life After (The People of Haven) by Shawn Dalton-Smith

Kalyste Spradlin has brains, success, money and love. It was snatched away the night before her wedding when she is killed by a drunk driver, her best friend, Chantal. When she wakes up in Haven, and is told she has to embrace her new life after death, she is hell bent on revenge against Chantal.

Jude Whitten has been a counselor in Haven for thirty-one years when he gets his first tough assignment. If he can’t get Kalyste to forgive his daughter for her death, he will be duty bound to hunt her down, once she re-enters the human realm, and end her. He is now faced with a choice he never wanted. Does he protect his daughter, or the woman in his life after?


The Arrangement by M.D Jean-Pierre

Two strangers met on a bus going back to New York City. Both ran away from their problems almost two years ago for different reasons. 
Layla, the seductive beauty, ran away from her obligations into more problems than she expected. She went to Georgia to become a surrogate to a couple wanting to have a baby. The answer to their problem would give her the money she needed to right a wrong. Unfortunately, a mix-up in the lab got her pregnant with the wrong semen. The couple wanted her to abort the pregnancy, but she couldn’t since they used her egg. Layla did the honorable thing and kept her baby. Now she was going back to face her obligations. 
Arius, the conservative gentleman, ran after his broken heart could take no more. He had the perfect life with the perfect wife. That was until he found her in bed with his cousin. Nothing could get the vision of them in bed out of his mind. He even had the displeasure of seeing them at family functions. The unexpected news of his sick uncle gave Arius reason to leave town for Georgia. He watched his uncle fight a courageous battle with cancer until he passed away. Arius was saddened by his uncle’s passing and most of all, he was unable to fulfill a special request of his dying uncle. He decided to return home to face his demons with enormous reservations.
Neither Layla nor Arius knew how they were going to face their challenges back home. Until a chance encounter with Arius assisting Layla with a situation before loading the bus started the ball rolling in more ways than one. The two shared their stories on a lengthy bus ride. Each found the other charming and intriguing. Not only was there instant chemistry, but there was also a connection neither one anticipated. They pondered if that connection could help them in solving their problems. When they arrived in New York City, Arius decided to play Layla’s superhero once again. Little did he know helping her would be helping himself. That is when they came up with the Arrangement to solve both their problems. 

Will the Arrangement be the answer to their problems? Come join Layla and Arius on a ride filled with romance, laughter, joy, and the unexpected.


Kobe: Opposites Attract Age Gap Steamy Romance: Men From Azure City Book 3 by Vivian Fox

I’ve built this restaurant from the ground up with nothing but my own two hands and a passion for cooking. Today Tout le Monde has the longest waitlist in all of Azure City. People travel across the world to come and taste my cuisine. As they should. It’s amazing. I’ve always known what I’ve wanted since I was a boy and this is it.

When I volunteered to teach a cooking class in the city for students, I didn’t expect them to be so bad at it. Especially this woman who decided to wear a ballgown to a cooking class. She can’t even peel carrots. What a waste of time.

I was so nervous that the Chef of Tout le Monde is going to be teaching my class today. Only ten minutes in and I’ve already stained my dress, cut my finger, and burned a napkin. The look of disdain on his face says it all. Just like everything else, I’m not cut out for cooking either. The way he holds my hand to steady it as he shows me how to cut a carrot makes me excited for my next class. Maybe I can be good at this.

We’re so glad you decided to take a trip here to Azure City, home of the world’s most eligible bachelors. As you visit our landmarks and try our cuisine, be sure to enjoy the nightlife as well. We have something for everyone and we’re certain you’ll enjoy your stay. Follow the men from Azure City as they find love where they least expect it.

All books in the Men of Azure City series can be read in any order and are all standalone. Kobe is a steamy romance with no cheating and as always a guaranteed happily ever after!


Destined by Phoenix Noire

When Kiara and Moussa meet, their destinies intertwine, and erupt into a love so fierce, that even they don’t understand the magnetic force that beckons them to one another. Some call it kismet, others call it fate. No matter what you call it, there’s no doubt, it was meant to be. But when a gnashing of cultures threatens their love, can Moussa convince Kiara to stay the course? 


Nobody’s Replacement (Victory Gospel Short Book 4) by Tyora Moody

Sequel to The Replacement Date: A Short Story (Victory Gospel Short, Book 1)

She’s definitely nobody’s replacement.

Donna Madison has been enjoying a whirlwind romance the past nine months with her childhood friend, Maxwell Anderson. Despite her budding relationship, she has fought to reign in her insecurities. Maxwell had a wife and a family before she entered his life again. The occasional tension that arises between Donna and Maxwell’s teenage daughter painfully reminds her of the devastating loss in the Anderson family.

Tensions increase when an unexpected visitor comes to town. The presence of Maxwell’s sister-in-law, a woman who looks hauntingly like his deceased wife throws Donna for a loop. Will Donna trust God or will she make a move that she may regret for the rest of her life? 


Promise Me You Won’t Let Me Fall by Perri Forrest


Engaged to be married, I thought that I was with my forever. Of course, like any couple, what Percy and I had was far from perfect; but as far as I knew, we were making it work. So, imagine my surprise, when I came home one day, and found him packing up to leave. I was blindsided. I mean, for real blindsided. But what came after that, was the real surprise. Now, that … it sent my world shattering into a million pieces right before my eyes. Shocked by how awful the chips were falling, I needed a moment to relieve some stress.  

And that’s how I first met him


My main priority was focusing on expanding my brand, and making sure my name rang bells in the places it needed to. It was all about business for me—with pleasure not too far behind. My world was one where women were sport. Sex and not too much more. I definitely wasn’t looking for monogamy, or happily-ever-afters. I’m a firm believer in playing the field, and a strong non-believer in there being a special “one” for me. Truthfully, I don’t believe that a man can find everything he needs in one woman.

But then I came into contact with her

♥•♥•♥     ♥•♥•♥     ♥•♥•♥

On a night of recklessness for Cadence, and a night of what was supposed to be a regular hookup for Yazid, worlds unknowingly collide. It’s fire, it’s magnetic, it’s passion … in the form of a one-night stand … that ends with these strangers going their own separate ways. 

But what happens when the universe’s plans override their own, and their lives once again intertwine in the most unexpected way?


If Black Had Claimed His Queen: An Alternate Reality Story by Angelia Vernon Menchan

We have all wondered what would occur if one simple thing occurred. In my first book, Black’s Obsession, Malcolm Black bungles so many opportunities to tell Cinnamon Dubois his true feelings. He pretended they were cool, just friends for years. In fact everyone seems to know his feelings but her. 
Malcolm returns after graduate school to tell her… and discovers Cinnamon is with another man because he’s waited four years. He leaves enraged and never returns until she’s about to be married. He spends decades wondering what would have occurred with one minor change. In IF BLACK HAD CLAIMED HIS QUEEN: An Alternate Reality story we get to see exactly what would have occurred had he opened his mouth and spoke his love…

Reading Black’s Obsession is not required to read this novella.


If there are any new releases that we missed, feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!

New Release Round-Up February 22nd-28th

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