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Something You Won’t Forget (The Berotte Family Book 3) by Monica Walters

Being rejected by girls during his teenage years, Dylan Berotte chooses to live his adult life on his own terms. When he finally emerges from what he considers his ugly duckling phase, he only wants one thing from women… temporary pleasures. Simply the thought of love sours on his stomach. It isn’t until the scare of his lifetime occurs that he decides to reevaluate his life’s choices. Taking a permanent hiatus from his lifestyle of loving them and leaving them, he stumbles upon a woman that literally renders him speechless. For the first time, he doesn’t know how to proceed.

Skyler Fontenot is an upcoming attorney looking for a new start. Love has disappointed her, and, in her mind, she believes distance can be the cure. After accepting a case that is beyond her expertise, she solicits the help of another lawyer in Beaumont, Texas, with hopes of impressing him enough to where he will offer her a position at his firm. One thing she is not expecting is to meet a man that will change her life’s trajectory in the blink of an eye. Despite what she tells herself regarding love, every part of her is against her plans for herself the moment Dylan Berotte opens his mouth.

Drama is the last thing either of them want, but it seems that is exactly what’s in the cards. Dylan’s pending circumstance, at the very least, would give any good woman pause. Once it’s revealed to Skyler, it brings her to a crossroads, and she doesn’t know if she has the patience or if she trusts Dylan enough to even take a chance on him. Will she choose to risk her good sense to be with Dylan, or will she just cut ties altogether and move on in life without him?


Thirty (A Sun Series Bonus Story) (The Sun Series) by Rae Lyse

After the introduction of a controversial criminal justice reform bill, the Georgia State Board of Pardons and Paroles grants Andre “Dre” Owens clemency. Suddenly, he’s forced back into a world that’s more complex than what he remembers… and full of tempting distractions. Most are skeptical that he deserves a second chance, and he is too, until a free-spirited dancer bounces into his life.

Much to her family’s dismay, Natasha “Tash” Breaux dances to her own confusing beat. She’s used to existing in a world that refuses to understand her and carrying the weight of a past that still lingers in the present.

After a mutual friend thrusts them together, Natasha agrees to help Andre cope with his newfound freedom, but there’s a problem—he makes her question everything she thought she knew about herself and the people around her.

She’s the ultimate distraction.

He’s the ultimate enigma.

And they’re so focused on how different their worlds look when they endure them together, neither of them realizes the trouble that lurks beneath their budding friendship.


Group Project by Honesty Price

Von, Griffin, and Dallas are back with…a new friend?


Mister: The Mister Series Prelude by B. Love

Readers fell in love with Kahlil in Mister Librarian, now, he’s ready to introduce the world to a few of his friends…

Mister: The Mister Series Prelude introduces readers to six men in preparation for their individual, standalone novels. It also gives two update chapters for Kahlil and Honey from Mister Librarian.

Please note: each man will have two introductory chapters to prepare readers for his full-length novel. None of the upcoming books will be connected in any way, and they will not have to be read in order. You will not have to read Mister Librarian to read, understand, and enjoy the rest of the titles in the Mister Series, but you are encouraged to read what inspired this standalone series.


my person by Grey Huffington

After a near seven-month hiatus, here you go.


Thief of My Heart : A North Brooke Port Novel by Khamesia Sherean

The Whitfield siblings come from a two-parent home, but both have different upbringings. They are kids of a very powerful politician, so they are held to a certain standard growing up. But as they get older, things start to change.
Yusef Whitfield is the owner of Inkscape Tattoo Parlor and the black sheep of his family. Growing up, all he’s ever wanted is for his parents to love and accept him, but they never do. Feeling neglected and unloved, he turns to the first person that ever shows him love. But soon he realizes that she isn’t who he thinks she is and wants different. When he hires a new worker at the shop, she awakens things in him that he doesn’t even know exist. Will Yusef give up on the love that he knows and try something new, or will he stay where he’s familiar?
Zoei Whitfield is the angel of the family and destined for greatness. In the eyes of her parents, they feel that she can do nothing wrong. All her life, Zoei’s main goal has been pleasing her parents and doing whatever they want her to do to keep them happy. From her career to her love life, everything is centered around her parents’ approval and happiness. But when an unexpected twist throws her plans off track and forces her skeletons to unfold, she’s forced to choose. So will Zoei choose her happiness or her parents’ happiness?
Follow these two siblings into the town of North Brooke Port, and watch the trials and tribulations that unfold between them as they figure their lives out.


Liberated: An Erotic Short by Kimberly Brown

Quinnen Moses is grasping for freedom.

Growing up with a father who viewed submission as a form of controlled love, she promises herself she would never end up like her mother. After abruptly breaking off her engagement to a man measuring up to be every bit of her misogynistic father, Quinnen finds herself in Tahiti with her best friend, Cherry, celebrating the honeymoon without the wedding. Vowing to live free and indulge in everything this trip has to offer, Quinnen lets her hair down and embraces the island vibes. Nothing could have prepared her for the moment she meets Elijah Cane.

In Tahiti for his sister’s destination wedding, Elijah is looking for a good time. When he lays eyes on Quinnen, he knew she would be his for the taking. With sexual attraction at an all-time high and no strings attached, the two quickly turn a beautiful getaway into a naughty paradise. 

Follow Quinnen and Elijah into their island fantasy.


Can’t Hide Love (Richardson Sisters Book 4) by Cheris Hodges

No matter what, the four very different Richardson sisters always uphold their family’s reputation and legacy—a historic bed-and-breakfast in Charleston, South Carolina. But romance that one sister never saw coming will up-end all their expectations . . .
She’s the responsible sister, making sacrifices to run the family’s treasured B&B. But for once, Alexandria Richardson decides to take a vacation—a singles’ cruise, where she throws caution to the wind. And the handsome stranger she meets is just what she needs to make every moment sizzle—for all seven wildly sexy days. Energized and refreshed, Alex returns home—only to discover her holiday hottie is also the renowned architect tapped for the B&B’s major renovation project. How is she supposed to manage a business—and an all-consuming desire?
Wesley Prescott knows how easy it is to put success above everything else. And he has a lot riding on the prestigious Richardson deal—and on working smoothly with the suddenly serious, buttoned-down Alex. But he can’t resist teasing out the daring, adventurous—and lovable—woman he knows she truly is. Will mixing business with way more than pleasure convince them both that this is one fling that won’t be so easily flung? . . .


Wynter Thyme by Connie Easton

The ball of love is no longer in Wynter’s court. She left Cancún in love with a man that stirred everything in her. Thyme is exactly who she needs and wants, but she’s just too scared to reach out and tell him how she really feels. However, Thyme doesn’t play childish games.
Thyme loves Wynter with everything in him. He isn’t the type to let what’s his be claimed or taken care of by someone else. He has no problem laying the law down and letting everyone see how hard he goes behind it.
Wynter committed a foul act, and Thyme’s temper isn’t controllable. They have to figure out how to love without causing harm to one another. Emotional damage hurts just as much as physical.


Deliver Me from Duval: Eyes Wide Open (The Duval Series Book 2) by Chassilyn Hamilton

Tyree never knew how many shades of gray existed in a world she used to view through black and white lenses. Before, everything was clear. Right and wrong, fair and unfair, faithful versus unfaithful.

Kamaal versus Aiyden.

After Kamaal’s betrayal, embarrassment, and attack, Aiyden was the easy choice because he was who her heart was safest. That was until she found out Aiyden’s secret he hid from her, wiping away his innocence, and leaving her to question: who can she run to?

The tragedy that stuck Kamaal’s son keeps Tyree close to her ex, forcing her to deal with feelings that she rather forget.
Being faced with tough choices, Tyree learns that some decisions aren’t as clear as others when her heart and mind are tugging her in different directions. She’s caught up in an emotional web, and some of the moves she makes cause her to fear that she would no longer be a choice.

Is the lesser of two evils a smart strategy when love is involved? How can she build a future when the past won’t let her go?

Book 2 of 3 in the series


Organic (Love OTW Book 1) by Authoress Bethany

It was spoken that their union was written in the stars. 

A misfortune was their beginning, a catastrophe is in their midst, and their ending was……well……Kismet!!


Love In The Bar (Love Notes Book 4) by Maggie Smart

After spending five years at the university, and an extra year in law school, not to mention Nigerian Universities’ rigorous, stressful study schedule, I am ready to take on the justice system in Nigeria. 

However, nothing—absolutely nothing—prepares me for what the day brings when I start a new job. What is it about arrogant asshats that press my buttons? 

Anyway, I’m not about to be deterred. I’m ready to take on the world. God help anyone who wants to stop me, arrogant asshats inclusive. 


An International Affair (A Lassiter Wedding Series Book 1) by Iris Bolling

What happens when dysfunctional families meet the Lassiters? They all learn the meaning of LOVE… Love is Kind, Love is Patience, and Love… lasts for a Lifetime.

The Lassiter siblings have been blessed with an internal detector identified as the love gene. Now, that they have found love, one obstacle after another is threatening their happy ever after….

An International Affair

Luke Lassiter is determined to give his fiancé Sasha Coles the perfect wedding on the beautiful waters of the Mediterranian sea. Now that Luke has won over Sasha’s heart, he wants to protect her peace of mind.

The imp, known as Stephanie Coles, is doing all she can to disrupt her daughter, Sasha’s life. Her goal is simple, money…money…and money. If Sasha’s happiness is destroyed in the process…well, that’s just a plus. 

Between planning a destination wedding and trying to protect her newfound family from her mother, Sasha is at her wit’s end. Unbeknownst to her, plans have been put in place by her family and Luke’s to ensure that this wedding goes off without a hitch.

The only way to get Stephanie from between them to have their happy ever after may be throwing her overboard, however, that could lead to An International Affair.


Wide Open by Ashantay Keys

Emir Wrench has never had a problem pulling women with his unconventional smile. However, as a business owner, he’d consider cleaning up his act. When a client, Dojah Bee, walks into his mechanic shop and takes his breath away… smiling his way into her heart isn’t easy. When the two offer to barter services, getting work done to his mouth takes on a whole new meaning.


Cherished by a Rose by Monae Nicole

A relationship was the furthest thing on Johari Steele’s radar. The single father was only concerned with raising his child and growing his dispensary business. He had his share of meaningless flings but his interest in taking things seriously seems to change when he meets wedding planner Mahogany Rose.

What starts off as a simple sneaky link quickly changes when feelings between these two come to the forefront, and they realize casual sex is not the only thing they want to experience with each other. Despite having fun with no strings attached, Johari feels something for Mahogany that he hasn’t felt in years… Something he hasn’t felt since the passing of his child’s mother.

When the idea of dating with a purpose becomes Johari and Mahogany’s end goal, a blast from Johari’s past makes herself relevant to his present. Will her pop-up mess up everything he’s been set into place with Mahogany, or will the desire to be with the woman who stole his heart, beat out a little thing called history?


A Game Between Friends: A friends with benefits romance (Locketts of Tuxedo Park Book 4) by Yahrah St. John

Will these former friends with benefits rekindle a flame…or settle scores? Find out in Yahrah St. John’s Locketts of Tuxedo Park series finale!

From lovers to friends to lovers again?

It’s complicated!

After losing his football career due to an injury, Xavier Lockett found solace in the arms of singer Porscha Childs…until a misunderstanding tore them apart. Now a sportscaster at a top Atlanta network, the former star quarterback craves another taste of the woman who helped him turn his life around.

But Porscha wants a hit record, not a second broken heart. Yet Xavier’s still irresistible. The sparks between them ignite an inferno that lands her in his bed, but can she trust that this time they’re both playing the same game?


A Vow to Claim His Hidden Son (Ghana’s Most Eligible Billionaires Book 2) by Maya Blake

A sizzling reunion will change one billionaire’s life forever in this shocking secret baby romance by Maya Blake!

“He’ll take his place as my heir. 

And you’ll live as my wife.

Eighteen months after one incredible night, tycoon Ekow Quayson can’t get Evangeline Annan off his mind. But after a shock reunion puts them face-to-face, they’re united by more than their burning desire… Eva’s had his baby! 

She was forced to hide her pregnancy, but now Eva will wear Ekow’s ring for the sake of their son. For the sake of her heart, she demands a marriage in name only. Yet, when they’re alone, Ekow’s touch might prove too irresistible to deny their marital bed…


I’m Giving Myself Over to You: A Standalone Novel by C. Wilson

Bentley has been struggling after losing the love of his life. With a new business venture at his feet and family trouble, he doesn’t have time for a love life. That is until he bumped into Chasity. He didn’t want to entertain the thought of falling in love, but there is something about the caramel beauty that has him reconsidering.

Chasity’s life as a widow has been hectic. Running a business and raising two children is overwhelming, to say the least, but she manages to get the job done. She is ridden with guilt every time a man catches her attention. Letting go of her dead husband is a challenging task to tackle. It will take a strong man to put her heart at ease enough to fall in love again.

Zion is in his prime. His amazing career has allowed him to live a comfortable life. He is finally ready to have that woman on his arm who can make his hard-working day seem less stressful. The only thing standing in his way is the urge to avenge his cousin’s death. When put in a situation to choose between getting rid of the thoughts that keep him up at night, and finding true happiness, he finds himself in a bind.

With emotions at an all-time high, Chasity will have to choose which man she is ready to give her all to. Two broken souls become whole due to grief, pain, and a common interest to love again.


The Heart-Shaped Murders (A West Coast Crime Story Book 1) by Denise N. Wheatley

Catching serial killers is her specialty
Until one follows her home

Attacked and left with a partial heart-shaped symbol carved into her chest, forensic investigator Lena Love finds her latest hunt has become personal. But leaving LA to return to her hometown comes with its own danger—like detective David Hudson, the love she left behind. And soon sparks fly, even as Lena is targeted and stalked, and bodies—all marked with the killer’s signature heart—are discovered in David’s jurisdiction…


Living the Dream by Turtleberry

A buyout at her job prompts Billie to end her career and live her dream of owning a boutique. She buys a building and moves to a nearby small town called Timber Mills. In the process of getting set up she meets Jeff. He runs the carryout down the block from her new shop. Soon she’ll have a new shop and a new man.


Salvage My Soul: A Standalone Novel by Antoinette Sherell

Rhemedy Tate is on a journey of discovery—slowly drowning as she navigates the waters to find her true self through the mirages she’s hidden behind for years.

Musa Walker is on a journey of recovery—coping with the loss of his wife while having to raise their twin daughters alone.

Sparks fly the instant these two lost souls collide; the attraction is undeniable, and their connection is unavoidable. They’re broken and inconsolable, but no one sees them in the way they see one another. Will their unhealthy attachment, and hidden addictions to tame the trauma, lead to their demise before love can prevail?


Before the Storm by Amaka Azie

Just back from a delightful date, Nkem Edun gets a phone call. Her ex-husband is in hospital in critical condition. After four years apart, why hasn’t he changed his next of kin? Regardless, Nkem rushes to his bedside. After all, he is the father of her son. But is that the only reason? As memories of their life together come flooding back, so do Nkem’s doubts. Would forgiving him be so terrible? And more importantly, could she ever trust him again?

Shots. After waking up in hospital, Tunde has plenty of time to ponder the word. Like the shot fired at him point blank, lodging a bullet in his chest that almost killed him. A bullet that also makes him think. Then, there’s Nkem. The first person he sees when he regains consciousness. Another shot. This one in the foot and self-inflicted. How on earth he was ever stupid enough to betray his beautiful Nkem and lose his family, he still doesn’t know. But one thing Tunde does know— he wants his family back. Will Nkem give him another shot?


If there are any new releases that we missed, feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!

New Release Round-Up May 23rd-29th

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