She was unforgiving to those who didn’t love her before, but then there was Kintrell Lanier; pretty bright skinned boy with soft coils and baby skin. Terrin Rhodes had no ideal what she bargained for the night she laid beneath her lover. She exasperates herself with worry, burdened with the broken promise to her father, and the shame it would bring her family if they knew her innocence had been compromised before marriage.
Tall, reserved, and plain in the face, Terrin learns over time to never cry out loud, say pleasant things, and don’t ask for much, but life happens for her no matter how hard she tries to tuck the world inside a locked box.
Friendships are made, and old habits are hard to subside, but she learns her true self a little each day she’s blessed to see.
Figuring it may be her only answer to undo what’s been done, Terrin attempts to have a key relationship with God, but is often distracted and leans mostly on her own understanding. With what seems like unanswered prayers, frustration finds Terrin at her most vulnerable state, and sheds light on the inevitable.
Simplicities are the makings of Terrin Rhodes, but with time, love comes, life happens, and all the good and bad it brings unravels a story about the complexities of being young, weak hearted, and the glory in it all.


Book Spotlight – Twenty One Weaks, by Brittanie Smith

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