Protection Comes At A Price
Abena Owusu is a British royal photographer and the daughter of a high-ranking Ashanti Chief. When her betrothal to the Ashanti king dissolves, her father calls her back to Ghana, offering his daughter’s beauty and status to powerful men at first to increase his own wealth, and now to pay a deadly debt. To escape her father’s plot, Abena proposes a fake marriage to the newly crowned Ashanti prince, Senya T’ogbe -a childhood friend with benefits and confidante.

Not one to be in the spotlight, and isolated for his mother’s Ewe roots, Prince Senya has no interest in claiming his Ashanti royal status. However, his mind changes when the beautiful and convincing Abena needs him too. Her plan is simple-marry for a year and then they will quietly divorce. There is just one rule-they cannot fall in love. There is also one problem-Senya has quietly loved her for years and has no plans to let her go. 

Will Abena forget her rules and fall in love with her African prince? Will Senya be able to keep his end of the bargain and let her go at the end of a year? After ending a blood feud and narrowly escaping death, they both realize nothing between them is the same. But will they find love is a risk worth taking.


New Release Spotlight – Possessing the Prince, by Louise Lennox

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