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Gunner (Lavendale Book 2) by Aubree Pynn

The Hills may have the Monarchs and Prophets, but Lavendale is the home of the Knights and their queens.


Offensive Formations: Connecticut Kings Book 8 by Christina C. Jones

Pedestals are lonely places.

Teagan Tolliver is learning the hard way that for every new trophy, every tournament win, comes more scrutiny, more pressure – far beyond what she can do on a court. As an elite, Black female athlete in a sport dominated by people she has little in common with beyond a match, she’s got the eyes of the world on her – for better or worse.

Ambrose McNeil is familiar with the concept as well.

Coming out of BSU, he was a star cornerback, fulfilling a long term dream – and challenge – of having his name on the Connecticut Kings roster. 

Living the dream.

Until what could’ve been a career-ending injury leaves him on the sidelines – forgotten about.

But no more.

With a hard-won full recovery on his side, and a new head coach at the helm of the Kings, Ambrose is poised to rebuild his reputation, and retake his place in the lights.

Only… now that the dream is back within his grasp.. . he’s realizing the wisdom of old cliches, and wondering if the turf under his feet is going to actually be any greener. 

Maybe not, according to Teagan. 

She’s witnessed firsthand what the pressures of competition – and the addiction to public adoration can do. 

But she can’t let it go.

Not while she still has a legacy to continue, a birthright to honor, and most importantly – points to prove.

All motivations she and Ambrose have in common. 

From accidental enemies, to something softer, to friends, to something deeper than either imagined or was even looking for, they’re both navigating more than they can handle alone.

So maybe together…


Chocolate Kisses by Tay Mo’Nae

Have you ever felt like you weren’t good enough? Have you ever felt like everything you do is wrong? When two people battling the same thing collide, they learn they might be the perfect solution for each other.After finding out her fiancé is married, Ayame needs a fresh start. When presented with the opportunity to move to Butter Ridge Falls and take over her late aunt’s chocolatier she doesn’t hesitate. The last thing Ayame was expecting to do was meet Austin. Soon she finds herself in quicksand, falling fast for the troubled soul.
Austin is tired of being the black sheep of his family and ready to prove he’s worth more than being the troublemaker. When he meets the chocolate beauty next door to his newly opened cigar bar, he’s instantly attracted to her. Trying to fight the urges he feels for her, Austin attempts to push Ayame away knowing he will only hurt her in the end. There’s only one problem, the heart wants what the heart wants! Ayame and Austin both struggle with insecurities brought on by their childhood and relationships growing up.
They find comfort in each other and learn to be each other’s safe haven, but what happens when one of them is keeping a secret big enough to break the other? Will they be broken up before they truly get a chance to be happy? On top of everything else, one of them learns family can betray you worse than anyone. Take a ride with these two and be prepared for a bumpy ride.


Continuum by Danielle Allen

Missed opportunities.
Chance encounters.
Instant connections.
Everything happens for a reason.
Life is made of little interconnected moments. Any one decision can completely change the trajectory of your life. Yet somehow, you’ll still end up exactly where you’re supposed to be.
Or at least, that’s how it happened for Aisha Young.

Continuum: A Second-Chance Erotic Romance


In His Possession: Bought by a Black Mafia Prince (Black Mayhem Mafia Saga Book 1) by B. Love

Assad Black, alpha protector and leader of the Black Mayhem Mafia, does whatever it takes to keep his family safe. When he meets Scarlett Graham, he extends her the same grace. Winning her in a poker game to secure her freedom, Assad doesn’t expect having her in his possession to open a rabbit hole of problems for him, his family, or his business.

Used to being used and abused by the men in her life, Scarlett finds it hard to accept Assad’s help as genuine. As she waits for the day he reveals what she considers to be his true colors, Scarlett unwillingly falls for the beast of a man who sees beyond her beauty. Just when she thinks it’s safe to open up to a man for the first time in what feels like forever, her past comes back to haunt her, putting their lives and everyone attached to them in jeopardy.

In His Possession: Bought by a Black Mafia Prince, is a street lit romance layered with grit, violence, sensuality, love, and darkness for the main couple and the accompanying secondary characters.  

*Please note: This is a 70,000-word standalone novel in the Black Mayhem Mafia saga. Each book in the saga features a different family member, and they DO NOT end with cliffhangers.*


Wild Thoughts, Reckless Nights: A Sexy Novella by Eva Sherie

Jameela was satisfied in life, until she wasn’t.
Her wild thoughts lead to reckless nights…
Her reckless nights lead to…


Zenith (Secret of Ceres Book 4) by Stella Williams

The Aura have been forced out of hiding….

The surviving members of Aura Society are struggling with the transition to the human world. Zarovia Monoceros has a plan that could smooth the way, but before she can fulfill her destiny as Zenith, she needs to deal with the handsome distraction under her own roof.

Hendrex Andromeda wants nothing more but to settle down in his new life outside of Ceres. Free from his duty as Ruling Four, he can finally be himself, except he has no idea what that looks like in the human world. The only part of his future Hendrex is certain about is Zarovia. But in order to be worthy of her love, he needs to face his demons and show her the man he can be…

Under the constant threat of attack, will taking a chance on love be the key to the future for the Aura, or lead to the destruction of everything…


Null and Void by Kaige Keira

What happens when the love that took you to soaring heights also was the force that brought you crashing back down to Earth? 

Autumn Coleman thought she’d found the person to fill the space where she and love could reside. It came quick and fast with waves that ebbed and flowed like the ocean and raged harder than an angry sea. 

Blessing Richards free fell from the pedestal that her man had put them on. The very foundation cracked sending her tumbling down a dark hole that threatened to dim her inner light. 

Will these ladies find their road to recovery and if they do, can they stay on course or has the darkness created a void that even light can’t fix?


The Perfect Season by Monae Nicole

Gabrielle Harris had given up on love until an old flame arrived back in town. No matter how hard she tries to fight it, she can’t deny her attraction to him. However, a recent breakup causes her to keep him at arm’s length. 

Bane Thompson’s only focus at this time in his life was being a good father to his children. When he reunites with a past lover, his focus shifts. He starts considering the possibility of pursuing someone and finding love again. 

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. Will Gabrielle and Bane discover that timing is everything and that real love will always find you in the perfect season?


Pretty Shattered Heart (The Pretty Shattered Trilogy Book 2) by Robbi Renee

Heart can be defined as the central or innermost part of something. But when that core function is broken, shattered into pieces at the hands of the ones you love most–the distress, suffering, and anguish—can be debilitating. 

Sexy, savvy, unbossed, and unbothered, Symphony James is always in control. As for her situationships with men, she dictates who, when, and more importantly, how. Secretly crippled by a tumultuous past, love, relationships, and family were never the desires of her heart. The savage sweetpea only experienced love with conditions until she met him.

Unlike most men, Tyus Okoro wasn’t intimidated by the hard-care, incorrigible, yet stunningly beautiful Symphony James. Her boss chick behavior was nothing but motivation for him to dismantle her complications—layer by layer. But would he finally meet his match?

Keep It Between Us by Charae Lewis

Secrets can put you in a place of mental solitude down to a path of destruction.

Dri knew life like this all too well, and with responsibilities he couldn’t ignore, a one-time encounter changes his life forever. His instincts tells him something isn’t right and when its confirmed, he finds himself in too deep with no way to escape.

Katarina Graham is the baddest. Her aura is potent and her presence is loud. She commands respect from everyone and holds no punches. She’s always in control until she encounters a special someone. All of the authority she usually maintains vanishes when he enters her realm. She finds herself losing the control she’s accustom to until she comes across information that puts her back in first place.

Can Dri withstand a force so deadly that it will ruin what he’s been hiding? Will Katarina possess the power she’s always had? Or will they both fold under pressure and expose those they thought they could trust?


Savannah’s Salvation: A Billionaire Blackmail Romance (Single Dad’s Romance Book 1) by Louise Lennox

Savannah’s Salvation  is part of the Single Dad’s Romance series, a multi-author series of standalone novels. Seven single dads, all from different walks of life and doing the best they can to raise their children – are ready to make you fall in love. 

For one night, I lived the fantasies of a million women…

Michael Asara

Billionaire. Movie Star. A beautiful predator determined to consume me. 

He’s the infamous Afro-French king of Dakar and Paris.

My time with him shouldn’t matter, but it does. Because one night left me with so much more than a good time. 

I fled without a good-bye. And planned to never look back.

Until the CIA needs me in Paris. 

Circumstances force me to tell Michael my best kept secret.

Already a devoted dad to a little girl who was abandoned by her gold-digging mother, Michael isn’t looking to get burned twice.

Unless that fire is between the sheets, where our chemistry is off the charts. 

Reconnecting and proving to him that I’m not like everyone else quickly has Michael staking his claim.

For a moment, we’re almost like a real family. 

Then our happily ever after is threatened…

He vows to do anything to protect us…even if that means letting me go.

Savannah’s Salvation, is a hot, steamy, international, contemporary romance featuring a strong, smart heroine and the cocky billionaire who steals her heart. Download today and get ready to fall in love with your next favorite book boyfriend.


Hot Chocolate This Winter (Sag Harbor Black Romances Book 2) by Lula White

“Stay with me for New Year’s,” Sheldon whispered. “I can’t tell you what else happens after that. But I do know what happens for the next forty-eight hours that you’re with me.

Return to the hotbed of luxury, romance, and rivalry in the Black Hamptons.


A secret romance is the last thing Chriselle Mason intends when she returns to the Hamptons. Free of her children and estranged husband for two weeks, the dutiful wife and mother can finally plan her new talent-scouting career.

Enter sexy Ivy League-trained bank vice president Sheldon Rouse, the older brother of Jerrell Rouse.

Despite their instant connection, Chrissy keeps her distance. She doesn’t need another problematic man in her life. But Sheldon becomes her chief rival for a lucrative business opportunity. As the competition heats up, so does their steamy attraction. A lot of money is on the line, and Sheldon refuses to walk away– from business, or his feelings for Chrissy.

Add to this Chrissy’s domineering mother, manipulative husband, and her longest-standing enemy. And she now stands in a perfect winter storm. 

With everyone determined to control what she does next, Chrissy now faces one question: is she Blake Mason’s dutiful wife, or Sheldon Rouse’s flaming fire? 

This medium-heat forbidden romance is Book 2 in the Sag Harbor Black Romances. Follow childhood friends Maddy, Chrissy, and Adella through this series as they endure love, heartache, and triumph on their rise to the top. Expect a heartwarming saga of black luxury and sensuality in the Hamptons. If you love hit television series Queen Sugar, these are your stories. These books can be read in any order, but are most delicious in sequence.

*Strong language & light sex

Trigger warning: *One moment of empowering light domestic violence


If there are any new releases that we missed, feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!

New Release Round-Up May 31st-June 6th

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