“I’ve waited my entire life for a woman like you. You’re the only thing that makes sense in my world, and I don’t want that to ever change.” –Channing

Channing and Solé weren’t confused about the spark between them. It had been there since the day they started working together. But over the years, it had intensified. Their attempts to keep things professional had gradually turned into a wasted effort.

Now, they were stuck. Stuck doing this dance, going back and forth with each other without saying how they truly felt. She would give in to him. He would give in to her. Then, suddenly, one of them would pull back. But life has a way of making sure the heart gets exactly what it wants. Will Channing and Solé fully open their eyes and follow the path that brings them together? Or will they allow the opinions of others to trick them into believing that they’re better off as friends?


New Release Spotlight – Worth The Wait (Hightown Series Book 2), by A.C. Taylor

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