Penelope Brown had only one goal in mind: to change the world around her by putting her Ph.D. in Psychology to great use. Committed to her objective, her mission to heal others’ hearts brought her a fulfillment so deep and touching that she never realized that the hurt from her past sought to follow her into the present.

Seth Taylor’s goal, to change his world as he knew it, only ignited his fiery passion the day he laid eyes on Penelope.

As their worlds hurdled towards collision without knowing it, Penelope and Seth stepped into a universe destined to create an epic love story far beyond their wildest dreams. However, with a twin flame fusing two souls together as one, there was still one question that remained: can Penelope and Seth survive this thing called life that will turn their world upside down like pieces being flipped on a chess board?


Book Spotlight – OOH GIRL…, by Brenda K. Thomas

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