After eight years of marriage and sharing an adorable son with her husband, Marcus. Terri appears to be a woman who has it all, however, nothing could be farthest from the truth. 

Terri feels unloved and unappreciated by Marcus, which leaves her in a constant state of depression. Infidelity also plays a part in their turmoil of a marriage, pushing Terri towards a pool of bad decisions.

Finally, tired of being mistreated and lied to, Terri seeks revenge and began an affair of her own with smooth-talking handsome former street hustler turned successful business owner, Lorenzo. Their affair became the spark of a burning, passionate love affair, and Terri was hooked. 

However, Terri must decide between keeping a family with her husband or spend the rest of her life with a man she has fallen in love with, but can true love prevail, even if it means vows will be broken in the process?


Book Spotlight – In Love With Another Man, by Tiffany Haynes

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