With the hectic lives they live, The Crew looks forward to the holiday season where they spend time with their loved ones. The men have their chance to just be men while the ladies busily prepare for Christmas festivities from their annual Christmas play to savory, holiday dishes.

This year, they set their sights on Denver, Colorado. Soon, what is slated to be a week of celebrating love and the real reason for Christmas turns into pandemonium when Chello learns that his wife’s life is in danger. Instead of turning to him, however, another man takes the lead. That decision alone makes him question the love he and his wife have for each other since heir paths crossed years earlier.

Meanwhile, Myriah is up to her usual antics that not only place her marriage on the back burner once again, but almost push Chico into the arms of another woman from his past. The only problem is that woman, Shonasia Bradley, is no longer interested as she prepares for her own upcoming nuptials.

Fear settles in, lies are told all the while the meaning of Christmas and love are tainted with mistrust and possible misfortune. The love they usually save for the holiday may be no more if they don’t remember why they fell in love in the first place.


Book Spotlight – Save Love For Christmas: A Crew Holiday Romance, by Tisha Andrews

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