Is the past always how it appears?
Trey Dalton is charismatic, thoughtful, and accomplished, but every year, he’s sorely reminded of how he left the love of his life, Tristyn Miller, without so much as a goodbye. Now, due to a healthy dose of fate and his mama’s prayers, he’s run into Tristyn and is determined to prove to her that she’s the one. Will he be able to convince her that he’s changed or will his past keep him from his future?

Tristyn’s life is practically perfect. She has a good job, great friends, and an incredible boyfriend that she’s kind of in love with. But now that coincidence has plopped her ex boyfriend, Trey, right in front of her, she’s second guessing everything. Life with Trey was always fun, steamy, and felt right, but fears of him leaving again plague her thoughts. Will she stick with her safe life, or will she give into her feelings so things can be just like old times?


Book Spotlight – Just Like Old Times (The Dalton Family Book 1), by Chichima Cherry

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