Eva Richardson had a rough upbringing, but she stuck to her guns and achieved her goals of graduating college. Meeting and marrying Walter Watson was the icing on the cake, and now Eva is living a fairytale lifestyle many women only dream of. However, the glitz and glamour of love soon turns a little black and blue, and she soon realizes that she’s in hell on earth. Eventually Pandora’s Box blows wide open and all Walter’s ugly secrets ooze out. Eva is forced to decide if this is just a phase or if the saying, “he doesn’t love you if he doesn’t hit you every now and again” is true. Love, passion, and betrayal take a horrible turn, and Eva is forced to face a life-altering event. Will Walter and Eva find their way to a happily ever after? Or will their love affair end with broken hearts and pain that can’t be undone?


Book Spotlight – Sleeping With One Eye Open, by Saundra

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