Book 1: Broken Souls

Johnathan R. Ellis walked away from his fucked-up life in coastal South Carolina, after burying his mother, and surviving the sadistic abuse and depravity of his stepdad. He hopes to find redemption as well as himself while away at college but instead, he found her.

Vivian A. Bruno is your classic introvert but there’s something innately sexual and passionate about her, as well. She’s on a journey of self-discovery and can see no reason to date while attending college. But then again, John Ellis isn’t just any old reason.

He destroys everything he loves.

She loves everything that can destroy her.

Maybe they will cancel each other out…

or will their toxic pasts break them both in the most destructive way imaginable?

Trigger Warning: Language, Strong Sexual Content, Strong BDSM Themes, Domestic Violence, Dubious Consent


Book 2: Mirrored Souls: Âmes en miroir

Six months ago she was married to and loved by the only man strong enough to make her believe in happily-ever-afters… But then again, nothing can last forever. Vivian knew Jonathan Ellis would break her the moment she gifted him with her submission. But how could she know the deepest parts of her had already been fractionated long before John chose to own and love her? They always thought they were fated lovers, destined to heal each other’s broken hearts. However, they discover their love creates a perfect reflection of the lightest and darkest expressions mirrored within both their souls.


Vivian Ellis wakes up pregnant in her own bed; but she can’t remember anything since that night—six months ago—when John broke her soul to sooth his foolish pride. He’s convinced he’s the only one who can put her back together again. However; the new voice in Vivian’s head is screaming that John belongs to her. At some point, Vivian realizes she doesn’t need John or anyone else to come to her rescue… Does she have what it takes to look into the mirror and face what she’s been afraid of all along?


Book 3: Consecrated Souls

Dark. Intense. Addictive.

In book three of the Broken Souls series, John and Vivian Ellis are coming back together after spending three months apart.

Courageous. Disturbing. Passionate.

Vivian has learned to accept and embrace every light and dark part of herself. She is no longer willing to compromise or sacrifice herself for the sake of love, sex, or security. John has a decision to make.

Carnal. Sacred. Transformative. 

He can continue to lie to himself and live in the past, but he will lose his future. Or he can make the commitment to do the work, fulfill their elemental covenant, and become…

Consecrated Souls.


Book 4: Harmonious Souls

Childhood trauma is the anti-security blanket I’ll never get rid of. It is not a soft and cuddly thing. It gives absolutely no comfort or sense of safety. When—not if, because it always will—it crawls out from the deep recesses of its hiding place; I give myself permission to sink into the awful warmth of its painful familiarity. Taking whatever solace I can, while petitioning my broken soul to fight because we won before, and we must win again…

~Vivian Ellis

If you’ve made it to book four of the Broken Souls series, you don’t need a book blurb to pique your interest in reading this last book.

If you’ve read Broken, Mirrored, and Consecrated Souls, then you already have a good idea about what will happen in the series’ final book. At least, you think you know what’s going to happen. Let that be your little drip of titillation for the back of the book blurb.

Thanks for sticking with the entire series and being here for the Oh, my God! I did not see that coming moment sprinkled throughout Harmonious Souls.

If you’re a die-hard fan and want the extended epilogue, sign up for my newsletter using the link in this book, and find out what happens with everyone up to the present day.
That’s all I have for my book blurb.

If you wanna know what happens, read the damn book.

Book Spotlight – The Broken Souls Series, by Ella Shawn

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