A manther is a middle-aged man who actively seeks casual, sexual, and companionship from a younger woman. However, this definition does not describe Maxwell Hughes at all. Granted, he’s one mouthwatering business man, but boxing him in one category does this sex symbol no justice. With blue optics that would make the sea-god Poseidon envious, a creamy, peanut butter complexion that would give a jar of Jiffy a run for its money, and defined, toned abs that were chiseled by the gawds themselves; let’s just say god took his time with this one. However, looks can be deceiving. As much as he tries to avoid attention, one little minx slips into his line of sight.
Nia Collins can’t help but to admire the quiet and handsome stranger that drifts into her cafe and lounge. At age twenty-five, she was on top of the world. With exotic green eyes that screamed risk taker, Nia lived for adventure. Upon sight, he seems perfect, but up close and personal there is just one noticeable problem; Maxwell is unequivocally a mute. Now how do you suppose a man who hasn’t uttered a word in thirty plus years, wooh a young and vivacious twenty-five you old? Easy. Speaking isn’t the only way to communicate. These two set off on a whirlwind love affair that brings out the snakes instead of making them retreat. Will the secrets Maxwell is keeping damage their newfound love? Will the enemy of their enemy win? Take this rollercoaster ride of flying bullets and air kisses with these characters, as they sort the real from the fake.


Book Spotlight – Manther: Nia & Maxwell, by Wynta Tyme

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