I’ve read a few Jamie Wesley books, and to date, I’ve had no complaints. This book falls in the I’m glad I read that story category.  And, this was a sports-themed story? My favs.

The youngest Memphis born Jones brother named Carter took center stage for this story. His leading lady was Gabby Stephens, and she was not ready for a wealthy ballplayer, his foolishness, or his playboy antics. She had bills to pay and people to see.  The story was fun, flirty and a fabulous read. So, let’s dive into the novel.

Carter was back in town hoping to bring his skills to his hometown team and fans. Carter and his brothers embodied all the fun parts of this story. The guys were like real brothers always giving one another pure hell. In this story, Gabby was in a tight place, because her family was in the midst of a financial crisis, after her marriage to her wealthy husband ended. He was a cruel evil piece of crap, who’d used her for his benefit.

When Carter stumbled upon the open house Gabby was staging for a single buyer; he was smitten in lust. Carter was distressed after playing an abysmal game, so he drove around trying to clear his head. Carter played on the same team as his franchise quarterback big brother Jackson, as well as with his middle brother Tyson. Now as a sports fanatic, I could claim this was far-fetched to have three siblings on the same team, but I recall twins Jason and Jarron Collins at Standford, and the Barber twins who played for the NY Giants. So, as you can see, I proved myself wrong.  So….. I guess I’ll just get back to the story.

Carter decided to move out of his older brother’s home and set out to woo Gabby to get her in his bed. After Carter caused Gabby to lose the sale of the house to her picky buyer, she was in a significant bind. Meanwhile, the next day at Gabby’s office, Carter overhead her boss threatening her job, so he sprang into action by offering to have Gabby help him find a home to purchase. His one act of defiance turned into a long adventure for the two of them. Carter did not plan to fall for Gabby. He also did not expect to want to have one woman in his life. So, after many houses, and refusals, Carter found just what he was looking for in the first place he’d sought. Nice Story- 4.7 Stars

Review – Make The Play (Body and Soul: Those Jones Boys Book 1), by Jamie Wesley

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