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Soul Ties (Soulmates Book 4) by Aja

“There’s a lot my children still don’t understand about the gifts given to the women in my family, but there was a time I didn’t comprehend it either. The consequences of my ignorance and my insolence, still haunt me. “

They didn’t know her story before, because she hadn’t told them. 

She didn’t reveal how being so deeply tethered to a man who didn’t take care of that precious connection, had wrecked her body and soul, making it nearly impossible to breathe some days. She didn’t want them to know the ugly parts of her existence; had only hoped to give her girls the good in her, and on that, most days she’d failed. 

But so much goodness surrounded her now, by way of self-healing and a good man, Solomon. His love, despite her attempts to keep him at bay, helped to pull her out of the darkness, into the light, and with it, the truth gets unearthed.

The good, the bad, and the ugly lay bare and vulnerable … and so does she.

Here is Zora Green’s story.

Soul Ties is the 4th and final book in the ★★★★★ Best-Selling Soulmates series by Aja. Visit ajathewriter.com for more information about the author and her books.


Menace: a short (Lavendale Book 4) by Aubree Pynn

The Hills may have the Monarchs and Prophets, but Lavendale is the home of the Knights and their queens.


The Summer Storm, A Love for All Seasons, Book 4 by Tiye Love

When love strikes so unexpectedly…

Summer Locke has made sacrifices for the sake of her family for most of her life. First as the oldest of four daughters, and then as a busy doctor and single mother to her burgeoning teen, Bella. Now at thirty-five with three younger sisters all coupled up, she is fighting loneliness and resentment. Afraid to truly love because of a secret she is not yet ready to reveal, she has given up on happily ever after and would settle with happily for now. Until she meets cowboy Maverick Shaw. He is the man she never knew she’d dreamed of with his rugged good looks, easy smile, natural swagger, and undeniable sex appeal. As their love grows, and the pressure to divulge the truth heightens, Summer’s world begins to spin out of control. And she wonders if she can withstand the consequences of her past actions or will she lose it all?


The Mother and the Gentleman by Tucora Monique

“Do I want you because you’re wonderful? Or are you wonderful because I want you?” —Brandy

Carter Chandler shares the same story as many beauties forced to bloom in poverty. She knows the struggles of going without. Possessing a palate accustomed to food bank meals, she’s viewed as a statistic that she doesn’t feel is befitting. Carter is thirty, working more than she should have to, but providing for three children pushes her ambition. However, being a single mother with a plate nearly running over the rim, gives Carter’s oldest the opportunity to drift beyond her sight and puts them both in the pocket of a man she’s known before.

Many men from the trenches of Hughes Pointe can only hope to have the success story Joyner Baskins has experienced. After spending years behind bars, Joyner is adamant on how he wants his life to go once he returns to water his roots. From prison walls to boardrooms, the thirty-six-year-old steps into a lucrative industry and pours into his community what he feels it lacks. Nonetheless, an invasion of privacy and a mutual resolution not only puts Joyner in the position to educate but causes the goon turned gentleman to reassess a story he thought he had mapped out.


Whenever You’re Ready by T. Key

Torn in between the two…that is how Katrina Lane is feeling when Malik Warren makes his presence felt in her world.. Her heart is torn right down the middle. Will she stay with the man that she’s loved for three years? Or move on and leave the what ifs behind?


Steady Love – Kyree & Braelynn by Kay Shanee

*This story is an update on the lives of Kyree and Braelynn Ross, who were first introduced in Since the Day We Met. If you have not read the previously mentioned book, I would recommend that you do. This is a novelette and only meant to give you a small glimpse into the couple’s life after marriage and children.*

Several years have passed since the day they met, and Kyree and Braelynn are living happily ever after… or are they?

As they maneuver through the ups and downs of life as business owners and the parents of three boisterous boys, Kyree is convinced their family won’t be complete until he has a little girl to spoil rotten. Braelynn, however, disagrees.

What happens when there is no compromise? Will their love remain steady, or will this test the limits of their love?


The Friend Zone (Quicksand Book 6) by Delaney Diamond

Their friendship is strong. Their attraction is stronger.

For years, English professor Dana Lindstrom has been crushing on her friend, ex-NFL football player Omar Bradford. When another man sparks her interest, she embarks on a new relationship to help her get over those feelings for Omar.

To Omar, Dana is a prize he’s held at arm’s length for years, stifling his long-held feelings for her to preserve their close relationship. When Dana’s new love interest stirs intense jealousy, he’ll risk their friendship to show her once and for all he’s the only man she’ll ever need.

(Quicksand is a series of stand alone stories based on love, sex, and romance. Why Quicksand? Because love pulls you in. The more you fight, the deeper you fall. You can’t fight your way out of quicksand, and you can’t fight your way out of love.)


Plunge Deeper: My Heart Awaits by India T. Norfleet

Adina Payne never thought she’d ever be able to pull herself back together after her divorce. Understandably broken, she bolts from anything too serious and declares herself too difficult to love. It isn’t until Adina finds her soul slowly drowning in sadness with no escape in sight that she begins to desperately grasp for the broken pieces of her heart to make herself whole again.

With just enough courage to put one foot in front of the other, Adina hopes for the best. Just when progress seems futile, an unexpected night and an unexpected kiss provides her with an unmistakable view of love that threatens to plunge her deeper into her soul, where her heart awaits. Unsure of how to handle the sudden taste of forbidden fruit, she bolts again. But this time, Adina just may have good reason…

The instant attraction Caleb Towns had to Adina when they first met shocked him. Until that moment, he’d never experienced instant attraction to the extent he felt he had to have her or avoid her completely. Especially with how she was introduced, he knew chaos would appear without warning. Blown away, Caleb removes himself from Adina’s path as much as humanly possible. A chance run in years later initiates buried fantasies to resurface, and this time, allowing her to get away isn’t an option.

Not concerned with anything but going after the one woman he’s always wanted, Caleb will stop at nothing to win her heart. Only… someone else is out to shred it… and just might get to her first.


HANNAH by K. Yvette

Can you love her through it all?

The good, the bad and the ugly.

HANNAH is the prelude to a love story.

It’s encouraged to read JIREH as well.

K. Yvette’s debut release, Living Single is now available on Amazon


Locked Away With You by Cherish Amore

Imagine being locked in a room with a complete stranger. Would you survive? For Oakley and Holland, the idea of having to share a room with someone they don’t know becomes a reality.

Both are on a venture to escape their worlds, attempting to leave behind everything negative. Along the way, paths are crossed, introducing the idea of building together. Before they get too far off the ground, secrets and truths are exposed, showing just what they’re fleeing.

While seemingly locked away from the world, they not only have to face their own demons, but that of the other as well. Knowing the truth about Oakley, will Holland continue to pursue her? After finding out just what Holland is hiding, can Oakley look past it, considering her own past?


The Resolute Prince (Royal House of Saene Book 5) by Nana Prah

As head of palace security Prince Zareb Saene lives to protect the Royal House of Saene. Between his work and coaching competitive fencing, he has no time for relationships. That is, until he meets the beautiful and headstrong Malika Ahvanti. She scales his carefully constructed walls and lands squarely in his heart. If only he could shake this unwarranted, illicit pull towards her younger brother, the new fencing protégé that he’s been charged with training. 

Malika dreams of becoming an Olympic gold medalist and is determined to succeed. Training with the Lion of Bagumi is her only chance, but after past deceptions, he refuses to coach females. Getting what she wants comes at an uncomfortable price. With great risk she presents herself as a young man with promising skill. The guilt of lying compounded by her undeniable desire for Zareb puts her future in jeopardy and her heart in danger. 


Playtime by Marvin Mason

Prominent Chicago Assistant District Attorney, Ellis Freeman and his associate, Hank Jackson, are in the middle of a tinderbox civil rights trial when they discover their co-chairs have been brutally murdered.
With the help of FBI, they begin an investigation to find out who would kill these advocates of the law and their daughter.
Before the city is blown apart from this heinous crime, Freeman and Jackson discover there could soon be another victim. Time is running out, and their only clue is someone called “Playtime”.


The Kiss: A Novella by Marie Q. Francois

Zariah always dreamed of one day having a family of her own to love. But her long-held protest to marry equally into a male-dominated household is standing in her way. Is her protest worth the price? Or can Kwasi provide her a way to mutual happiness?


The Day I Met My Soul by Tisha Andrews

Tye “Swoon” Betelli is at the height of his career, an illustrator for a top rated animated show on a major network. From the outside looking in, Swoon appears to have it all—a beautiful, aspiring actress for a girlfriend, Ciara, for the past five years and a six-figure salary. When not working, he’s either freelancing or volunteering at his brother Rome’s community center as a guest speaker or art teacher. He and Rome couldn’t be any closer despite them being like night and day.

While Rome doesn’t mind spreading himself around when it comes to dating, Swoon is quite comfortable being a one woman’s man, that is, until he learns that Ciara has checked out of the relationship, labeling him boring and predictable.

Life as Swoon knew it soon changes when he meets a struggling single mother—Sanniyah Seacaster. Sanniyah and Ciara have something in common as Sanniyah is a struggling actress herself. Landing a few gigs, however, are never enough when raising a child alone. Used to moving around, she and her son take a leap and try a new city. What Sanniyah never imagined though besides landing a new job was her discovering that love just might be waiting in the wings for her.

The only problem is two men are interested in her—Swoon and Rome. Will Sanniyah fall prey to Rome, the outgoing, charismatic ladies’ man or will she give Swoon a try, the one fresh out of a relationship trying to do something new, different, and unpredictable?


Empty by Nyerra

Life had never been easy for Caleesi Thompson. While struggling through college, she decides to take a position at a gentlemen’s night club in order to make ends meet. However, when she learns that her mother has been diagnosed with cancer, everything in her world seems to fall apart. But one night while dancing at the club, she crosses paths with someone special from her past.

Zack Warren had always been the problem child during their younger days. His behavior causes his parents to send him away in order to flee his troubles. But now that he’s returned, he’s determined to take over his family’s business. Zack wants no distractions while on his quest to become a CEO; but when he and Caleesi reunite, she seems to be the only thing he can focus on.

Their chemistry is undeniable, which ultimately leads to a relationship that neither of them saw coming. Before Caleesi can fully grasp the fact that she’s fallen in love with Zack, her mother’s cancer progresses, unfortunately claiming her life. Caleesi is completely broken and leans toward Zack for support as she falls into a dangerous depression.

But when their relationship suddenly takes a turn for the worst, Caleesi fears that rock-bottom is her final destination.

Kamal Wright had a tough childhood. Watching his mother endure physical abuse at the hands of his father has taken a toll on his mental health. His anger is so far gone that he’s been forced to consume medication in order to stay sane. Kamal, however, refuses the pills and trusts himself to fight the condition on his own.

When Zack asks him to accompany Caleesi’s best friend, Nique, on a double-date; Kamal immediately finds the new source of his mental peace. His anger has ran many women off in the past, but Nique is completely different. She’s patient, kind, and understanding to what he’s going through. She makes it so easy to trust her with his heart and that’s exactly what he does.

The fact that she also dances at a gentlemen’s club has no effect on Kamal’s feelings for her. But when she’s approached by a heavy hitter in the streets named, Spank, her occupation suddenly becomes a problem. Spank wants Nique to dance at a private party for him, but Kamal is uncomfortable with the entire situation. Despite voicing his opinion, Nique agrees to dance at the party, which causes an unexpected disturbance in their relationship.

Will love be able to save these couples from the turbulence they’re experiencing? Or will they be left empty beyond repair?


Open Your Heart (Richardson Sisters Book 3) by Cheris Hodges

Their family’s historic bed-and-breakfast in Charleston, South Carolina,is a legacy the four very different Richardson sisters are determined to protect at all costs. But sudden passion is a seductive—and dangerous—complication . . .

For fashion boutique owner Yolanda Richardson, coming home is a matter of life and death. Witness to a brutal crime, she’s terrified to put her family’s B&B in the crosshairs after she starts receiving death threats. Her only refuge is the protection of her reserved hired bodyguard, Charles Morris. But Charles is anything but safe. His icy cool-under-fire—and hidden intensity—is too explosive for Yolanda to resist . . .
Love always equals loss—Charles knows that hard equation all too well. Controlling his emotions keeps his clients from harm—and his heart safe. Yolanda’s beauty and headstrong spirit have him wanting her in all kinds of ways. But for her own protection, he has to do his best to keep her at arm’s length. Until unexpected danger and lethal misunderstandings put their survival—and any chance at a future together—on the knife-edge . . .


One More Second Chance: A steamy second chance island getaway romance (Blackwells of New York Book 2) by Nicki Night

Exes reunite at the wedding of the season in this she ended things with ex-fiancé Carter Blackwell, the last thing Phoenix Jones wants is to reunite with him at the year’s hottest destination wedding. But as the sensual tropical setting reawakens long-suppressed desire, a twist of fate forces Phoenix to walk down the aisle with Carter—as maid of honor and best man. She knows he’s used to sealing any deal. Will Carter seize this second chance and finally convince her to say I do?

From Harlequin Desire: Luxury, scandal, desire—welcome to the lives of the American elite.

Love triumphs in these uplifting romances, part of the Blackwells of New York series:

Book 1: Intimate Negotiations
Book 2: One More Second Chance


Things That Were Never Said by Dwayne Love

Mark grew up as a kid in Barstow, California always having a crush on his neighbor Val who’s also his sister’s best friend. Them being together never seemed like it would happen until one summer they were both home from college. The summer fling didn’t work out as either thought it would, but now after both have had some ups and downs in life maybe there can be a second chance. Or will it be too late. Meanwhile Mark’s sister and his best friend Kelly have their own issues to deal with.


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New Release Round-Up July 26th-August 1st

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