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Yours For The Taking (Falling For A Rose Book 12) by Stephanie Nicole Norris

Outspoken, daring, assertive—Nothing stands in Carla Jones’s way when she has her mind made up. Carla’s witty personality is a breath of fresh air to those around her. And someone who admires Carla from afar happens to be the only person that’s invaded her dreams and awakened her passion for love. The problem is whenever their paths cross, it’s for a stimulating fleeting moment. When those moments end, his silence makes Carla wonder if their chemistry is a figment of her imagination. Clueless about his disposition, Carla decides to leave her options open for love even when her soul yearns for the man of her distant dreams. 

It was his heart he couldn’t ignore. 

World-renowned Architect Jacob Alexander Rose wants to stick to his daily routines and career-driven focus. Relationships are a thing of his past; and they never worked in his favor. But with every event he attends, so does the one who rules his cognitive mind—Carla Jones. Sensuous thoughts of her bombard him at every turn, making Jacob wonder if colliding with Carla is a part of his future he’s determined to fight off. 

Consumed with an ever-present dripping heat when their proximities converge, Jacob is torn between exploring their attraction or allowing the pain of a disappointing history to take precedence over what could’ve been.


Key To Your Heart by Necole Ryse

Jaimee Holloway never thought she’d spend ten weeks on a private island competing for a man, especially not international R&B superstar Pierre “Key” Heart. But when she wakes up on his bedroom floor, bruised and covered in blood, she realizes that someone will stop at nothing for a chance at love. 

Shaundra Belle couldn’t care less about a TV show. She wants one thing, and one thing only: to leave paradise with her man by her side. With her eyes set on the prize, she won’t let anyone stand in her way. How far will she go to get her happily ever after?

Identical twins Wednesday and Friday Mann are all about securing the bag. When Friday is presented with an offer she can’t refuse, she ends up with more than she bargained for. Can Wednesday, her overprotective sister, save her again without revealing her own secrets? Or does she have too much to lose this time?

With the walls closing in, can the four women come together to figure out who killed the King of R&B? Or is the killer hiding in plain sight?

Key To My Heart is a reality show whodunit that will leave you guessing until the very end!


Flicker: An Ahmalee and Cain Update by Tina Martin

His eyes warm me like the flame of a candle…

Ahmalee and Cain are beginning their new lives as a married couple, but it’s taking Ahmalee more time to get adjusted to Cain’s millionaire lifestyle. She’s in love with her husband but struggles internally with her new identity as the millionaire mogul’s wife living in their Charlotte, North Carolina mansion. Can they meet in the middle to keep the flame burning?

*This is a look into the lives of Ahmalee and Cain after their whirlwind romance and marriage. For the best reading experience, you must read the Unlikely Love Series books, When I Needed You and When You Needed Me before reading this update story.


The Cask by Danielle Allen

I endured the thousand injuries of Omari Fortune as best I could. But when he ventured upon insult, I vowed revenge. 

The good-looking businessman knew exactly what he did. And if he thought those broad shoulders and sexy lips were going to smooth things over, he was mistaken. If he thought flirting was going to change things, he was incorrect. If he thought asking me on a date was going to make things right, he was dead wrong.

But his advances gave me an idea.  

They say keep your friends close and your enemies closer. And when you want revenge, it’s best that your enemy doesn’t know he’s your enemy. But how close is too close? 


Lie In It by B. Love

Regal Pierre is convinced he’s met the love of his life when Sophia Black’s car breaks down on the side of the road. They have a lot in common and balance out each other’s differences. It seems as if fate approves of their union…until a mistake from Regal’s past resurfaces. When Sophia becomes aware, they both have to look at the mess leftover in Regal’s bed and choose if they want to lie in it…


You Could Do Damage by K.C. Mills

“When you love, you have the ability to destroy. Those lines often become blurred and we hurt those who we vowed to protect…”

Kincaid needs a wife, Nari needs a family. When the terms are negotiated, they both realize that they’ve taken on more than they have bargained for.

Kincaid is they type of man who’s life is all about power and control. His new seat with The Families is weighing heavily as a challenge and a sacrifice, but Kincaid isn’t built to accept defeat. The idea of losing anything, including his heart, fuels the desire to dominate.

Nari has no idea what she’s gotten herself into by agreeing to an arranged marriage. What she assumed would be an easy come up turns out to be a dangerous war of wills, which could potentially lead to the loss of her most invaluable asset, her heart. Unfortunately, she’s stuck between the urge to run and the need to stay. Kincaid Akel is a force like no other and she is struggling to stay grounded, while refusing to lose herself.


Talk To Me Nicely by BriAnn Danae

Words of affirmation.

That seemed to be my love language. Especially when whispered sonorously in my ear as I climaxed. On the hunt for something new — someone rather, I found myself in a situation I couldn’t escape. I didn’t want to.

Khalan Mason is just what the doctor prescribed and I wanted every single inch and dose of him. 


My Nasty Valentine by Deshon Dreamz

Love is in the air and these old Deshon Dreamz couples have been loud and reckless with their expression of their love. Just an update from some of your favorite Dreamz couples on an incredibly special day.


After-Tines: A Holiday Short (Holiday Shorts Book 4) by Aubree Pynn

Love comes when you least expect it. Always be ready.

*this is a short in every sense of the word.*


Explicitly Yours by ShaniceXLola and Asia Monique

What happens when your best friend gifts you a trip to Antigua and secretly sets you up with a beautiful stranger while you’re there?

You sink or swim.
Indulge or starve.
Live or let life at a luxury resort pass you by.
Be open to love or possibly miss out on the love of your life.

Find out what choices Arya Scott and Jace Michaels make in Explicitly Yours.


It’s Only You For Me by Cherida Franklin

Ayre Fortune is trying to get over her past, but her past won’t seem to let her get over it. What exactly can a girl do when she’s earnestly seeking for a serious sexual relationship but finds herself trapped inside a frigid body? There’s only one option, but will that option cause her to lose what little dignity she has left?


Stolen by a Billionaire by Miss. J

Somehow, I fell in love with the man who kidnapped me from my husband over a stupid gambling debt.

My name is Urvi, and this is my story.


Let Me Love You by Tamika Brown

At twenty-one, Rese McNair thought she found the man of her dreams in Ryan Warner, but she didn’t know about the monster hiding under his smooth chocolate skin and hundred-watt smile. Ryan cut Rese off from friends, alienating her and monopolizing her time, making it easier to control her. Being young and in love made Rese blind to what was right in front her. But loving Ryan Warner hurt. Literally. 

Enter cute guy from the grocery store. Three days after meeting, Rese can’t seem to get him out of her head. This chance meeting leads to one of the best interludes of her life. The shy guy she saw days ago, was an alpha in the bedroom. She might not have been looking for a permanent relationship, but Jason Merrick was tearing down all the defenses she built around her heart. However, when Ryan finds Rese, to keep the man she has fallen in love with and her best friend safe, Rese runs back to the place she never thought she would step foot in again. Her hometown.

Jason Merrick has an ordinary life, with an ordinary job until he runs into an extraordinary woman and fixated on her. Rese McNair was everything he could ever want in a woman. Too bad he doesn’t have the courage to introduce himself, even when he saw that same spark of interest in her eyes. 

A chance meeting with Rese ends up as one of the best experiences of his life. Jason was determined to learn more about the mysterious woman and insert himself into her life. But she’s repulsed by his touch, except when they’re in bed. When Rese decided to bail on him, Jason refused to let her go.

Will Rese be able to open up and let Jason love her? Or will she let fear dictate her happily ever after? Jason has no clue what he’s in for loving someone damaged like Rese, but he’s willing to find out. Will he win the battle for Rese’s heart and the woman of his dreams? 


Friends Before Lovers by LaKisha Nicole

Friends of the opposite sex can be friends without falling for one another, right? Yeah, but not for Bank and Stasia. 

They met at ten years old and instantly clicked. Now at eighteen, Bank and Stasia hide their feelings for one another as they go through life together.  

Bank hustled, and Stasia aimed to make her parents proud by attending college. Totally opposites, but they got each other. 

No one could break them apart. 


The Playlist: Calling All Hearts Anthology Book 2 Written By Kim

Catching the eye of a mysterious man at a party on a holiday she truly hates, S’noh starts to wonder if this will be the beginning of something new.

While out supporting his family’s business, Blue lays his eyes on one woman who will turn his world upside down in less than twenty-four hours


What the Heart Wants: Calling All Hearts Anthology Book 3 by Jay Ashlei

Kyah and Jason have been happy together for years. The relationship was perfect until a secret is revealed that threatens to end what they have built and sever the bond that kept their love so strong. Jason thinks Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to make amends, while Kyah see’s the holiday as fake; an excuse for troubled couple’s to pretend everything is fine. Well, everything is not fine. Will Jason be able to convince Kyah to salvage their love, or will Kyah ignore what her heart wants and let her fear and pride keep her from her man?


Dear Heart I Trust You by A Jaye

Soul Tyes has had her heart bent out of shape too many times to count. To Soul, Valentine’s day is just another day for a guy to not answer the phone and bring you the discounted flowers on the 15th. The definition of Love isn’t to be deeply committed and connected to someone or something. Love means lowering others’ vibrating energy; that’s exactly what it does.

Loving the right one can set your soul on fire, while loving the wrong one, can throw your vibrations off and have negative energy all around you. Making you regret the day you ever felt what was supposed to be LOVE.

Coldon Heart thought being successful was all he needed to do to find love. Forgetting that love also requires you to not only tell but show your other half that you love them. The worst part about showing love is not knowing how. 

Coming from a family where love meant having money and power, you tend to forget that some women want love that speaks to their soul not just their bank accounts.
That type of love is foreign language to Heart, and he’ll soon find out that stepping to a woman like Soul, you have to come with all of you because she can get her own bag.


Date Nights: Book One by Sam Strahan

Finding love isn’t black and white…
Then again, no one ever claimed that it would be. 
Valentine’s Day is Ivy Stewart’s favorite holiday. 
this year, however, she found out that the man she was seeing lied about being married. 
A chance meeting with her childhood best friend turns into a date night to remember…


If there are any new releases that we missed, feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!

New Release Round-Up February 15th-21st.

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