Sasha Johnson is the daughter of the biggest King Pin turned pastor, Gregory Johnson. They say with every twin, there’s one good and one bad. With Sasha being torn between living as a saved woman or the life of her own, confusion wreaks havoc in her life. Her twin brother, Shawn, who has no problem being a preacher’s kid, lives his life as a saved man under his father’s leadership.

Sasha’s outlook on the world spirals out of control when she goes away to college and meets her strip club owner boyfriend, Jason. New levels bring new devils, as Sasha experiences hardships, causing her life to put on the line and to be left for dead, possibly without a way to escape the sin she’s been living in.

Will Sasha run back to the church and become filled with the holy ghost, the only thing that can truly save her, or will she stay in her new life and continue to live in sin?

Continue reading to find out what will happen with Sasha…


Book Spotlight – Saved And Filled With The Holy Spirit, by Tiffany Gilbert

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