Misty Blue, the infamous and only daughter of Alexander Blue, has been tasked with leading the family’s billion dollar brewery company. With no life outside of the family business, her father feels confident that she would not only successfully represent the family but exceed his expectations. The only problem is he chose her over her older brother, Deuce. Although doubting herself, a plane ride turns into an experience where she not only finds herself but possibly the love of her life.

Prime Sterling, a parole officer, takes great pride in working with men despite their checkered past… That is until he’s faced with one of his greatest challenges in his career when a model parolee goes rogue. To save face and his pension, he takes a last minute trip and soon finds more than a man in need of saving, but a woman that saves him, too.

Will Misty and Prime allow the difference in their worlds to be the deciding factor as to why they can’t have a future together, or will their one opportunity at finding love, even in the strangest places, be all that matters to them?


New Release Spotlight – Take Me by the Hand: The Moods of Love, by Tisha Andrews

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