It was a Cinderella love story: diamond-in-the-ruff beauty, Cree, swooned by the charming and wealthy Russ Rutledge. Now a decade later, the fairy dust collected on the ceiling fans, Cree finds herself married to a man who refuses to touch her. While giving up on the marriage after betting everything on love, Cree suddenly encounters a parallel-world version of the person she would’ve become had she bet on herself.

The Grammy nominated singer with the stage name Lulu McQueen offers to trade places. Cree opens that Pandora’s box and falls in. She’s instantly famous and finds herself, ironically, entangled in a steamy affair with this world’s bachelor version of her husband. Unfortunately, for Cree, things unravel quickly as she learns the real reason Lulu was so desperate to trade places.

In this thriller, Cree must risk it all, along a journey of self-discovery while tracking down the one person who could transport her back home. Cree has no choice but to enlist the help of a few colorful and opportunistic characters who seem likely double-cross her in the end.

“No man ever feel in love with a table, Miss Hamilton. He doesn’t even look at that table if his heart is full,” Detective Ryan.


New Release Spotlight – The Things We Bring To The Table, by Rod Palmer

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