Have you ever wondered why some people in the church can be so mean, judgmental, and holier than thou? Raquel Brooks finds out first-hand when at the tender age of fifteen, her life takes a drastic turn. She grows up, living a sheltered life, thanks to her mother, being naïve to the ways of the world. Due to that, her eyes are closed to the fact that going to church doesn’t make a person holy. She learns that from her own parents, then from members at the church she goes to. Raquel’s life is nothing short of a roller coaster ride, filled with sadness, depression, but most of all, her desire to be loved. Things happen that could be detrimental to Raquel’s future, but she refuses to give up. There is one particular person that needs her to keep her sanity. So, Raquel is determined to succeed, despite the circumstances. Will she be able to overcome adversity or will the people that’s supposed to mean her the most good, contribute to her downfall?

Book Spotlight – The Devil Goes to Church Too (Written Between the Pages Book 1), by Monica Walters

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