It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but what could make the holiday better?

Love—achieving one’s dreams—making a positive impact in the community?

For Tiara, the answer is all of the above. Tiara had a dream to be impactful, especially within her community.

The African American community has just begun to open up to therapy and acknowledge that mental health is a serious issue. It’s becoming less taboo, but some African Americans don’t seek therapy as they don’t see themselves represented thoroughly. After deciding the time is up for waiting to see representation, Tiara decided to be a catalyst for change. She also has hopes for love despite challenges she’s seen and heard about from associates, coworkers, friends of the family, and society.

Nowadays, people are so obsessed with instant gratification. Everybody is so quick to be with someone out of fear of being alone, or for the sake of changing their relationship status on social media, or out of judgments of family or friends/acquaintance groups. And more importantly, people often confuse their role or other people’s role in their life. Everyone comes into your life for a reason or a season, and mixing seasonal people with lifetime expectations is a proven recipe for disaster. However, when Tiara and Anthony crossed paths, the connection was instant and undeniable on both sides.

Anthony is convinced that Tiara is the woman for him. However, Tiara insisted on waiting to see if their flame was transient or eternal. Only time will tell.


Book Spotlight – Politics of Love A Social Justice Love Story, by Carlia Burns

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