The Girl
All she ever really wanted to do was write. After reading A Room of One’s Own, she’s undoubtedly convinced that nothing else in the world matter but her craft and her space. So she worked real hard each and every day of her adolescent life until she made it here. New York City. For the past three years, she’d put all her energy into her Creative Writing degree. Armed with laser focus and her trusty, refurbished MacBook Pro, she storms New York City. Pounding the pavements between the campus of Columbia University and her best girls’ apartment in the East Village, she draws inspiration from the many people she passes in the city that never sleeps. Never suspecting she was too, a source for which someone drew inspiration.

The Guy
He had everything he wanted, but it came at a high cost. His childhood. After fleeing his last foster home, he gets on the first train heading out of his desolate little town. A hood legend before he was even old enough to buy himself a drink, the game with the highest stakes became cliche to him. Now, reinvented, successful, and filled with a renewed ambition, he’s cornering a new product. Hospitality. He’d sworn off love before ever even knowing what it was. Throwing all his energy into putting his two companies on the globe, he takes over the East Village hospitality sector. Not realizing he’d opened the path to his heart after all.

The Race
By chance encounter, both the girl and the guy cross paths and find themselves in a race all their own. Quickly they realize it’s the only race that they can’t run alone. Ready. Set. Love


New Release Spotlight – Ready. Set. Love., by Harleigh Rae

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