There’s a new release coming from D. Rose, and we have the cover!

At a young age, Danilo James was headed down a path of destruction. When a life-changing ultimatum was presented, he had no choice but to act on it. Several years later, he was living a life he thought would only be a dream. That dream-life came to an abrupt halt when another life-changing event presented itself threatening to flip his peaceful and purposeful life upside down.

Known as the Princess of Maryland, Skylar St. Claire had never wanted for anything. Her parents made sure they afforded her every opportunity to succeed and live in the lap of luxury. To the outside world, she had it all, but deep down, all Skylar wanted was the love and adoration of her father, Governor Montgomery St. Claire.

They’d been sworn enemies since their worlds collided over seven years ago. She had the childhood he’d always dreamed of having. He had the adoration and loyalty of her father.

In Love’s Language, Danilo and Skylar learn the love they desperately sought was right in front of them. A series of events forces them to open their hearts and let love in… even if it comes from the person they least expected.



The book is currently available for pre-order on Amazon, but you can expect it to hit your Kindles on March 13th!

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Cover Reveal & Pre-Order Spotlight – Love’s Language, by D. Rose

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