Sometimes souls just aren’t meant to align forever… Then, there are the few… that are.
She was one of those women that were unforgettable and could only be experienced.
And from the very moment we locked eyes, I knew she was one. I couldn’t lose her, even though my own inhibitions told me otherwise.
I was tired of being ignored by everyone. Until I crashed into him, I didn’t think anyone saw me. But he did.
And, a small part of myself was afraid.
Afraid to let him in.
Let him see me.
Let him love me.
But, life and the Universe had other plans.
Plans to show me that we were meant to be eternally.

Kindred Souls is a tender short story that spans years told in glimpses that lead to… well, two souls finally getting it right.


Book Spotlight – Kindred Souls, by Angel Mystique

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