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Connected to You by Endiya Carter

Keyara Henderson’s life takes an unexpected turn when more than half of her vision deteriorates due to diabetes. With limited vision and assistance in the form of a walking stick, Keyara’s next step in adulthood isn’t the same as girls her age. Everything she once knew has been taken away from her, especially her independent spirit. In an effort to regain it, Keyara opts to attend Georgia Southern University, a prestigious university with a drive long enough to prevent her from having anyone to fall back on. Although he has reservations letting his daughter roam around a college campus with limited assistance, Keyara’s father relents under two conditions: one being that she must stay in an assisted living facility, and the other requiring her to employ a chauffeur. By chance, she’s paired with the handsome Marquez Richardson.

Born to a superstar father, Marquez “Rich” Richardson has lived up to the hype surrounding his last name, using it to bend the rules and escape trouble. After his son was caught in another drag racing/drunk driving scandal, Marquez’s father has had enough of his son’s irresponsible ways. He revokes his driving privileges before the police can do so. To drill in the importance of safe driving, he piles on a lesson to pair with this punishment: acting as Keyara Henderson’s chauffeur. From the first day he begins walking her around, Marquez feels as if his social status is in jeopardy. The parties he once attended and the girls who would flock to him are put off by Keyara’s presence. Although this is a problem in the beginning Marquez warms up to the determined Keyara. The problem standing in his way, his girlfriend Cajua Taylor.



Lenora: His Omega Mate (Wolves of West Texas Book 2) by Chencia C. Higgins

As the twin of the future alpha, Lenora was born to be the omega of her pack. It was her birthright and duty to keep the emotional balance in the Hurst pack, and it was a duty she embraced with open arms. However, ensuring everyone else’s happiness began to drain her spirit and make her long for a mate to call her own; someone who could help her decompress the way she did for others. After her brother finally accepted his position as alpha and chose his mate, she wasted no time in her quest to follow suit. Since the wolf she preferred was determined to remain unattached, the hunt was on for someone who would give her everything she had been yearning for and quell the aching loneliness of her wolf.

Adrian has been second-in-command to his best friend since the two of them were in diapers; long before either of them were known as beta or alpha of alphas. He has also been in love with his best friend’s twin sister for just as long. Although he won’t disrespect his alpha by pursuing the pack omega, watching his Nora search for a mate is slowly driving him insane. Bound by teachings of those considered more wiser than he, his fight to remain unaffected becomes increasingly difficult. Suddenly, the reasons sitting between them seem less like duty and more like torture, and before long Adrian has to decide what’s more important: loyalty or love.



The Love Next To Me by Monae Nicole

Marriage was blissful for Brooklyn and DeWayne – or so they thought. When a life changing event causes a crack in their happily laid foundation, truths long buried come rising to the surface. With multiple threats lurking around every corner, loyalties are tested, and vows become questions.

Brooklyn’s best friend, Jamir, is her confidant. A shoulder to lean on and an ear whenever she needs it. Jamir would always be there to help Brooklyn repair, however, there’s one secret of his own that Jamir hasn’t shared with Brooklyn – and it could potentially change the course of their friendship. With all his friend has been going through, would there ever be a right time to confess? Will Jamir take a chance on revealing his secret or will he take this one to his grave?



Guarded from Your Love (Love Language Book 2) by Rush

Patricia Tyler has always lived life by her own rules. Traditional was not a word that she would ever think to use to describe herself. The unconventional route has always been more her speed, especially when it comes to her love life. Instead of the usual marriage and baby carriages dreams that most women her age were chasing, Patricia was only after a good time and plenty of orgasms. Relationships just weren’t her cup of tea.

Until… One day they were.

One drunken night led her into the arms of the one person she least expected. Filled with unbridled passion, that night was one that she couldn’t forget no matter how hard she struggled to rid herself of the memory. As much as she tried denying her feelings, Patricia was almost certain that the emotions she was feeling went beyond sex and that was what scared her the most.

She couldn’t explain where the unexpected feelings or change of heart had come from, but the encounter left her searching, yearning for more. But more wasn’t something that she could afford. More had never been a necessity. More always came with disappointment and heartbreak. More was something she vowed to never give another person again.

No matter how much of a fight she put up, Patricia quickly learned that the wall she’d spent so much time building around her heart was no match for its new opponent.



No Place Like Home (Jasper Springs Book 3) by Trina Crooks

Sonya Cummings was counting down the days until she was going to leave Jasper Springs. Although she loved her hometown, she had come to grips with the fact that she was not going to get what she truly wanted here, which was a love of her own. Her bags were all but packed and ready for her move to New York City when a handsome stranger comes whizzing into town and all of the single women have their eyes on him—including Sonya.

Antonio Randall found himself following his grandmother to Jasper Springs for the Christmas holiday because he needed a breather from the hustle and bustle of New York. After the magazine article came out about him entitled “Single and Loving It”, Antonio was getting more attention than he cared for. Especially since he wanted to be anything but single and was longing for his Miss Right to come into his life. He then meets Sonya and finds that she might be the piece of his life that he was missing.

Antonio chases her and Sonya resists until she finally can’t fight her attraction to him any longer. Now that they were at the beginning of what could be a beautiful relationship, will this small-town girl be able to make the big city her new home or will she give up this wonderful new man she just found because there is no place like home.



Never Enough: A Novella by Monica Walters

Shawn Taylor has always been the one his siblings looked up to for guidance and protection. While he didn’t always have the right answers, he still tried to be the one they could lean on. However, going through a nasty divorce, gaining sole custody of his children, and finding out his ex-wife was a drug addict, sank him low. With all his accomplishments, the ones he was most proud of was being a father and a husband. After years of loving the one woman that seemed to make everything right for him, he finally gets his chance to make her totally his. But with the family drama surrounding them, he wonders if it will last.

Sonya Thompson, the video vixen her family loved to hate, has matured and learned how to deal with her mental illness of bipolar disorder. Having a son late in life with Shawn, helped her to calm down significantly. The one thing she longs for is him. The family drama surrounding them being together had kept her from committing to him for years, but their time has finally come. Willing to put her needs first, she embarks on a journey with Shawn that makes her past relationships look mediocre. Things are great until drama rears its ugly head, threatening to unleash the beast in her that has lied dormant.

Trying to focus on their needs, Sonya and Shawn successfully block out family drama for a while until an event brings them together… all under one roof. Will things get too heated for Sonya to withstand? Will she and Shawn make it through the fire unsinged?



Mesmerized by Garnet Wells

Not only is Kosby Matthews mesmerized by Deion Richardson’s royal blue eyes, but the two are deemed the perfect correlation. Their fusion is reminiscent of Ying and Yang until they run into tough topics like pre-marital sex or whose church to attend. That’s when the horns come out. Can these lovers survive and still obey God? When Kiarra Maxwell meets Officer Goody; tall, dark chocolate, and fine, she believes her streak with unemployed men is finally over. However, Officer Derrick Andrews is a force to be reckoned with. Realizing Derrick is a fool with a gun, Kiarra finds herself hiding in her apartment in complete darkness, hoping he’ll get the picture and leave her alone. Will Derrick break his vow to serve and protect?



Bound by Your Love by C. Monet

Nyree Whatley is a law student that has always dreamed of using her privilege for the greater good. Her plans to tackle the war on classicism and the justice system leads her into murky waters. With a planned marriage and a mother who doesn’t understand her need for love and stability, she’s stuck in a battle between following her heart and falling in line.

When her professor picks her for a pro bono case, Nyree sees this as the sign she’s been looking for. Her self-esteem and confidence are low but that doesn’t stop her from promising her all to Keith Moody and his parole hearing.

Keith Moody is currently serving fifteen years for a drug charge that he caught at eighteen. Good things have never happened to him. When Nyree shows up with her privilege on display he instantly shuts her down. What he doesn’t know is that Nyree is not easily defeated.

It doesn’t matter that he is in prison. It doesn’t matter that he was deemed a menace. It also didn’t matter that he was a number. What mattered was that a thrill of frightened lust touched her spine when she laid eyes on him for the first time. She’s willing to work tirelessly and lose everything in order to ensure Keith’s freedom as if it would solidify her own. Will the war be more than they can handle? Find out in Bound by Your love.



The Manual by Octavia Grant

In a world filled with so many women, how can a man choose just one? One thing Real Estate Mogul Maceo Blaise knows for sure is he can have any woman he wants. His sinful good looks and large bank account makes it hard for any woman to resist him. When temptation comes knocking, his loving fiancée is the last person on his mind because he established a manual of “fail-proof” rules to keep her safe from his exploits. But Maceo fails to realize that if something is meant to be discovered it will be.



Basking in Bloom: A Novella by Wynta Tyme

Not many of us pay attention to the still beauties in front of us until it’s too late. This description fits twenty-five-year-old Bloom to the fullest. She’s the complete opposite of a flower in its greatest beauty, freshness, and vigor. The bloom effect. At age thirteen, Bloom was met with the short end of life’s stick. Being thrown into an unfamiliar setting caused her to harden herself and become a weed. 
No one could actually see the beauty within her under all the dirty, extra-large clothing she wore. Living on the streets wasn’t her ideal living arrangement, but neither was taking the blame for something she didn’t do.

Three years of foster living was enough, so at age sixteen, she ran away and never looked back. She had a pretty good routine going on, until angels and demons from the past resurfaced.

Flower shop owner, Lennix Street, takes to her and lends a helping hand. To Bloom, his help is considered charity, and to others, it’s viewed as something much more. When adversaries see her for the radiant bud she’s growing into, the plan of her demise is set. Will Bloom get the chance to blossom into a concrete rose, or will she allow the enemy to make her shrivel up and die like an old plant?



Duty or Desire by Brenda Jackson

New York Times Bestselling Author

What happens when a man of unshakable conviction

meets the woman who rocks his world?

Pete Higgins is an honorary Westmoreland, a man of his word—of course he’ll put duty to his orphaned niece first. Too bad the temporary nanny is tempting him with every look. Myra Hollister captivates him. But she’s keeping dangerous secrets, the kind that remind Pete of all he’s lost before and what he can’t afford to lose again…



Because Love Said So by Aubree Pynn

One act of impulse can set events into motion that lead you down a path you never knew you needed to walk, experience, or know.

Avion has the weight of the world on her shoulders. Everyone relies on her to hold it together and keep the family moving. But when she seeks a much-needed break, she finds herself stumbling into something that isn’t easy for her to get out of.

Samson has the world at his fingertips and isn’t looking for a soul to share it with. When his best friend drags him out for a night of relaxation, he spots his forever. But when Avion runs off to return to her reality he stops at nothing to find her.

Relinquishing themselves to love is easy, staying in love is the hard part. Can Avion and Samson climb the mountain and let love have the final say so, or will they falter and give up on everything love has to offer?

Find out in Because Love Said So.



If You Need Me (Harmony Heights Book 4) by Danielle Burton



fate; destiny.

It was supposed to be a one-night stand. No feelings. No strings.

But when two perfect strangers cross paths for a second time they begin to question if it’s purely coincidence.

Love isn’t in the cards for Magnolia, she’s accepted that. So why now does the universe choose to dangle the impossible in front of her face?

Jeremiah wasn’t looking for love either, but when an elusive beauty piques his interest he’s determined to unravel her mystery. But what will it cost him?



Nourished by You by Avalon Scott

Lust Blake is a woman on mission.

All she ever wanted was to be a famous chef. There was one problem though. A Michelin star chef by the name of Keone Mitchell stood in her way.

Keone didn’t have the greatest upbringing and that caused him to be closed off and private. He built his empire with his blood, sweat, and tears, and wasn’t going to allow anyone to come in between that. That is until Lust entered and stirred up his life.

Can these two manage to work out their differences? Or, will Lust’s dreams of being a world-famed chef be flushed down the drain.



Game Changers: add one then two and everything changes by B. L. Wilson

Deanna Jones, a transportation director for the city, stamps an indelible impression on her new boss when she makes a pass at her before Deanna is introduced. From there, it is all downhill for Deanna, who cannot stop bumping heads with Deputy Commissioner Amanda Taylor.

The two women continue take potshots at each other every time they come within range, sniping about lost furniture, bad manners, and dressing and acting professional. Matters come to a head when a brawl ensues in the basement over expansion into a much-needed storage space and Deanna wades in to mediate.

Can a nearly forty-year-old womanizing director of transportation swear off women long enough to raise her thirteen-year-old niece? Can a deputy commissioner fresh from a bad divorce tame the director of transportation? Will these two women be able to work together without losing their jobs or their minds? Find out in Game Changers, one then add two and everything changes.



Not So Silent Night by C. Monet

Silent night, oh what a night… are the words to Sinclair Dominos favorite Christmas song. A sexy fling wasn’t on her Christmas list this year, but Santa has a trick up his sleeve for the hard-working business owner – and his name is Tobin Looney.

A missed flight and a few shots of Fireball later, a silent night is the last thing on their minds. Sinclair and Tobin find themselves in a spicy, sweet, and sticky situation. Will the serious Sinclair throw caution to the wind for the very sexy and wild Tobin Looney? Find out in Not So Silent Night.


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New Release Round-Up December 2nd-8th

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