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Check out these new releases from January 30th-February 5th.

Mister Teacher (The Mister Series Book 6) by B. Love

Janae McEntire has suffered enough loss to not want love again. Even without the desire to love, Janae can’t help but consider how much better her life would be if she allowed the right man to love her. While her heart tells her that man is Tyreek Roberts, Janae’s mind tells her to steer clear of him.

After seeing his brother, Kahlil, find happiness and love, Tyreek decides he’s ready for the same. Mister Teacher has a past that demands he tie up a few loose ends before he can obtain his happily ever after with Janae.

To celebrate Honey and Kahlil’s upcoming wedding, the crew of friends decide to spend a week in Las Vegas, where both Janae and Tyreek have the chance to explore each other on deep and intimate levels. Just when they allow themselves to consider a future together, an old client from Tyreek’s past resurfaces with a big ask and an even bigger secret to blackmail Tyreek into doing just about anything he wants…


My Heart Or Yours: A Short by Kyeate

For Karana James, life dealt her a hand she wasn’t sure she could handle. Sadly, tragedy strikes as she prepares to change her life for the better. Despite her best efforts, a medical condition interrupts her life.

She decides she needs a change of pace and that she should live every day as if it was her last, so she takes herself out for the coveted holiday… Valentine’s Day. A chance encounter with Julian Hall reveals just how much she has missed.

The friendship takes a drastic turn when a promise made years ago comes back to haunt Karana, leaving her questioning her heart.


His Good Thing: A Christian Romance by Faith Arceneaux

“Do not judge, or you too will be judged.”

Loren had heard it plenty of times from her father in the pulpit, and around the house growing up.

But still, when she met Jameson, it was the first thing she did.

She judged him for who she thought he was.

When the church anniversary comes along, she needs a date. To avoid being set up with a ‘nice, young man from the church,’ — she decides she should take a chance on Jameson instead.

But would a fake date be considered a lie? And would she be judged for it?


Sinful Obsession: A Dark Mafia Romance (Mafia Misfits Book 5) by Asia Monique

Finnegan O’Sullivan

The first time I heard her name, my cold heart warmed.

The first time I saw her face, a switch inside me flipped on.

The first time I heard her speak, she became my voice of reason.

I wanted to know her…

Learn her…

Love her…

She was my new obsession.

Violet Jackson

The first time I heard his name, my heart found its rhythm again.

The first time I saw his face, all of a sudden, everything made sense.

The first time I heard him speak, he became my voice of reason.

I wanted to know him…

Learn him…

Love him…

He was my new obsession.

Note: Sinful Obsession is book five in the mafia misfits series and can be read as a standalone. This story includes depictions of violence; may be sensitive for some readers.


Offsides: A Superbowl Party Second Chance Romance (A Back to Love Short Book 3) by Tina Martin

After being separated for six months, Ivory and Tyler Richards unexpectedly reunite at a Superbowl party thrown by their best friends. But is food and excitement enough to bring this couple back together?

A Standalone Short Story

Other Back To Love Short Stories:
Marriage Quarrel in Quarantine
Countdown to You


R&B Mixtape by Connie Easton

Three couples and three new beginnings.


Forever My Savage by Courtney Irving

Her name is Solana Gage. As a captivating neo-soul singer, she has dreams of owning a music label. Love has often derailed her by handing her some heavy blows, including having to walk away from the street legend who captured her heart. However, it’s her rebound that issues the hardest hit when he drives her to the brink of death. Recovering is a daunting process. Even more so when her love walks back into her life. 

Tarzan Begay owns a hookah and cigar lounge, Eazy Smokes and Vibez. In a short period of time, he has come a long way from his days running the streets. Still, he’s just as cautious and strategic when it comes to his affairs and love is no exception. Women are kept at arm’s length until he sees her again. 

Will love’s rekindling bond the distant hearts? Or are there too many secret scars in between?


His Perfect Wife: A Second-Chance Christian Contemporary Romance (Orange Valley) by Aminata Coote

He broke her heart once. Should she give him a second chance?

Tonya McPherson dreamt of marrying her first love. Four years after the love of her life left her, she’s given up on the idea of happily ever after. Now he’s back…and she’s forced to work with him. Will her heart survive the constant what-ifs?

Malcolm Hall made the biggest mistake of his life when he broke up with Tonya. When he’s assigned as the youth pastor at the church Tonya attends, he hopes for a second chance. Can Tonya forgive him?

Is it too late for them to try again? Or will they miss out on a once-in-a-lifetime love?

His Perfect Wife is the prequel to a Christian romance series set in Orange Valley that will remind you that God is interested in every aspect of your life, including whom you fall in love with.


Will I Still Love Me Tomorrow by R. Coxton

Neosha Lawton, successful podcaster life has been anything but easy. Coming from a toxic home and experiencing heartbreak at an early age. A plus-sized beauty who doesn’t let her past determine her future. As she pursues her dreams of being the next Oprah as with anything life sometimes can derail your dreams. Never one to circumstances she will quickly learn sometimes you have to take a loss to gain what you need. Will other’s hatred bring her dreams to a crashing halt?


Ravenous Rebound: a Steamy NA Sports Romance (Players & Sinners) by Cam Johns

One swish of the hoop.

One shot in the dark.

Two souls to save.

Rourke Reid had one escape from his crappy childhood. Basketball. But he’s been messing up lately. Lashing out at professors, losing focus, failing–which he hates. So, to prove his father wrong, Rourke submits to the advice of his counselors. No sex.

Without the distraction, the pain he had buried surfaces, making it hard to focus. That is, until he meets his tutor, Justice Whitlock. The one woman on the campus who hates the player, on and off the field. Sinfully gorgeous or not, Rourke comes with a permanent spotlight, and Justice comes with a target on her back. Falling for Rourke isn’t just a risk that can end in a broken heart, it’s a death sentence. One that can end two lives.


Breakfast with the Nanny (Knight Family Series Book 3) by Rae Anderson


It was her delicateness when she was wrapped in my arms in the wee hours of the nights and mornings, the sweetness and softness of the way she parented Lily, and her joy at watching her grow. It was the way her eyes blossomed when she saw me enter the house after a long day at work.
I’d drain oceans if it meant it would please her. I’d cross galaxies just to be near her. It was never a question of who I’d lay down to ensure her safety. She was as rare as a gemstone and she deserved my protection. She deserved the security of love. She deserved to be provided for. Kennedy deserved the world. I was fully committed to lay it at her feet but somehow I kept getting in my own way.
On paper, the Knight men looked perfectly legit, but my better judgment told me it was more to their story. One that couldn’t be written and was forbidden to be told. One I might never know, but found myself craving. Especially when it came to Lotus Knight.
He was a doting father, a smart businessman, and he was patient. He was the type of man that didn’t need a woman to validate his ego. You could see it in his posture. The way he walked with a straight neck and spine. It was even more evident in the posture of his spirit. The way his head never hung, even when he was hurting. The way he utilized wisdom that you’d only see in elders. He was wise. A man of little words but he commanded the room. Lotus Knight, I feared, would be my demise.

This book can be read as a standalone.


Zero Zero, Twenty Four by Alicia Weathers-Grey

If you love me, how much are you willing to sacrifice?


Love Changes: Aerynn & Jaxon’s Story by D’Mesha

Jaxon Reed is newly divorced and wants to channel his focus into running his companies. His plans deter when he runs into a beautiful damsel with a story that tugs at his heart strings.
Aerynn Robinson thought life was peaches and cream, until her whole world spirals over the course of a day. Her only focus is getting back on her feet for the sake of her daughter. She runs into a kind gentleman who wants to bring her peace and shelter her from the pain.
All wounds heal over time. But, Love Changes….


If there are any new releases that we missed, please feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!

New Release Round-Up January 30th-February 5th

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