Donna Hill helped me discover the joy of love in romance novels.  Her books gave readers the chance to escape into the arms of a handsome man and feel the passion of being loved.  She also gave readers the opportunity to see love in warm hues (CCJ, I stole this phrase from you). Since I’ve read everything published by this author; I like to consider myself an authority on everything Donna Hill.  The Lawsons of Louisiana series will likely remain as one of my favorite set of books by this author.

Because of my love affair with everything Lawson; Rafe Lawson holds my heart. His accent makes me want to run to Louisiana to see if I can find this man in real life. Donna Hill wrote Rafe well enough for readers to have a clear vision of his persona, his finesse, and his complexities.  I never thought I would see the day when Rafe would ever consider taking a bride, but the way his story evolved was terrific. The perfect woman for him was someone he’d known for several years who was the one to finally capture his heart.

The Bad-Boy Heir to the Lawson fortune was ready to tie the knot when the unthinkable happened just in the nick of time. The ensuing events briefly destroyed the harmony within Rafe and Avery’s romantic space. Even being a decorated Secret Service Agent and the daughter of Senator Richards did not prepare her for the bombshell that detonated inside her and Rafe’s relationship bliss. The couple faces  a set of complicated circumstances I was not sure their relationship would survive. In the end, I was happy the way this story concluded with Rafe and Avery in their rightful situation. It was time for Rafe to have his happily ever after. I’m hopeful to see more of Rafe and his forever love down the line and maybe get some little Lawsons in the mix.

Bravo Donna Hill for continuing to bring readers great stories after all these years. A loyal fan for the duration. 5 Stars!

Review – When I’m with You (The Lawsons of Louisiana), by Donna Hill

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