‘I stared at her reddened face after those words left her lips. There was no slur, no confusion and no humor. Only determination. It was the same sentiment that had occasionally taken up residence in my head.’
Robyn & Destiny excerpt

When provocative slogans become more than just words to chant and hashtags more than just something to like or share—what then?

Robyn is a no-nonsense divorcee who spends more time in the office than she should, loves the practicality of bits and bytes, and cannot move beyond her conflicting feelings for her ex-husband, Michael—not that she would ever admit that out loud.

Robyn’s rhythmically rigid life is just as it should be.

Destiny is a widow and full-time loving mom managing the daily schedules of her children. She is the quintessential soccer mom. And though not able to truly move on from the loss of her husband, finds joy in the smallest things.

Destiny moves through life with a natural flow and a kind heart.

Then reality rears its heartless head, upending the orderly life that both women took for granted.

After a night of angst and imagining the unimaginable, best friends Robyn and Destiny decide to take matters into their own hands and do what the justice system didn’t, or wouldn’t do. Will their plan for retribution destroy the lives they’ve gingerly constructed?

A past love, a new love, a family, a friendship and a grieving community all culminate into an unforgettable conclusion.


Book Spotlight – Robyn & Destiny, by Nalo J. Stewart

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