The last three years of Kenya Davis’s love life have been rife with false starts and heartaches in her pursuit to get back her ex-boyfriend, Dave. Her job with the CDC is the one thing keeping her sane. With her recent promotion to field scientist, Kenya welcomes the distraction of working with the homeless.

Simon Washington lived a charmed life before his world came crashing down around him. One fateful night full of confusion and heartache sends the once-affluent businessman on the run from the law, leaving behind his wife, a thriving business, and his social status. 

When Kenya discovers Simon dressed like a homeless man, her life is sent into a tailspin. She wants to comfort him, despite the warning bells going off in her head. Is Simon the dangerous criminal described by the news, or the same guy she knew in college? 

Simon feels drawn to the courageous, kind-hearted Kenya who has placed her life in danger by refusing to protect herself from his drama. Simon must push her away, but the sweetness of her presence is too hard to give up. There are answers he can’t give her, and a truth he has to keep hidden.

Kenya and Simon are RISKING IT ALL for a chance at love and freedom.


Book Spotlight – Risking It All, by Joyce d’Mot

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