Zaire St. James has been in love with Sakari McIntyre since they were adolescents. Sakari was in a relationship, and Zaire was too busy being the bad boy. Zaire is now a reformed bad boy and a businessman ready to settle down and find love himself.
But being divorced for five years, Sakari is now in a place of peace after enduring years of cheating from her ex-husband. She’s shut herself off from love and is not interested in anything other than her child and growing her businesses.
Reunited again in New York during the holidays for her best friend and his cousin’s wedding. Zaire has never forgotten the only woman he has ever truly loved. Sakari is pleasantly surprised at Zaire’s transformation and a bit confused and scared by her resurfacing feelings. The chemistry between these two long lost friends is immediate. Both are aware of it. Only Zaire has the courage to acknowledge it. Sakari is too afraid of history repeating itself. Could this be her second chance to love again, or is she destined to live a life without love?


Book Spotlight – To Love Again (Holiday Snack), by Ara Moore

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