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Love’s Serenade (Decades: A Journey of African American Romance Book 3) by Sheryl Lister

Escaping an arranged marriage, Leigh Jones flees her southern hometown for Harlem’s vibrant jazz scene to pursue her dream of becoming a singer. She finds more than she expected, namely Miles Cooper. The smooth-talking musician walked out on her three years ago, taking her music and her heart with him. Leigh has no intentions of falling for Miles or his charms again, until he tempts her with the one thing she can’t resist: a recording contract. But when her past comes calling, she realizes Miles is the one person who can save her from a man who won’t take no for an answer.

Miles isn’t one for putting down roots or staying in one place for longer than a season. Yet, memories of Leigh’s sultry voice, beauty and sass make him long for the life and love he forfeited. Having walked away once, but never again, Miles sets out to prove he’s a changed man willing to go to any lengths to protect his woman. He’s determined to show Leigh, one passionate note at a time that the music they make together will last a lifetime.



Transitions: The Heirs Prequel (Heirs Series Book 1) by D. Camille

A family is like a forest, when you are outside it is dense, when you are inside you see that each tree has its place. ~ African Proverb

Time waits for no man…or woman. Life moves on, old things fade away to make way for new beginnings. From Black Diamonds, to Uncut Diamonds…to Heirs. A new generation is forming, designed to be more advanced, more dangerous and more intriguing than their predecessors.

In this prequel, The Diamond family is transitioning to usher in a new regime. The Diamonds are back, and the family is growing in unexpected ways…



Everything I Need (Everything Series-Book 2) by AC Taylor*

Imauni Scott knows exactly what she wants…Jordan Miles. She’s never been shy about her feelings for him, and she’s always felt like he was the man she would spend the rest of her life with. But when things got rough, Jordan did the one thing she never expected. The man she thought had her back through anything, simply walked away from her like she meant nothing.

Jordan knows his decision to break things off with Imauni hurt her deeply, but he had his reasons—reasons that she struggles to understand. Still, it’s a decision that he’s determined to stand by. But, even after choosing to walk away, Jordan refuses to let go of her completely. Knowing all of Imauni’s weaknesses, he uses them to his advantage. But when the tables turn, he finds himself regretting his past decisions.

What happens when Jordan is forced to face the consequences of his actions? Will he come to his senses and fight for the woman he truly loves? Or will he fold, and convince himself that it’s not even worth the risk?


Passionate Protectors: 3 Erotic Historical Romances by Kianna Alexander

No risk is too great, no journey too far, for true love.

In pre-Civil War America, the small town of Graham, in Adams County, Pennsylvania, lies just north of the Mason Dixon line. There are many secrets surrounding the town’s founding, but it’s mission is clear: to be a haven for citizens of all races.
These erotic tales explore the blossoming love of three couples, during a time of upheaval and uncertainty. Meet the men who will risk everything to protect the women they love: The Passionate Protectors. 


With no other physicians nearby, Dr. Jonathan Doyle is often overwhelmed by his workload. When the runaway Naomi Weathers faints at his doorstep, he treats her malady and sees a solution to his own. Can this beautiful woman, with the blood of Zulu healers flowing in her veins, escape her past to become his nurse, and more?


A run in with a mountain cat has trapper Carter Thibedaux ready to leave his adventurous career behind for safer pursuits. Arriving in his aunt and uncle’s hometown, the dark beauty Miss Deidre LaRue captures his heart. Discovering that she’s the town’s madam doesn’t change his feelings. But can a woman like Diedre fit into his new, “stable” life?


Deputy Andrew Powers is smitten with soiled dove turned waitress, Suzanne Lewis. Just as their courtship begins to take shape, fire destroys the town’s café. Suzanne is accused of arson in the café’s destruction. Can her innocence be proven, or will Andrew’s intuition fail him once again?



Savannah’s Secrets (The Bourbon Brothers) by Reese Ryan

Falling for the boss, or taking him down?

Savannah Carlisle had the perfect plan. By infiltrating the Abbott family’s Tennessee bourbon empire as their events manager, she’d be one step closer to claiming half of the business they stole from her grandfather. Now she’s not so sure. Because sexy Blake Abbott, heir to it all, is simply intoxicating. He’s supposed to be the enemy. But after one long, stormy weekend, she’s pregnant with his child…



Unearth Me by Grey*

Unearthing is the act of discovering something hidden, lost or kept secret by probing, investigating or digging.

Kirklynn Sayers, 34-year-old renowned therapist of Huffington Mill, has mastered every aspect of her life except love. She refuses to refer to herself as a hopeless romantic, simply, because she’s lost interest in finding it, altogether. Unsympathetic about her shallow hopes of partnership, she buries the hatchet and focuses on creating a legacy and defying the stigma attached to therapists as herself.

Heath Benedict, 26 years old and the newest heir of the Benedict throne, is still suffering from the death of his grandfather years prior. Though he was blessed with a budding empire as a result of it, Harold Benedict’s death unsealed wounds that he’d covered for Heath’s sanity and protection. Heath has the world at the tip of his fingers, but the feeling of inadequacy is keeping him from accessing it.

From the day he took charge of Benedict and Associates, Heath has only been content with one aspect of the company… access to Kirklynn Sayers. He, soon, discovers that her wholesomeness is the key to unlock his sanity. While she tries to solve his issues of inadequacy through treatment, Heath reveals that there’s only one way to heal him. Submission.

Kirklynn refuses to submit and jeopardize her career, leaving Heath with no choice but to force his hand. Journey through a story of uncertainty as the two struggle to unearth their most sacred aspirations while undressing one another in the process.



To Tempt a Stallion (The Stallions) by Deborah Fletcher Mello

Second-chance romance

Orthopedic surgeon Nathaniel Stallion is ready to put down his scalpel to pursue his real dream—opening a restaurant in Carmel, California. He’s even hired a top-notch marketing guru to ensure his success. But Rebecca “Bec” Marks isn’t the unassuming buddy he remembers from college. This Bec is confident and wreaking all kinds of havoc on his libido. Now his best friend’s sexy curves have him thinking less about a publicity strategy and more about carnal seduction…

Bec has had eyes for Nathaniel from day one. And regardless of Nathaniel’s naivety to her not-so-innocent schoolgirl crush, her ardor for the tempting newly crowned restaurateur remains intact. This time around she’s determined to win his heart for good. But when a rival beauty and Bec’s meddling ex-fiancé threaten her romantic plans, she’ll pull out all the stops to convince this Stallion that his soul mate has been right in front of him all along.



His San Diego Sweetheart (Millionaire Moguls) by Yahrah St. John

Just say you will

Plenty of women have tried to capture the treasurer of the San Diego chapter of the Millionaire Moguls, Vaughn Ellicott—and his impressive bank account. When the former naval officer meets a gorgeous stranger in need of help, he surprises himself by offering her a mutually beneficial deal. Career-minded Vaughn tells himself that their business arrangement will get his family off his back. But suddenly that’s not nearly as important as getting his beautiful new bride into bed…

Hotel manager Miranda Jensen needs to marry to inherit her grandfather’s fortune. Now the perfect solution to her problem has become handsomely complicated. Between private evenings at Vaughn’s lavish beachfront estate and glittering public events on his arm, she begins to truly fall for him in their pretend affair. And soon Miranda’s no longer able to settle for less than love. Will Vaughn choose to turn make-believe into passionate reality?



Something About You (Coleman House) by Bridget Anderson

Love finds a way

Kentucky farm girl Kyla Coleman grew up believing in the power of healthy living choices to enrich and transform lives. Pursuing her PhD while working at her cousin’s bed-and-breakfast and organic farm leaves little time for a personal life. Until Kyla meets a very handsome and incredibly astute out-of-towner, Miles Parker. There’s something about the baseball legend turned food industry entrepreneur that instantly captivates her despite their wildly opposing views.

His quest to end world hunger has long been Miles’s passion. And Kyla’s the first woman who shares his special altruistic dream. But she’s strictly hands-on, and soon Miles is finding it hard to be hands-offaround the enchanting, whip-smart country girl. As mutual desire leads to a scorching affair, a business opportunity drives a wedge between them. Can Miles persuade Kyla that he’s worthy of her trust in order to create a meeting of minds and hearts?



Unforeseen Circumstances by J.J. Andrews

Donovan St. James, an ambitious young business owner of an advertising agency, has his life’s plans and business goals all mapped out. The anticipation to marry the love of his life, Terri, and expand his growing advertising agency are on his list of priorities, however, a busy schedule of traveling and enhancing his company has caused a strain on his relationship with his fiancée. He truly believes that things will get better at
All he asks for is patience. Every good man deserves that. Right?

Terri Lynn Tracy loves her job as an elementary school teacher and adores her students whom she refers to as her “babies.” The only thing she loves more is her man, Donovan. There is nothing in life that she wants more than to become Mrs. Donovan St. James. Between teaching and planning their upcoming nuptials, she’s loving life, however, more quality time with Donovan is on her list of expectations. All she wants is the life promised to her with Donovan.
Is that too much for a woman to ask?
Successful careers, marriage, children, love and happiness….
That was the goal for Donovan and Terri.
Most of us go into a relationship thinking, “This could be the one.”
Otherwise, why waste your time or energy, right?
Well, what do you do when you’ve given your best and the love of your life betrays you in the worse possible way?

Find out how this couple’s relationship is tested, placing one of these lovers in a provocative situation that could cost them everything that they’ve ever dreamed of in life……
As you delve into the tale of Unforeseen Circumstances.



Loved by a Memphis Hoodlum 2 by B. Love*

Loyalty and respect – that’s what Ivory Gaye built his business and his family on. In part one of ‘Loved by a Memphis Hoodlum,’ Ivory commits the worst betrayal of all. Part two picks up with the Gaye sisters dealing with their father’s actions in different ways.

For Ives, she’s focused on her life and her man… refusing to let her father cause any more havoc in her life. For Wren, she’s focused on proving to her father that she’s worthy of the throne in Ives’ place. For Maverick, she’s focused on the consistent mental battle of good versus evil. Revenge versus karma. Love and life versus death.

Three different sisters, three different reactions and one betrayal, far greater than their father’s, that threatens to pull the family and their relationships with the Humphreys brothers even further apart.



Hold On Tight To Me 2 by May Flowers

Tahari has suffered a great loss: her first love. Even when she was unsure she opened herself up to love and be loved by Messiah but his inability to match her efforts causes him to shatter her heart.

Messiah’s past has always been something that makes him uncomfortable. Only shared with those closest to him Tahari feels like an outcast in his life when he never entrusts her with his heart. He wants to open up but releasing his anger and hurt is no easy feat.

Even though he broke her Tahari comes running to his aide when he calls willing to help him sort through his issues. When he pushes her away for the last time will she slip through his fingers or will he finally take his own advice and hold on tight to her too.



The Senator’s Daughter by Amaka Azie

Rita the only daughter of billionaire, Senator Obaseki, hides behind her reputation as a spoilt wealthy heiress with no ambition to cover up a painful past.
Former soldier Nosa Edosa, believes the Senator to be the epitome of greed and political corruption. Failing to bring him to justice through legal means, his last-ditch effort involves kidnapping the man’s daughter.
The plan is simple, the execution flawless … until love gets involved. Neither Rita nor Nosa are what they seem, and as they discover themselves in this quest to right her family’s wrongs, they suddenly have something too precious to lose—their hearts.

Experience the thrills of Nigerian politics, sizzling romance, and perilous suspense in this action-packed love story by Amaka Azie



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*Girl, Have You Met… Dallas Featured Author. Register here: bit.ly/MeetMeInTX

New Release Round-Up February 26th-March 4th

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